Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 13

Fucking Bitch VS Qilin Arm

Afterwards, I found out Miss “Fucking Bitch” was actually called Si Tuo. She was a second class warrior in the Qilin Guards squad, and held a high ranking position.

Liu Shan Men and the Qilin Guards have never gotten along.

So she’s here to cause trouble.

And trouble we have.

“Hey, hey, hey, you can’t pass like this.” Si Tuo lifted an eyebrow at Shen Yiren to mock her, and kicked an examinee flying out. She tested the abilities of the examinees and failed a total of seventeen potential-recruits within half-an-hour. After she failed the eighteenth examinee, she didn’t forget to rub it in and mock Shen Yiren: “No wonder Liu Shan Men has been so quiet. Turns out all your recruits are retards. No wonder…”

Shen Yiren picked up a chair, threw it her way violently, and added: “No wonder you’re brain-dead!”

“Hey! What are you doing?!” Si Tuo never imagined Miss Shen would attack for real. She easily evaded the chair but dodging Shen Yiren’s palm strike wasn’t so simple.

Everyone present was surprised, including Junior shiyi and myself. We didn’t expect Miss Shen to have such a fiery temper that even tigers would fear. She unleashed three punches and one palm strike which Si Tuo evaded, but the next move…

Miss Shen surprised everybody when she planted her knee on Si Tuo’s chest, grabbed her hair and pressed her head into the ground which was very un-feminine. She grunted under her breath and then proceeded to cuss Si Tuo: “You fucking bitch! No wonder my foot! You’re the retard! Quiet?!” She continued cussing and banging Si Tuo’s head on the ground. That day, Si Tuo’s head made a noble contribution to the hygiene of Liu Shan Men by leaving an inerasable mark on the floor!

It was virtually a brawl between two thugs…

“You crazy bitch! How dare you hit me like this?! I’m here as a supervisor on orders of his majesty! You’re violating a royal decree… Ow!”

“I’m violating a royal decree? His majesty is conducting the martial arts tournament to give us an opportunity and yet you insist on causing trouble. I warned you already that if you dared to mess around, I’d kick you out! You want to report me? Do it! I entered the palace with Yan Shisan when I was seven. Prince Qing bows down to me and the princess is my best friend, so go ahead and report me! Try it!”

I never knew my superior had such amazing people backing her.

But even if he does bow down to her, that scene would just be too degrading. I mean, who could say with absolute confidence that they could ride on a tiger, I mean, a donkey…

Si Tuo isn’t a bad fighter, it’s just that Shen Yiren caught her off guard. Her head had been smashed into the ground enough times to feel wheezy, so she better be ready to counter-attack soon. Shen Yiren really does have an explosive temper. She’s beating her up despite knowing she’s hear on orders from the emperor. When it just started, you could brush it off as letting off steam on impulse, but now that they’re serious, things aren’t looking good.

My Junior shiyi standing beside me tightly clenched her fists, eagerly watching as she shuffled her feet in place as though she was eager to join their fight.

“Junior shiyi… Weren’t you angry just a moment ago?”

“Angry about what? Feizhen, I like this girl’s temperament! Can I give her a hand?”

Oi, oi! Stop. Please. These two have created enough of a mess as is.

“Vice-captain Shen.”

Said a cold voice from behind which broke up the fight.

A tall young man walked out from amongst the crowd.

I bow my head to any man who dares to step into this mess going on right now. You’re a true hero!

I looked at the tall young man with big hands and feet carefully. He was born to learn martial arts. His face was masculine and his overall body symmetry and proportions weren’t bad. He was handsome but in a different way to Su Xiao. He didn’t utter another word and proceeded to walk up to Shen Yiren and Si Tuo. He gave off the impression that he was a man of few words.

I know this guy, it’s the fairly skilled guy, Tang Ye.

Shen Yiren asked in an angry tone: “What’d you call me for?”

“Hmph, they’re definitely trying to stop you after seeing your violent behaviour. No one could put up with it.” Si Tuo used the opportunity to retaliate, but caught Shen Yiren’s watchful eyes and the two continued on.

Tang Ye softly said: “Vice-captain, I am next in line. Miss Si, please put me to the test.” He spoke to both of them in the same breath, but the meanings behind his words were very clear.

Shen Yiren scrunched her face and said: “I’m beating this fucking bitch up because I’m looking out for you guys standing up for you guys, and you don’t appreciate it?”

Shen Yiren’s younger sister finally had the chance to intervene. She pulled her sister away and said: “Sis! You’re being violent again!  We can give those who failed another chance to retake the exam, but Miss Si is here on orders from the emperor. So hitting her is inappropriate no matter how you put it.”

It seemed that the younger “sister’s” quiet voice calmed the violent woman down. She may not be afraid of getting reported, but if word of her beating an envoy from the Qilin Guards were to get out, then the rumours would be nasty.

“You’re right… Hey, what’s your name?”

“My name is Tang Ye.”

“Fine. Since you volunteered, show me what you’ve got. If you last thirty moves against this witch, I’ll pass you on the last exam.”

Tang Ye didn’t show any emotional responses and just said: “Alright.” He then pulled up his sleeves, revealing his muscular arms.”

My evaluation of him improved further.

I wasn’t wrong about him.

His true talent is yet to be revealed.

He had an impressive tattoo of the claws of a unicorn tattooed on his right arm which he kept hidden under his sleeve.

“Fuck! That’s a muscular arm!”

I looked at the man with the muscular arm in awe. Now this is a great man. A special and noble man. This man is an elegant philosopher… Shit, I’m off topic again.

Long-story short, he’s an awe-inspiring man.

Tang Ye took in a deep breath, turned to Si Tuo, extended one hand outwards as a form of invitation, and said: “Miss Si, if you would please.”


* After the introduction of the term, emperor (皇帝), by Qin Shi Huang, all non-independent 王 became known as princes. Independent 王, such as rulers of China’s tributary neighbours. Here it’s a prince’s title.

**When they’ve been referring to Shen Yiren and Si Tuo as 大人 in this chapter, I’ve substituted it with ‘Miss’ because there’s no official position being attached to their name, and in Si Tuo’s case, we don’t even know her position yet, so she can’t be ‘Vice-captain Si Tuo’ etc.


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