Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 35

Minor Lord of the Inkstone

I took a bite of my pear and spoke with my mouth fool: “Is it about Captain Song’s duel with Long Zaitian?”

“That’s right. This was a mess Captain Song himself caused, but we have to help him solve it.” Boss Shen pondered something for a while, “The duel doesn’t just involve him alone. It involves Liu Shan Men as a whole.”

“Do you think that Song Ou is doomed to lose, boss?”

Boss Shen thought about it for a while and then nodded.

“The captain isn’t weak, but he’s used to being guarded right, left and centre since he always had tens of reputable martial arts experts following him in Yang Zhou. He’s never fought anybody himself. It’s the complete opposite with Long Zaitian. He and I are both part of the Seventeen Hidden Dragons. Not only does he have lots of fighting experiencing in the pugilistic world, he managed to attain his current position through blood and sweat. As for his martial arts skills, even if were to disregard the fact that he’s among the top among Liu Shan’s Elites Rankings, his self-created Everlasting Regret Ultimate Palms could easily put him in the top twenty. I can’t say I could beat him if I was to fight him myself… The moment he was arranged to duel Long Zaitian, his chances of losing were already 99.9%.

Hmm… I supported Su Xiao with one hand and used my other hand to raise my pear to my mouth and take a bite. The juices filled my mouth with a sweet aroma.

Song Ou’s duel… is certainly problematic.

This isn’t just about Song Ou’s honour and glory alone. This is important to Liu Shan Men’s success or otherwise failure as well. Long Zaitian is a true veteran of the pugilistic world. He got us good with this. Boss Shen wanted to win the emperor’s favour through the imperial martial arts tournament, but if Song Ou were to lose then Liu Shan Men’s hopes of rising again would be reduced to a pipe dream. It’s easy to see why. None of the achievements of the other members could make up for the captain himself losing.

If they were to truly duel, I reckon it would take three Song Ous to beat Long Zaitian alone. Song Ou’s problem isn’t his skills, but something else.

But since it was a ring fight and Long Zaitian deliberately set him up, Brother Bastard must be racking his brains for a way out too.

Hmm… If we can’t solve the problem face-to-face when they fight, we’ll just have to incapacitate Long Zaitian before the duel then. But based on what I know up to now, the only way to do that is for me to go and jump him… No, that won’t work. While I could help Liu Shan Men, I can’t do something with such a high risk. If Long Zaitian were to be incapacitated the day right after Boss Shen brought Song Ou’s problem up with me, I’ll definitely be suspected, so that won’t do.

I tried to come up ideas as I shook my head, and so my eyes came along for the ride. As I was thinking of a solution my eyes suddenly locked on to something.

When my eyes caught a glimpse of Boss Shen, they suddenly got drawn in.

What my eyes were looking at were voluptuous-white valleys. Her white flesh formed big round, plump curves that looked like they were going to burst out of her shirt.

My eyes were like hands caressing them; just looking at them made it feel like I could feel their soft touch in my hands.

I haven’t practiced my religious practices for a number of days now, I actually feel like my determination is waning. My heart suddenly turned sincere. My, my, I’ve got a good idea.

But my dear bosom-worshipping followers, I shouldn’t tell Boss Shen about it. I have a feeling that I’ll have another inkstone slammed on my face if I bring it up.

“Feizhen? Have you come up with something?”

“Ah? Ah, yeah, Patriarch.”

“Sect leader?” Boss Shen glared at me angrily, but then she couldn’t help but laugh, “Why did you call me Patriarch? Look at you, looking like your soul got stolen away. Which sect’s Patriarch do I resemble, huh?” Boss Shen chuckled. Her bosom jiggled naughtily.

I took in a deep breath. I was moved more than I could describe. I immediately covered Tang Ye’s eyes and aggressively exclaimed: “Kids can’t look!”

Tang Ye: “……”

Boss Shen tilted her head and asked: “Why did you cover Yan Ling’s eyes? Does your answer have something to do with him?”

“Ah… Well… that’s it! It’s got to do with Tang Ye.” I suddenly had a hit of inspiration and remembered the idea of incapacitating Long Zaitian, “Here’s what I think. While we can’t stop their duel or increase Captain Song’s chances of winning, we can increase the chances of Long Zaitian losing.”

“Losing?” Boss Shen reacted as if she never heard of such a plan. She curiously asked: “What do you mean?”

“Long Zaitian has a 90% chance of winning his duel against Captain Song. But what if he fought somebody before their duel?”

Boss Shen seemed to have caught on. She looked towards Tang Ye: “You mean to say……”

“Tang Ye.” I nodded and replied, “Vice-captain, please bring it up with his majesty. Just say that it’s not fair on the other participants for their vice-captain to be able to skip the queue and go straight to the duel with our captain. So ask that they too must follow the competition structure. And our captain’s duel with Long Zaitian will naturally be the last bout. As long as you’re able to clear up Tang Ye’s situation, you will be able to arrange it so that Long Zaitian has to go through Tang Ye first.”

“But Yan Ling is still young. While his skills are quite good, his opponent is Long Zaitian.”

“That’s part of the plan. Tang Ye’s goal is to get Long Zaitian to expend his energy. As long as Tang Ye is able to force Long Zaitian to use his best skills and expend his energy, then the plan is a success.

Even if Tang Ye were to lose, his reputation would only increase since he forced the Qilin Guards’ vice-captain to use his true skills against a normal constable.”

Boss Shen’s expression brightened up: “That will work! It won’t be hard for Song Ou to win if Yan Ling can tire out Long Zaitian.”

I looked to Tang Ye, and placed the heavy responsibility on his shoulders by patting him on his shoulder.

“Ye, you’re the next-in-line lesser lord of Liu Shan Men!”

Tang Ye scrunched his face up. It looked like it took a lot of determination for him to stop himself cursing and resist punching me. After a few moments, he painfully said: “No… problem.”

“Uhm, good boy.”

Now that’s the lesser lord I chose!

I took a bite of my pear and thought about the winning probability between Tang Ye and Long Zaitian. Long Zaitian has great skills, but Tang Ye isn’t bad. Tang Ye should be able to draw with him if he trains diligently.

I’m more worried about Su Xiao. The three of us all got into the semi-finals. I’m going to find an excuse to lose and be done with it. But Su Xiao wants to win. I think he could fight two bouts at best with his skills. I’m just worried about him being matched up against a Qilin Guard. Given the enmity between him and them from today’s incident, it’ll be a huge deal up on the ring.

I thought about things.

A voice from in front of the desk yelled out.

“Ming Feizhen, where are you looking?!”

“Huh? Nothing, I’m just looking at my pear.”

Boss Shen went silent and completely red in the face after hearing response.

Hmm? Hmm? Hey! Wait! I wasn’t talking about your “pears”, what are you blushing for?! But then I suddenly realised that the pear in my hand, and Boss Shen’s slightly undone collar were connected in a virtually sinful position…..

But, wait! I’m innocent!! I honestly wasn’t checking them out this time!!

Boss Shen didn’t say a word. She raised her hand and another inkstone slammed against my face!

My poor face! Not this motherfucking divine inkstonesmanship shit again!!!

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