Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 41

The Lesser Lord’s Arduous Responsibility

Tang Ye’s situation quickly spiralled downwards. He was suspended in mid-air with nothing to leverage. With his skills, he’d be able to immediately come back if he could find a spot to leverage. But because he rushed over so fast before, he was suspended in mid-air and much farther away than someone in particular.

Tie Hanyi didn’t want to let his opponent lose because of a foot-slip either, but because he was standing too far away, he couldn’t save him even if he wanted.

But something that shocked the crowd then happened.

A strong gust of wind suddenly blew. The four walls of the imperial city were very high so they always managed to block the wind, but for some reason, a strong gust of wind suddenly blew inside the imperial city.

As a result, Tang Ye who was falling got blown back up. While others may not have noticed, Tang Ye’s fall was stopped by that gust of wind.

Tang Ye’s foot was in the ring as his head fell towards the crowd. Leveraging the the gust of wind, he used the power from his hips and used his feet to bounce off the wind to change his position. After sixteen consecutive mandarin duck kicks in the air, he forcefully turned in the air so that his head was pointed towards the ring. Tang Ye revealed his horseshoe tricep and qilin tattoo, grabbed a large timber post sticking out of the ring, weaved a brilliant hand gesture with his other hand and scaled along several timber posts sticking out of the ring. He then performed a leap and returned to the ring.

The crowd wowed consecutively at what they witnessed, surprised at how the heavens helped the young man.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the gods that helped him. It was me. I used the Spring Wind Rainy Night Arts to create the gust of wind. Whether or not Tang Ye loses isn’t a big deal, but I don’t want to lose my little Mingming!

Tang Ye gave me a look of gratitude and I gave him a resolute gaze. In that moment, our brotherhood burnt up in our chests.

Tang Ye gestured with his hand to Tie Hanyi for him to come at him.

However, Tie Hanyi didn’t budge. He glanced at him and said: “You were in a rush to mould energy just now so you expended a fair bit of energy. I won’t take advantage of you. Have as much rest as you need, and we’ll fight when you’re fully recovered.”

However, Tang Ye bluntly asked: “Would I be worthy of the title ‘Lesser Lord’ if I needed to be given a handicap?”

Ooohhh!! I saved Tang Ye once and now he’s finally willing to take up the crown as the lesser lord now!

As soon as he finished speaking, the lesser lord struck out with a palm strike. The force of his palm strike was an area of effect attack that covered three feet around him while the air became warmer. He’s coming out with Yang Blood True Qi right from the get go.

Tie Hanyi exclaimed: “How arrogant!” He then raised his hand and struck out with a palm strike of his own.

Tie Hanyi’s alias is Iron Blood Hanyi. And that’s because other than him being incredibly strong, his execution of his palm techniques is also amazing. When he clashed head-to-head with Long Zaitian, Long Zaitian lost even though he possessed that much brute strength, which goes to show just how amazing Tie Hanyi’s palm techniques are.

Bai Lian brought her snow-white face closer. She tippy-toed up and came close enough to bite my ear: “Look at your Tang Ye, he’s as arrogant as can be. Tie Hanyi’s skills aren’t easy to guard against, yet he’s so full of himself, saying he doesn’t need any rest.” The warm air from her breath made my heart feel ticklish.

I narrowed my eyes: “That might not be true. Tang Ye is very straight-laced, but he’s not an idiot.”

Tie Hanyi struck out but he didn’t feel any force resisting him like he was hitting the air. Just as he was wondering to himself what was going on, he noticed Tang Ye had pulled back his strike. But Tang Ye’s feet didn’t stop. His feet slid over to Tie Hanyi’s side and he thrust another amazingly swift palm strike at Tie Hanyi’s big pressure point on his back.

Tie Hanyi is a man with lots of experience and knowledge, yet he never expected the young man to switch moves so quickly. He turned his palm up to guard against the attack.

Half-way to its target, Tang Ye changed the nature of his attack from a palm strike into a finger strike like a combination of the Spinning Flower, Triple Feint Strike and Yang Blood True Qi, breaking through Tie Hanyi’s guard in under three moves.

Tie Hanyi exclaimed with surprise: “Clear Mirror Palace’s Flower Wheel Finger Arts!”

If internal arts weren’t involved in the styles of every school, I wouldn’t really be able to recognise them. But that does indeed look like the Northern Sea’s Clear Mirror Palace’s martial arts.

Bai Lian was slightly surprised: “Clear Mirror Palace’s Flower Wheel Finger Arts. He’s quite the impressive young man to have learnt it at such a young age. That’s a style that Clear Mirror Palace does not teach to outsiders. Normally speaking, those who master it are at least over thirty-five.”

I felt a little happy: “That proves that our lesser lord is highly-talented.”

But Bai Lian scoffed at me: “That may not be true. Tie Hanyi can’t be beaten so easily.”

Tie Hanyi re-focused his qi to his dantian and as a result, the air around him turned dark as if he was wearing armour with dark clouds entrapped inside. His power comes from his training in the Iron Palm Arts, so when he moulds his qi, his skin turns into a dark iron colour like he’s wearing body armour. And that’s where his name, Iron Blood Hanyi comes from. When he enters that mode, no blades will be able to penetrate him, allowing him to become fearless towards weapons and empty-handed attacks, making it his ultimate art.

That proved that Tang Ye was a threat to him. Even he himself didn’t expect to have to use it so soon.

After enveloping his body, the power behind his palm strikes also increased. Further, he could now focus on attacking without having to worry about defending, so he was multiple times stronger now.

Tang Ye’s expression looked unwavering as if he wasn’t afraid of his opponent’s brute strength at all. He pulled his right arm back while he moulded energy on his left hand, turning it into a blade like weapon and readied it. The power on his hand was like a candle-flame flickering in the wind. His knife-hand attacks were fast as the wind, yet so sharp it was astonishing. One was light, the other dark, with power and technique separated, yet very clear. Such technique was a rare sight.

Bai Lian widened her beautiful eyes: “Red Sleeve Divine Blade! That’s the Bu family in Jiangnan’s Acacia Gorge’s secret sabre style!” She glared at me as she grumbled, “You knew he knew it long ago, didn’t you?”

“How would I have known?” I glared back at her innocently: “What sabre style is that? Isn’t it a palm style?”

While I know the internal arts of many schools, I’m useless when it comes to recognising the techniques of different styles. Tang Ye is clearly using his palms.

Sabre style? I got a little confused……

Bai Lian puffed her chest out. An alluring and beautiful curvature line revealed itself through her white clothing. She took a step forward with her slender and shapely legs like a teacher of some sort, completely oblivious to what she was revealing.

“He’s using his hand as a sabre, I’m one-hundred percent sure he’s using sabre techniques. The sabre style I speak of is called Red Sleeve Divine Blade, which is taught by the Bu family, one of the seven white champion princes in Acacia Gorge. Its magic lies in the fact that its technique and power are separated, creating a technique where he has both internal and external elements. There are four elements that made it famous in the martial world, understand?”

“Erm, I……”

Bai Lian pouted her lips in a way that indicated she was looking down on me: “There are four intricacies to the Red Sleeve Divine Blade art: swift yet strong and slow; slow yet heavy; heavy yet the force is messy; messy yet orderly sophisticated, thus leaving their opponent at a loss for what to do. Think about it. If a blade was already at your throat, but strong yet slow, would you save energy to guard or quickly guard against the blade?”


Teacher Bai Lian continued: “It’s hard to decide in a split second, isn’t it? And it’s not like the attack would be telegraphed, making it even tougher to deal with. As such, most people who get struck with the technique ‘Substitute’ are defeated and need to retreat to come up with an alternative plan. Tang Ye’s execution of it was very precise. He maximised the dark and light elements, and captured all four intricacies of the style with one move. You could say that he perfected it to its peak. Many from Acacia Gorge don’t even manage to execute it so well in their lifetime, including those from the Bu family themselves. Is Tang Ye related to the Acacia Gorge? That doesn’t make sense because he just used the Northern Sea’s Clear Mirror Palace’s martial arts.”

I had already stopped listening. I took out a bag of melons and comfortably enjoyed myself.

General Manager Bai looked at me with a slight frown: “Hey, are you listening to me?”

“While I don’t really get it, in short, it’s some incredible stuff, right?”

Bai Lian glared at me as if to say “hopeless idiot”, and then focused her attention back to the ring, only to see a shocking scene.


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