Son-con – Vol.2 Ch. 21

The empire held a ball today in the Emperor’s Palace thanks to that fat chief officer of the treasury. Normally, this palace isn’t open because it’s usually reserved for the empress to hold banquets. However, this time it was a ball specially held to “welcome the prince home.”

Her majesty lent out her favourite palace without any hesitation as soon as she heard I was attending.

The fat man didn’t say anything with substance. He just told me how many streets and markets he owned. He then told me I could just take what I wanted when I went to so-and-so. He also told me stuff pertaining to women, which included him having several elf-girls…

Forget kissing up to me or carrying my shoes, he was virtually on all fours kissing and licking my shoes. My mood turned very sour after that…

This place must be specially used for balls. The large hall was empty. The torches used to light the hall were covered with a crystal cover, illuminating the entire hall. The floor was floored with luxurious marble tiles. Treasured works of art were hung on the walls. I think you could have several hundred people dancing in here all at once. All sorts of foods were placed on the two long tables along the two sides.

Several people dressed in gorgeous evening dresses quickly went their ways. The men with glasses of wine in their hands were chattering. Conversations over their drinks were about money and power. The women revealed their warm backs and shoulders. Their fragrances silently carried the scent of their hormones. The reasons people were mingling and lingering around at this ball were because money, power, women and the things men wanted were present.

I bowed to her majesty from behind and said: “Your majesty…”

The empress didn’t dress in any sort of evening dress for the ball. She chose to dress in a military uniform instead. Her long cape dragged along the floor. Several maids beside her helped her adjust her belt and shoulders. She had her back facing towards me, but when she heard me she said: “You’re here, my son.”


The empress nodded, and then said: “This ball was prepared for you. Do you have a dance partner?”

“I don’t…”

My dance skills are at a high school level… I haven’t danced in so long I’ve forgotten how to as well… Wait, no! I forgot something even more important. I forgot to find a female dance partner! I haven’t attended a ball before so I had no idea what to do. I quickly threw on some formal-wear and came straight here.

Oh, wait. Nier came here with me. I turned around to look at Nier who was expressionless. All Nier did to prepare was change into a clean uniform and clean her shoes. Her belt still had the candy bag and her sword hanging from it. It looked like she had no intention of dancing… She can’t be my dance partner like that, right…?

“Is that so…? Oh well. Just don’t dance then.” The empress softly cleared her through, and then turned around to smile at me. Her black eyes revealed a hint of gentleness as she said: “Enjoy yourself a little, my son.”

After the maid finished fixing her clothes, she bowed and said: “Your majesty, I will go and get someone to help you with your cape.”

“Don’t worry about it”

The empress waved her hand, turned around to look at me and then said: “Isn’t there someone to help me right here? A son should help her mother with her cape, right?”


I still didn’t quite catch on and looked left and right until Nier viciously kicked my leg… I walked up to the back of the empress, and lifted up the portion of her cape touching the floor. The maid rushed over and folded the cape into my hand neatly, and then said: “Keep your distance. Do not come too close or get too far away. Do not let the cape move in your hands.”

“I’ll do my best.”

The maid sternly exclaimed: “Doing your best is not enough. You must get it right!”

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