Son-con – Elves Profile

The elves had already appeared when the continent had just taken shape. Early elves ate fur and drank blood. Being hunters at night, the moonlight was their best companion, which also led to them worshipping the moon. Their lust goes into full drive on full moon nights. They were a race created by gods; hence they have mana in their bodies and can use magic. They have a special culture for the natural environment as well as their worshipping practices of their gods. They also have very long lifespans, causing them to lack a concept of time and developing slowly. Up until now, they remain a self-sustaining race. In the past, the elves were split into many different tribes and fought for many years over the mana of elves and the source of life, the holy springs. The Galadriel family then rose to power. They spilt the blood of others while practicing tolerance for their own. They killed off almost half of the elves and united half of the elves, thus becoming the ruler of elves. They also imitated human cities by constructing a large town south of the Grand Canyon. They are also the rulers of choice of the elves.

Management: The queen, Vyvyan Galadriel is the sovereign because she passed the tower of heaven. With the powers of a demi-god, she can easily destroy the continent, which is why she is worshipped by the elves. The eight elders are responsible for management. The elders have the highest degree of rights such as rituals, tax collection, gathering others for group activities and even warfare. However, Vyvyan actually holds their rights. Without Vyvyan’s hand-written letter, they cannot even leave the city,

Culture and Technology: Elven technology is relatively underdeveloped. However, the metal and handicraft industry are still amazing. Humans are still amazed by the swords and bows they make. Their culture is flourishing just as ever. Poems, songs, and novels are widely circulated. But the queen gave the order that all authors and composers must hand in the original version of their work to be stored in the library.

Military: The elven army is much smaller compared to the human army. They only have eight regiments, with a total of forty-thousand people. The soldiers are armed with long swords and bows. Before closing in on the enemy, they fire arrows to disrupt the enemy formation, and once they close in on them, they draw their sword to kill them. Elves are taught swordsmanship and archery upon birth, so it’s no challenge for one elf to kill four normal human troops. Every regiment has a high priest who is in charge of manufacturing potions, namely: explosion, combustion, freeze, and poison. They can quickly add the magic effects to their swords and arrows. Should time allow, elves can gather mana for a magic attack. The strongest regiment, the imperial guards, are responsible for guarding the palace. Their armour and weapons are personally blessed by the queen and thus possess god-strength. There are also the reconnaissance, assassination, infiltration and destruction, as well as the shadow squad.

Character: Elves love battle! They love it! The elves are not a peaceful and passionate race. They crave war. Elves become strangely fanatical when faced with war. However, elves are sympathetic towards the weak. They also don’t pursue wealth and power. From their perspective, bloodlines and mana is what gives the power to rule. Subsequently, they don’t hold any rebellious ideas. In regards to love, elves are stubborn to the point it’s almost considered an illness. If their lover is stolen from them during the time that they start falling in love, then they will give their heartfelt blessings, and will become close friends. However, if they cheat after marriage, the cheater and their partner will be executed out of anger, and their spouse who was cheated on will be celebrated as a hero.


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