Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 23

Picking on the Weakest

It took a while before Su Xiao figured out that the guys in blue claiming to be from Lan Jun Kong Zhu were members of the Demon Sect, and that the guys in brocade guard uniforms were the Qilin Guards who were in the middle of their investigation.

Su Xiao said in a confused tone: “Sorry comrades from Qilin, I didn’t mean to steal your credit but we can’t let anyone from the Demon Sect off either. Umm… Uhh… Can’t I take just one of them back?” Su Xiao was unable to continue in a regal tone. He does read, it’s just that he’s usually surrounding himself with those in the martial world so his usual speech tone had changed.

The Qilin Guards shook their heads like epileptics and said: “You want to take one of them? Did you know we hung a plaque with ‘The three great detestations’ inscribed on it in our large courtyard?”

“The three great detestations?” Su Xiao was lost. He’s new to the world, how would he know the martial world’s classics? He softly asked: “Pornography, gambling and illicit drugs?”

“Fuck off! The plaque has what our captain hates the most inscribed in text on it.” The guys in brocade guard uniforms grinded their teeth as though their superior was right beside them supervising and said: “The most detested thing in the world is that old fuck Ximen Chuideng. The second most detested thing is everyone else in the Demon Sect. The third most detested thing is you garbage bags from Liu Shan Men!”

Su Xiao who was fairly clueless about their bad blood history casually waved his hand and brushed it off with: “Man, that’s all ancient history. Can’t you guys be more flexible? I’ll stand here and watch. Once you guys can’t handle it anymore more, let me have a go, deal?”

He didn’t expect them to take that even more offensively. The guys in blue shirts didn’t pass up the opportunity to burst into laughter. The three brocade guards were fuming: “Piss off, trash! You’re the weakling here. This is a walk in the park for us!”

The three charged forward after they were done talking. The three brocade guards weren’t the cream of the crop in the Qilin Guards squad, but they were still formidable nonetheless. They’re a small team who’ve learnt a formation called “The Ultimate Sabre and Rod Formation of Three”. So there is one broadsword and two rods, or one rod and two broadswords, which are worked in combination, allowing them to defeat their opponents when the odds are against them.

As you all know, if the weaker guy defeats the stronger guy, then picking on the weak as the stronger one is a cinch.

The three of them initially weren’t scared of him because he looked young. However, upon seeing the sharpness of his divine blade, the three thought it was best to take him on with their formation.

The three in blue didn’t join the fray and instead discussed what to do amongst themselves.

“So what shall we do now that they’re caught up in their own conflict?”

“Let’s smash the younger guy and steal his sabre.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’m with you!”

Su Xiao was trapped inside their formation. Normally, when you’re surrounded, you’d retreat as fast as possible. The most he could do in that situation was to hold out painstakingly, but it all changed when the three in blue joined the fray.

The three of them were sword wielders. They unleashed the “Selfless Sword Style”, the basic style taught upon becoming a member of the Demon Sect. What makes that style formidable is that it damages both the wielder and the enemy in exchange for dealing massive damage. However, the three of them weren’t using the mental cultivation methods taught by the Demon Sect. The executed techniques were right, but the internal arts they were using were Mount Hua’s Energy Fusion. Consequently, the damage dealt was reduced, but at the same time they reduced the damage they’d suffer. It’s still a worthy trade-off in the end.

Su Xiao didn’t train in his family’s sabre style too diligently, hadn’t learnt Liu Shan Men’s martial arts, was young and had no experience with combating real enemies, so the six of them gave him a tough time. Two of the guys in blue stuck to both sides of his Ancient Cold sabre, with one on his left, and one to the right. The brocade guard wielding the rod grunted and put Su Xiao’s lights out.

The brocade guard didn’t expect the guys dressed in blue to be waiting to steal Su Xiao’s treasured blade as soon as he passed out. Unfortunately for them, it seemed that Su Xiao had such a tight grip on it the two of them couldn’t flog it. Instead, the brocade guards turned their attention to them.

One of the guys in blue got annoyed, threw a fit and tried to chop Su Xiao’s wrist off.

The captain of the brocade guards regretted his decision and was worried that they’d be too much to handle if they managed to get their hands on the sabre. He gathered up all his internal energy and struck Su Xiao’s back with a palm strike with everything he had, slinging Su Xiao like a weapon at them to at least deal them some damage.

Six people surrounded a young man not yet seventeen, grunting and trying to pursue their own ends, with his unconscious body in the middle to separate them.



The brocade guards palm strike was extremely sharp while the guy in blue swung his sword in a strangely rushed manner. The brocade guard struck one of the guys in blue with all his might behind his palm strike destroying his nerves and breaking his bones. The guy in blue also managed to neatly slice off the brocade guards left arm, causing blood to gush forth.

After the exchange of blows, both sides were one man down, but because there weren’t mentally prepared, they were crying and shrieking from the pain.

The brocade guard exclaimed: “You despicable bastard! You pretended to stab the punk from Liu Shan Men and then stabbed me instead.”

Another guy in blue angrily yelled: “You’re a slippery one too. You changed the direction of your attack part way through. You nearly took my brother’s life!”

The two of them glared at each other and suddenly regained their composure.

“Did you say I stabbed someone from your side?”

“Did you say I changed the direction of my attack part way through?”

The two of them acted weird and said: “I didn’t. I was aiming for the little punk. Huh? Where’s the punk?”


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