Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 24

If You Can Solve it With Brute Force, Try Not to Speak

I took a sip of tea as I was carrying Su Xiao. I couldn’t help but cough. The slag brought me some dodgy tea leaves. There are always remnants of tea leaves getting stuck in my throat.

Su Xiao was asleep like a napping Persian cat. His white skin had a hint of pink, his limbs were beautiful, his teeth were white just like a girl… If he didn’t need a bag over his head that is.

“Boss, we found the punk!”

A little henchman looking guy was excitedly yelling while pointing in my direction: “Over there, over there!!”

The guys in blue and brocade guard uniforms finally noticed me. They quickly turned around and glared at me.

The guy from Mount Hua pretending to be an envoy from the Demon Sect shouted: “Who are you? Speak now or hold your peace forever.”

If you’re going to pretend to be an envoy of the Demon Sect at make the effort to make it convincing. No one in the Demon Sect would waste time getting the name out of their opponents. I rolled my eyes and ignored him.

The Qilin guard in the brocade uniform laughed and said: “Ignorant Demon Sect disciple, can’t you tell? One look tells you he’s not a resident of this place. Since he came to the aid of that punk from Liu Shan Men and is wearing a constable uniform, it’s a given that he’s from Liu Shan Men. Hahahaha.”

Pfft!! Stupid! You mistook Mount Hua disciples for being Demon Sect members and are trying to arrest them. You deserve to be an errand boy for eternity.

Come to think of it, why are Mount Hua disciples pretending to be envoys of the Demon Sect? And why here in Nanjing of all places? Aren’t they aware they hate the Demon Sect here in Nanjing more than anywhere else?

I silently considered the questions in my head and didn’t speak to them. Instead I just signalled to them to come at me.

The guy in blue chuckled and said: “Fine. If you want to die so badly, I’ll gladly grant you your wish!”

Me: “……”

The guy in the brocade guard uniform shouted: “Hey you, if you don’t run along, I won’t hesitate to attack.”

Me: “……”

The guy in blue gave a long laugh and asked: “Are you mute? Did our swordsmanship shock you so much that you’re at a loss for words?”

The brocade guard didn’t want to look like he was less of a man, so he said in a loud voice: “Get lost, demon-kind. He was scared by our formidable formation. It’s got jack shit to do with you.”

Me: “Are you guys done talking? Do you want to fight or not?”

The two leaders acted like they were embarrassed and cleared their throats. They then surrounded me who tried to be friendly.


The Guy in blue couldn’t keep his calm.

He knew he was in a bad situation.

He didn’t even catch a glimpse of the man standing in front of him when he saved the punk. He’d never met anybody like that in the twenty years he’d been in the pugilistic world. He only knew of two people who had that level of qinggong*, their school’s leader and their senior brother.

But just because someone had a high level of proficiency with qinggong, that didn’t mean they were a good fighter. He thought that it was unlikely that he could beat the three of them together. However, he hesitated because he was afraid that going all out would reveal the true nature of his martial arts and thereby the school he truly belonged to. He was tasked with an important task this time which was part of a bigger plot, hence why he came to Peach Village and pretended to be an envoy from the Demon Sect. He couldn’t let them get caught here so he hesitated.

The Qilin Guards however were very level-headed.

He felt it was best to attack together. He’d get rid of Liu Shan Men first and then the Demon Sect. If the Demon Sect members escaped, he’d still be accomplished for taking out two of Liu Shan Men’s constables. It’s as Ximen Chuideng of the Demon Sect said back then, it’s faster to take care of them all at once!!

They readied up. One of them was injured and couldn’t fight at his maximum capacity but they still used their “Ultimate Sabre and Rod of Three” formation to completely surround Ming Feizhen. Inside the formation were the guys in blue and Ming Feizhen who were to fight each other.

The guys in blue realising the grim situation they were caught in decided to strike. They used a variety of moves to hide their true styles and thereby identities. They were busy sending a signal to their seniors.

The three of them used the technique “Song of the Phoenix” together. That’s a powerful technique from Mount Hua sect and also the technique the three of them painstakingly trained. The three of them prepared their Energy Fusion technique before unleashing it. They unleashed the Song of the Phoenix attack with the purpose of severely injuring Ming Feizhen, but more so to escape their current predicament.

As soon as the Song of the Phoenix was unleashed, the vibration of the sword tip sounded like birds chirping, while also creating the image of thousands of birds worshipping a phoenix. The three of them had relatively even power levels, so the power of the technique was multiplied when they executed it in unison. The song of the phoenix could be heard by the ear as their sword tips moved.

Ming Feizhen held Su Xiao with his left arm while drinking tea with his right hand. He moved his arm in a circle without blinking.

Be gentle.

The continuous thought of being gentle, gentle without limits and execution of Tai Chi sent the three hundred birds flying towards the group in brocade guard uniforms. In the blink of an eye, three phoenixes were sent flying towards the Qilin Guards, sending them into a frenzy.

Ming Feizhen pulled his arm back towards his body and the guys in blue found that they lost control of the sword in their hands before they knew it. The swords techniques didn’t come to a halt though. Their executed moves carried through and continued being unleashed on the three Qilin Guards. He was just one man controlling three swords with one hand, and yet his executions of the techniques were much sharper. The three Qilin Guards were stabbed at their pressure points and died before the three hundred birds finished flying.

The guys in blue came to the realisation that he borrowed their momentum to follow through, but how was such a gentle movement able to deliver such incredible impact?!

The leader of the guys in blue was scared shitless. He said in a trembling voice: “W-wu Dang’s Tai Chi!! You’re Zhang Sanfeng!!”

“Screw you, your mum is Zhang Sanfeng!!”

Ming Feizhen angrily hurled their three swords back at them causing them to see stars. He then exclaimed: “Do I look that old?!”

What he did next caused one of the guys in blue who still had his conscious to lose his mind.

Ming Feizhen took a sip of tea. He took a sip of tea out of his cup with his right hand.

This guy took their swords, defeated three Qilin Guards, and threw their swords back at them with his right hand too!


That Mount Hua disciple was so frightened he passed out.

Ming Feizhen was befuddled and asked: “Why do people always say that same line after I have a fight with somebody…?”


I looked at the six lying on the ground and then finished my tea.

Why are these guys such chatterboxes? Do you have to talk when you could resolve the issue with brute force?

Hmph, look at me.

I’m overpowered, invincible and haven’t been surpassed in thirty years.

I shouldn’t go about things in such a high-profile manner though. It’ll make it hard for me to run my provident fund scam. Luckily Su Xiao was out cold so nobody saw it.

Huh? Why’s there the sound of extra person breathing?

I quickly spun around and saw an astonished Tang Ye standing there. It looks like he came running over and was catching his breath. He looked at me with his eyes wide… And the six on the ground.



“How come there are so many people lying on the ground? What happened?”


The worthless actor Tang Ye looked at me without moving. He just silently looked at me without saying anything. His gaze started to get on my nerves.

I easily came up with more bullshit.


“I saw you knock them out.”

I started sweating…


*The ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls and mounting trees.


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