Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 12

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Liu Shan VS Qilin

I put Master Liu’s lights out with one palm strike. Everybody looked at me. I think they were surprised by my martial prowess. I saw something strange in their eyes. I saw their eyes filled with respect for me, eyes filled with awe of my prowess, eyes filled with… Pardon me. Long story short, my image rose sky-high in an instant.

Immediately after that-

Shen Yiren took in a breath and shut her eyes as if she’d just seen two dirty bugs and shouted: “Hey! Could you two please not go around wasting time and making trouble when your martial arts suck? We can’t accept this standard.”


Last year I bought a… Sorry, I’m off topic again.

Could you please not lump me in with this guy?! Didn’t you see my awe-inspiring death-touch win?!

Junior shiyi looked like she knew it’d turn out this way and was laughing hard, and it was clear she had no intention of helping.

I pointed to Master Liu who was lying on the floor with his eyes rolled back, and said: “Hey, uhh… This guy is your underling, right? Don’t you think he makes you look bad?”

“I don’t know who that guy is. Would you say you look bad if I find a speck of dust at your house? Do you even have a dick? What kind of man is so petty?”

I just lost 100 HP to this lass’s mouth canon…

Shen Yiren’s younger “sister” tugged her and said: “Don’t get angry, sis. I know Master Liu, his martial art skills aren’t that bad. For this man to be able to knock him down proves that he uhh…. Is strong.”

Are you complimenting a villar or a martial arts master here…?

I rebutted: “In any case, I beat your underling, so stop bothering my gugu.”

Shen Yiren called my Junior shiyi by her name without paying me any heed and said: “Ming Suwen, I won’t stop you since you have matters to attend to. But I trust you won’t ditch your nephew here.”

I frowned at her for addressing my Junior shiyi by her name. I’ve only called her by her name a few times in my whole entire life!* Do you have to be so forward with her?!

I don’t angry and asked: “What?! You’re saying you’ll be keeping me here?” So I’m getting the monthly seventy silver ingots salary now?! I was filled with bliss~ ah~ the bliss of a retired life~

“Hmm, I’m going to keep you here. I’ll have you slave away for me from day-to-night, so that your gugu comes back for you out of pity.”

I glared at my violent superior and couldn’t help but spit. Why does everything she says sound twisted?

I looked to my Junior shiyi, ignored the situation and blinked at her to say: “Gugu, Guo’er can’t stay by your side anymore!”

Instead, Junior shiyi returned it with a cold smiled, that sent a chill up my spin, as she looked at me with a domineering gaze and said: “Feizhen, aren’t you glad to have such a beautiful superior accompany you? You are, aren’t you?”

Oi, oi, oi! This wasn’t what we promised! Didn’t you promise to see me off?!

“What are you talking about, gugu? Didn’t you have to return home?”

Junior shiyi stopped smiling, stared at me with her domineering eyes and moved her lip quickly.

Her lips read: This was your end goal, wasn’t it? With a large-eyes, big boobs superior and naive younger sister by your side, you’ve completely foregone any thoughts of becoming the Patriarch. You scum, I doted on you for nothing all these years!

I’m innocent!

I gave her a reply expressing my devotion to the organisation with lip movements too: I swear to the heavens I had no idea of their existence before coming here. This is a pure coincidence.

Junior shiyi: I’ve got to be brain-dead to believe you. Can you swear you didn’t know you wouldn’t have beauties accompanying you here?

Me: …….

Well… They did write that on the recruitment notice…

“Are you two done or what?”

Shen Yiren stopped our conversation, but before she could continue, a pretty girl by the door cut us off.

“What happened? Who knocked Liu Yuan out and then threw outside by the door? That was no light beating.”

An enchanting woman came in through the main doors. She didn’t hesitate to help up Master Liu who I put out.

In that moment, my eyes found their way to her.

I saw Master Liu’s chest jump as soon as she touched him. Then she swiftly pressed a hand on his back and helped him up. In just three moves, Master Liu who was supposed to be out for an entire day began to slowly open his eyes.

She was a qi master.

She shared her qi when she touched him. And for her to identify that he was knocked out using internal strength means she’s skilled.

Shen Yiren scanned her unhappily with an “I knew it” look you see prophets make.

“What are you here for? It’s too late for you Qilin Guards to try and stop our recruitment activities.”

Oh~ she’s from the Qilin Guards… No wonder. I heard they were always bumping heads with Liu Shan Men. Perhaps I should consider joining the Qilin Guards. Who knows, I might be able to find a beauty there. Shen Yiren paused before saying: “Fucking bitch, can’t you tell we’re working here? If you cause trouble again, I’ll have you thrown out.”

Now that I’ve heard what she’s called, I think it’s better to stay at Liu Shan Men.

Miss ‘Fucking Bitch’ pushed Master Liu aside, and covered her mouth as she said with a giggle: “What are you saying now Vice-captain Shen? How would I dare cause you trouble? Yesterday, I met with his majesty…”

“And you talked more shit about us, and asked him to stop us from recruiting new members?”

Miss ‘Fucking Bitch’ looked startled. It was obvious Shen Yiren hit the nail on the head. Shen Yiren proudly continued on: “Do you people have anything new other than these childish tricks? His majesty didn’t agree, did he? If he did, we’d have received a royal decree already.”

Now it was Miss “Fucking Bitch’s’ turn. She smiled proudly and said: “You’re right. However, I managed to get another request approved. Liu Shan Men haven’t recruited new members so I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to carry out the task, so I asked for a supervisor position, to help you with quality checking.” Miss Bitch lifted an eyebrow in a flirtatious manner and said: “All you new recruits, come here and let me check you all out once.”


*Because of their seniority ranking, he shouldn’t be calling her by her name, so when he does it feels like he’s speaking to her as a woman and not as a senior, hence his jealousy.

Side note: He thinks her name is “Fucking Bitch” because he’s illiterate.


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