Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 14

“Come, son. The key to swordsmanship is not in the sword itself but in your footwork and wrist, but of course adept swordsmanship is also necessary. However, the physiques of us elves are not suited. The swordsmanship that elves use leans towards smaller steps, flicking the wrist and stabbing techniques, just like this….”

Mom flicked her wrist, stepped forward and then switched to a lunge, lifted her sword up horizontally to her eye level, and then quickly and fiercely stabbed at the wooden dummy before her like a snake attacking its prey. Her sword moved through the air as a blur. The next thing I knew, mom had returned to her original pose, but the wooden dummy had a hole in it.

“This is the most basic sword technique elves learn. It’s called ‘Python Bite’, and just like its name, you need to thrust as fast as a snake attacking its prey. Your movement needs to be smooth and simple. What you need is explosive power from your waist, wrist and calves…. Needless to say, you won’t have time to prepare on the battlefield. But once you master this move, you’ll be able to easily utilise your explosive strength. That’s why all those who learn swordsmanship are required to learn this technique first.”

I nodded to show I understood, then looked at mom and said: “Mom, please teach me swordsmanship!”

“No. Stay away from this sort of stuff, son.”

Mom turned me down with a smile and then sheathed the sword. She placed it on a shelf by the side, then tapped on my lip with her finger and said: “Once you pick up a sword, you’ll never be able to put it down. Once you’ve killed, you will no longer feel guilty about killing, and thereby won’t be afraid of the meaning of life. You saw that woman, didn’t you? She used to be a naive and bright girl, but can you associate the way she is now with the words kind and humane? I refuse to let you become like her whenever I see her.”

Mom looked at me and then touched my face. She affectionately crouched down and looked into my eyes. Her blue eyes showed gentleness and love. She softly said: “Son, mommy is very happy to see that your eyes show kindness right now. Mommy doesn’t ask that you achieve any major accomplishments. Mommy just hopes that you can maintain your kindness like this. You’ve gone through too much war and bloodshed since you were born. Mommy will be satisfied as long as you can remain kind and protect this gift the gods gave you.”

I lowered my head. Mom must’ve been referring to the war over their son ten years ago. Mom and the empress are different. Mom doesn’t wish for me to become a competent king. Instead, she wants for me to continue living happily. I guess this must be the difference between lifespans for humans and elves. Mom can live for a very long time, but the empress can’t wait. This must also be why I wasn’t too satisfied when I was with humanity. A human’s life is too short, yet they desire far too much. As a result, they resort to scheming and fighting.

I believe that mom has experienced everything the empress experienced. However, if she did experience everything the empress did, could she maintain her current self?

I looked at mom and gently asked: “Mom, have you killed somebody before?”

“I have.”

Mom stroked my head with a smile and said: “Mommy killed many people on the battlefield. But that was for protecting my family behind me, and my beloved son. Therefore, mommy doesn’t feel guilty about it. However, mommy won’t become someone who revels in the feeling of killing. Sometimes killing is unavoidable, but you must remember, don’t kill out of vengeance or desire. If you must kill, kill for your country and others. When you pick up a sword, you should always feel sad and helpless, resolute yet unwilling. And never kill out of anger or for joy.”

Mom gave me a kiss on my forehead and said with a smile: “But you don’t need to worry about this sort of stuff, son, because as long as mommy is here, mommy will make sure you don’t have to take up a sword.”


I smiled bitterly. It’d be pointless of me to hold a sword since I don’t know swordsmanship anyway….

Lucia stepped out from inside a small room to the side, looked at us motionless, then threw the towel in her hand down, bowed and said: “Ah, your highnesses.”

Water was dripping from her hair. It looks like she just finished washing up after training. Lucia wore her tight suit she wears while on duty, walked up to us and then asked: “Swordsmanship?”

“No, mom was just showing me some basics….”

I forced a smile and then said: “I do want to learn swordsmanship, but mom won’t teach me.”

“That’s perfectly normal. It’s too late for you to start learning swordsmanship now. You can do it for exercise, but if it’s for the deer hunting festival, then it won’t be of any use. Swordsmanship needs to be learnt from a young age and practiced for a long time before you can be accomplished with the sword. Unless you’re a genius, you’ll only be able to learn how to hold a sword without hurting yourself in the few days we have left.”

Lucia drew a long sword, took in a deep breath, and after a flash of light, I looked at the wooden dummy before me split in two completely astonished. Lucia sheathed the sword and said: “There are only two days left until the deer hunting ceremony. You should just rest well, your highness.”

“Lucia, don’t you use…a dagger?”

“I started by learning swordsmanship since swordsmanship and archery are basics that elves need to begin their training from.” Lucia looked at me and then continued: “Alright, now I want to know where you went at noon, your highness. I can smell a new perfume scent on you.”

I noticed Lucia’s hand pressed on the sword handle…. Mom too looked at me with curiosity. How the heck is your sense of smell so keen? Do you always have your wind elves blow my scent over towards your direction or something? You’re making yourself a borderline yandere by acting like this, you know?!

“I went to have some tea with Miss Mera….”

“Miss Mera?”

Lucia gave me a loathing frown and said: “I admit that Miss Mera has helped you with many things and is our good friend, but I suspect that you and her are walking on a very thin line if you’re going to have tea with her when you have no business. Put another way, if this continues, you two will soon develop a relationship that’s beyond normal.”

“No, no!! We really are just friends! Friends!”

I swear to god that nothing happened between Miss Mera and I. I even came back early today. We didn’t do anything. We honestly just had some tea and then had a conversation between two people who had no confidant.

“Then why do you have the scent of her perfume on you?”

Lucia narrowed her eyes and coldly said: “Your highness, I don’t accept you having a lover in any form. Please break off any relations you have with them before marrying me.”

“Where did ‘them’ come from?!”

I chuckled and said: “There’s honestly nothing between us. I just went for some tea. I don’t have any lovers. Do you not know me well enough, Lucia? Forget lovers, maids aren’t even permitted to speak to me….”

“As a husband, the most important thing is to be loyal.” Mom stood behind me as she smiled and continued: “Son, I hope that you’re not the type of husband who’d betray his wife.”

“Of course not!”

Lucia’s jealousy is a bit excessive, don’t we agree?! Come on, isn’t it normal for a king to have numerous lovers…? I think I’ll face an ending worse than death if Lucia catches me cheating….

Alright, goodbye my isekai harem life. With a sword-wielding elf by my side, I can kiss my harem goodbye….

But I don’t want any other girl if I have Lucia. I’ll be satisfied if I can live a peaceful life.


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