Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 20 (P3)

I pointed to the seat by my side and said: “Please sit.”

It looked like an electric current just ran up his entire body. He then sat down. His face was radiating with excitement. Do you need to get so excited just sitting next to me? Or has he taken this as having gotten on my good-side and something for him to add to his list of glories?

“In that case, I suggest the time spending the same amount of time with the two individuals who you are going to meet the same. The shorter the meeting the better. Make sure not to spend more time with one than the other.”

I think I understand what Castell meant now… If I’m bias towards one of the two, then I’ll become a bargaining chip for them in their political games. To demonstrate that I don’t want any part in it, I need to be consistent in my treatment with both of them.

“May I ask what you have come to see me for, General Andrea?”

He looked at me and respectfully said: “Your majesty, I want to ask what you think of the army… You have never asked, but I noticed that you have been active this visit. As a subordinate, I want to know if you are satisfied with my job.”

“To be honest with you, I don’t know what the army is like in detail. I’ve just arrived here and haven’t seen what the army looks like.”

“How about I organise a parade to let you see what our troops are like then?”

A parade, huh…? Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to see a parade for once… I’ve only seen them on television before. I want to try standing on one of the moving stations and shout…

I nodded and said: “Go ahead then.”


He seemed to be really happy…

We just chatted about some nonsense after. I felt like he was trying to demonstrate to me that the army was powerful. He even brought up how they killed the elves, one group after another ten years ago. I got annoyed but couldn’t show it.

Nier suddenly stood at my side and whispered loud enough that both he and I could hear: “Your majesty, there is someone outside seeking an audience with you.”

I stood up and he followed suit. He understood what it meant. He bowed slightly and said: “I shall go and prepare the parade now. Welcome to the empire, your majesty. I will not take up anymore of your time. I shall take my leave now.”


I left the guest room, and just as I let out a sigh of relief, a fat man waltzed in… Astonished, I looked at Nier. Nier innocently looked at me. So it wasn’t an excuse then!! It wasn’t an excuse!! Someone really did seek an audience!

Translator Comments: To answer your question, I’ve split the chapter into parts to overcome the aggregate thieves, because they’ve either changed their algorithm or resorted to human means. If it’s the latter, this will do them up real good and is easy to edit if they change their bot, as one line differences can cause theirs to crash. Note: You will only get 1 notification from NU for releases, I’ve made arrangements with NU. I sincerely thank all of you who choose to read the series here and on any other translator’s site as opposed to the aggregate sites. It’s extremely frustrating to deal with theft on any level, and in any of its forms, and if we as translators end up getting blacklisted by search engines, shit hits the fan for us. And yeah, fk all the scum supporting the aggregate sites while grumbling they want more translations, but do everything they can to make things miserable for us translators.


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