Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 52

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Take It As Me Bullying You, But I’ll Only Give You A Two Arm Handicap

I sped back to “Years Like a Blade” by riding the moon. I still have one last thing to do tonight.

And just as I expected, Su Xiao was still curled up at the table asleep like a cold kitten. I don’t know where Tang Ye went though.

How is he so deep asleep? He’s been out for so long after just two sniffs. Just how bad is his ability to hold his liquor?!

I glared at him but it seemed like he knew I was glaring at him. He suddenly chuckled: “Nyan nyan~”

Our imouto* Su was acting cute while cleaning the table which looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in ten years by rubbing his soft cheeks on it… That scene was so beautiful I completely skipped it.


“Ah, I’m hungry. I knew it. Something always comes up when it’s my meal time. I haven’t had an uninterrupted meal of braised pork shoulders with soy sauce in five years.”

“How about I treat you?”

“You’re back?”

It was Tang Ye who answered me. He was coming back from another direction.

“Yeah. I had to deal with the people lying on the ground as soon as I woke up.” Tang Ye brushed his hands against each other, “I’ve sent them to the government office. All five had their meridians sealed by somebody. They were sealed upon contact with their internal energy. The level of skill used to achieve that was god-like.”

I didn’t comment.

“How long have you been awake?”

“About half-an-hour.”

So he basically was out for half the night then…

Tang Ye stared at me and asked: “Where did you go?”

“The weather is nice so I went for a stroll.”

It was obvious Tang Ye didn’t buy it, but he didn’t concern himself over it, because he’s not interested in my private matters. All he cares about is duelling with me.


“Only if you agree to the condition that the loser has to treat the winner to drinks for an entire year.”

Tang Ye who probably thought I’d reject again showed a smile of satisfaction and eagerness for battle.

There were two reasons I agreed to Tang Ye’s request.

The first reason is that I don’t seem to care about Tang Ye knowing my identity or my true strength, because he has his own goals. He won’t bother with others. Subsequently, he won’t go questioning why I’m in the capital or why I joined Liu Shan Men. So he won’t be a thorn in my side.

The second reason is that I really like this young man. He reminds me of my fellow disciples at Mount Daluo, because they all asked me how to train internal energy techniques.

Of course, I never managed to teach one of them. And that’s not because I can’t teach! It’s because my shifu was a bad teacher! Wait, no. He didn’t teach me jack shit! That’s why I don’t know how to teach others.

“…You seem to be reminiscing about something. Can we start?”

We found ourselves a narrow alley to avoid waking Su Xiao.

“I’ve waited a long time for this. I know you’re very skilled.” Tang Ye took in a deep breath, “but I’ve never used my full power.”


Come to think of it, he’s always given me the feeling that he was holding back when fighting others. I’m not suggesting that he did so to hide his skills, but rather he just didn’t go all-out.

“This is my full power.” Tang Ye ripped the sleeves of his shirt once again revealing his strong triceps. When he moulded his internal energy his arms got hotter and his skin turned red like two pieces of hot metal.

He put his guard up and stared in my direction.

The surrounding atmosphere started to get hot. It was night time, yet was warm like summer. The increase in atmosphere temperature was due to his internal energy.

“Yang Blood Vital Qi?” How rare. I never imagined I’d see this martial art in rumours here.

Bright Blood Vital Qi is an unorthodox style. It can change the temperature in the atmosphere using one’s power. Once one reaches the highest level, they can even create fire out of thin air. It’s an extremely powerful style. But I have no idea where Tang Ye learnt it from.


Tang Ye grunted, pressed a bunch of hot energy between his hands, and when he had charged up its full explosive energy, he charged towards me. His hands were blood red and hotter than anything. His aim went from the midline of my body straight to my dan tian.

I evaded his first palm strike but he followed up with infinite more.

No, not just palm strikes. As I mentioned previously, Tang Ye’s martial skills with his hands are unparalleled. He punches, claws, finger jabs, pinches, slaps and pokes. It’s continually changing. He learnt over ten types of martial arts with an emphasis on hand techniques, and combined it with his Yang Blood Vital Qi technique.

“Awesome. What’s the name of this style?”

“Yang Blood Iron Hands.”

So Yang Blood Vital Qi plus Iron Hands? Nice.

Tang Ye’s every changing hand techniques made it hard to get a grasp on. I made a wrong step around to his back side and threw a kick. He dodged but I was faster than him so I still landed the kick on his back.

Tang Ye ended up rolling on the floor. I didn’t get to see all of his Yang Blood Vital Qi and hand techniques. The atmosphere changed back to its normal temperature.

“Oh, it’s cool now.”


Tang Ye’s breathing got disrupted by my kick so he was trying to calm down for dear life. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to shoot me glares of anger: “Why aren’t you using your arms?”

“There’s no difference, is there?”

To be frank, I’m only giving you a two-arm advantage, so I already feel like I’m bullying you.

“YES!” Tang Ye looked at me angrily and said: “You’re going easy on me! I don’t need you to go easy on me. I’m fighting you seriously.”

“It’s all the same, isn’t it? Aren’t arms and legs just…”

“Don’t give me that nonsense!!”

Tang Ye gathered his qi again. His left arm was red like a flame. He focused all his Yang Blood Vital Qi on just his left arm this time. He was intending to throw an all-out destructive attack.

“Ming Feizhen, if you don’t fight me seriously, I won’t forgive you even in death.”

I continued to kick. I blocked his punch with my kick: “Young man, don’t keep talking about death when you’re so young.” I pulled my leg back slightly and then swiftly moved it numerous times.

Tang Ye quivered a little and then seven footprints appeared on his face.

“You just died seven times, you know~”

Tang Ye’s whole body trembled and he slump his head down.

I continued defending his fist: “You’ve got a good body for martial arts. You’re more diligent with your training than I am. You’re more talented than I am. You’ll be much better in the future. I’ve come across many people in the past who also had goals and capabilities, but sometimes they were just frankly too hasty.”

“I’m not anxious or rushed. This is my only path.” Tang Ye roared and his strength increased again. That was the result of him increasing his output. It’s similar to the “No Man No Me” mental cultivation technique, but of course the effectiveness wasn’t as great as the martial arts of the Demon Sect. However, the consequences of boosting output were just as serious.

“Ming Feizhen, if you want to lecture me, beat me first! I’m not convinced you don’t need to use two hands!”

Tang Ye disappeared and then reappeared behind me. He threw a palm strike much more powerful than before my way.

The street went quiet and the two of us didn’t utter a word.



I yawned and said in a bored tone: “Remember you agreed to treat me to drinks for an entire year~”

“Why?” Tang Ye lost his fighting power because I kicked him again which disrupted his breathing again. He couldn’t get up and his face was buried in the ground. “…How are you not known in the pugilistic world when you’re so powerful?”

“Because of this and that probably.” I casually looked to the sky and continued: “Aren’t you unknown as well?”

“Yes, you’re right. We all have our own reasons.” Tang Ye continued to stay on the ground. In a staunch tone, he said: “I’ve thought it through. I never had a clear idea of where I should direct my efforts. But I’ve made up my mind now. My one-and-only goal while at Liu Shan Men is to defeat you. Until the day I can beat you, please look after me and share your knowledge, Big Brother Ming.”

“Hmm… This isn’t bad, huh?” Am I getting myself a little brother here?

“Let’s head back now then. The sun’s almost up and I’m sleepy.”

I took three steps and then turned around to notice Tang Ye still lying on the ground.

“What are you doing? Trying to scam me for medical fees?”


Tang Ye said in a calm tone: “Could you help me up? I sprained my hip when I got hit with your kick.”

Me: “……”


*Imouto if you don’t know is the Japanese word for younger sister. Feizhen’s making a reference to Su Xiao’s feminine looks and the fact that he’s younger.


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