Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 20 (P2)

Castell didn’t answer my question and instead asked me an odd question: “Before I tell you, please allow me to ask you a question. Your majesty, are you interested in partaking in politics?”

I paused and then resolutely said: “No.”

Of course I don’t! I can’t be as sly as these people! I lived a worry-free life as a young man in the modern day. The only thing I’m confident about is I won’t be scammed or tricked. My experience with politics is a big fat zero. Setting foot into politics means becoming a tool to be used by people. And who knows, you might even get tossed aside after they’re done with you. Why would I throw myself into that mess?

“I see…”

Castell didn’t look disappointed. To the contrary, he still wore his polite smile. He touched his smooth chin and said: “In that case, make your questions and time spent with the two individuals who you are going to meet, equal. The shorter the meeting the better. Make sure not to spend more time with one than the other.”

“Huh? What? What two individuals?”

Still baffled, Nier quickly walked up behind me and whispered into my ear: “General Andrea seeks an audience with you. He is already waiting in the guest room. Your majesty, it is best that you see him.”

Castell nodded, smiled as he bowed, and said: “Please do not forget what I said. Your majesty, if you do not intend to partake in politics, then I shall not interrupt your business then. Goodbye.”


I nodded and then headed to the guest room with Nier. I stopped on the way then and said to Nier: “Nier, come up with any excuse and interrupt us five minutes after I enter…”


Nier nodded and looked at me as if she wanted to say something. Her lips budged several times but she didn’t speak out until we arrived at the door of the guest room. When we arrived, she bowed slightly, and then stood by the door with her hand on her sword handle. I went in alone. Seated at the large and long table was an old man in military gear decorated with medals and ribbons. His hair had already turned white but his back was straight. His short and haggard hair further emphasised his old and steady spirit.

He stood up when he heard my footsteps. He turned to me and knelt down on one knee. He said in a deep voice: “I, Borsi Andrea, humbly greet your majesty! I wish your majesty the best in health.”

I nodded and said:  “Please rise.”

I should hurry and help an elderly person up in this sort of situation, but for some reason, my first reaction was to tell him to rise… I walked to the side of the master seat. He stood at one side and looked at me.

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