Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 01

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“We’ve basically entered elven territory now… Ah, Freya, you don’t have to wear your hoodie, only I need to……”

The elven forests were warm like it was still spring. More accurately, the elven lands didn’t have four seasons. We had to remove our winter clothing as soon as we entered the elven forests. Luckily, we were prepared. So, when we entered the forest we changed into our spring-wear. When I saw the elven patrol unit that was slowly beginning to appear, I wore on my head-cloth.

It’s not rare to see a human here in the elven lands, so Freya didn’t have to hide her ears. Luna, being an elf, was like a fish to water. As for myself, I couldn’t let them see my human ears. When I was young I had elven ears, but at some point in time, they became human ears.

I was a little sad since Lucia wasn’t waiting for me at the entrance. Maybe she hadn’t returned from the north yet. It’s been a month and she’s still not back. That worries me. I’m not concerned that she ran into some danger, but that she didn’t… No, no, I can’t think like that. If something really happened to Lucia, I’m going to ask mom for military control and I’ll eradicate the entire north.

I don’t think she’ll be in danger. Lucia’s ability is “invisibility”. She’ll never be discovered unless she wants to reveal herself, so I don’t think she’s dead. I’m not worried about that. I believe in Lucia. Lucia is trying her best in the north for our love, so I need to become a qualified prince here.

“Luna, the place you mentioned selling elves is your hometown Galle Village, which produces gold, right?”

Luna nodded and replied, “Yes. I never imagined my hometown had become like that. Why did they have to rely on selling female elves to sustain their livelihood? Why? Why did they have to rely on that to live?”

I looked forward and said, “Maybe it isn’t Galle Village’s problem. Gold is a very valuable metal, so there won’t be poor people. Since there are no poor people, they wouldn’t resort to selling women. Maybe that location is only a transfer point. Didn’t those elven girls say that they were mysteriously taken away after going there? In other words, it’s unclear what actually happened. We need to go there and take a look.”

Freya was surprised, “In other words, we will not be entering the imperial capital?”

I looked at her as I shook my head and replied, “We’ll definitely go. If I don’t go and see mom when I return here, I’ll bet her yandere tendencies go into overdrive.”

Freya nodded to indicate she agreed and then said, “Will we see your fiancée, Miss Lucia then? I honestly want to see your fiancée. I wonder just how beautiful she is.”

I imagined Lucia’s usual lazy yet-to-wake-up look and smiled to myself. If you were to ask me if she was beautiful or not, of course, I’d say she’s beautiful. It’s not that I’m biased, but objectively speaking she is indeed very beautiful. But the feeling she gives me isn’t just beauty. I find her cute and strong-willed.

“Maybe not this time… I don’t know if she’s returned from the north yet. If she has returned, we would’ve seen her as soon as we entered the elven borders.” I smiled bitterly and continued, “It looks like we won’t be able to see her this time, but it’s alright. You’ll definitely get to see her at our wedding.”

“I see.”

I noticed Freya’s somewhat disappointed gaze, so I smiled and added, “It’s alright you don’t have to be disappointed just because you don’t get to see her. You’ll definitely get to see her since we’ll get married for sure regardless of what happens.”

Freya looked energetic once again as she said, “Is that right…? You really love Miss Lucia, don’t you brother?”


I nodded without feeling shy at all.

Luna suddenly shouted.

She was looking at a towering city and exclaimed, “Is this the imperial capital?!”

We all looked over in that direction. The imperial elven capital, which was mainly white, stood tall at the end of the forest like the land had been uprooted. The number of elves we saw increased significantly, but not all of them had the aura of citizens of the imperial capital. I rode my horse over toward the city. I looked at Luna and asked with a smile, “Have you never been to the capital, Luna?”

Luna shook her head and replied, “Never, because I was a ritual sacrifice and therefore couldn’t leave at will. There was also a problem.”

I nodded and then said, “This is a good opportunity then. Have fun in the imperial capital. For your own safety, I won’t bring you all into the palace for now. I’m serious. If I bring a woman into the palace without thinking, we really will have a murder case on our hands. So I think it’s best if you stay at an inn in the capital for now. Luna, you’re okay with the elven language, right?”

Luna smiled and made a clear sound like a bird’s chirp. That’s the elven language. Freya looked at us with surprise. I didn’t care too much since I was innately able to speak both languages. However, Freya couldn’t understand the elven language.

I went through my bag and handed Luna a few gold elven coins. When we got to the city gates, the guard looked at me silently. He then immediately knelt down and shouted, “Your Highness! Welcome home!”

I nodded as I looked at him and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“This is our duty!”

We entered the capital without a hitch. Though the guard did look at Freya without knowing what to do, he didn’t inspect her and let us through because I was with her. We slowly rode atop our horses to an inn that didn’t look too shabby. I then helped them settle down and rode off alone to the palace.

“Your Highness! Your Highness!”

When the imperial guards saw me, they let out a sigh of relief and said, “You are finally back. You came back two days later than predicted so her highness is throwing a fit right now. She has not come out from your room for two days.”

I dismounted my horse and left it with them.

I said, “There was nothing I could do. It was snowing in humanity’s lands, so it wasn’t easy to travel. It can’t be helped. I’ll go and take a look at her highness.”


I crossed the large lawn in the palace, as well as the vacant space. When I got to the fountain at the door, I stopped to adjust my mentality. I prepared myself so that I wouldn’t be shocked by mom, who would leap at me from any angle, and then walked up the steps of the palace.

“Your Highness!”

The maids and servants I passed by on the way saluted me. I walked up to the door of my room, let out a big sigh, and then knocked on the door. To be honest, I was a little flustered about seeing mom after what happened last time. I didn’t know what mom was planning right now after all.

Mom really got a little hurt last time…

I pushed my room’s door open. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped at the sight of mom sprawled out on my bed shoving my clothes into her mouth. Mom’s eyes looked like she was out of her mind as she tugged on my clothes with her hands and teeth whilst sniffing them. If my memory does me justice, those clothes are the ones I changed out of right before leaving… Mom rubbed her legs together while sniffing my clothes and making weird noises.


I subconsciously called out to her, an action that I then regretted.

She reacted like a stupid zebra walked passed right in front of a hungry lion licking a zebra’s skin, with her being the lion……

“My son!! My son!! My sonnnn!!! Mommy! Mommy missed you so much!!”

“Mom!! My back!! My back is going to snap! I’m suffocating! I’m suffoc-…. Oop!!”



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