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As you may have noticed, the website has been down for the last week because we exceeded the permitted monthly traffic limit. I did mention this in the announcement and recent releases, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise. As a result, I got a notification that the hosting service would be terminated. Seeing as it was a struggle for me to get the upgrade and hence the issue in the first place, I had to call around and ask people to loan me money so I could get the upgrade and bring the site back up, so I’ve paid another chunk of money on top of the setup costs to continue the site. Yes, I do owe two people money now, but who cares, right?

So here’s the situation now: The hosting service has been upgraded to allow 1.5x more monthly traffic than before. I’ll run with it for now and see what happens. There’s not a lot of leeway since before the upgrade, we were already coming close to this limit already, but this is all I’ve managed to pull together so we have to work with what we’ve got. If we reach the limit again, the site will go down for the remainder of the month and you’ll see the big notice again. If the site continues getting suspended daily like that, I’ll cut back on either releases (so I don’t get suspended), or I’ll have to cap the daily/monthly visitor allowance somehow so I don’t hit those limits thereby making it first-come, first-serve, otherwise better luck next time. I don’t know, maybe there will be option C, but right now it eludes me. I’m winging this.

To avoid confusion in future, I’ll be creating a Facebook page to provide updates from now on, which I will provide in the upcoming releases.

Now, regarding releases. At the suggestion of a valued patron, I’m going to be focusing on one series at a time, alternating between the two series volume by volume. First, I’ll be focusing on the first volume of Son-con. Once I finish volume 1 of Son-con, I’ll go back to volume 1 of Martial King’s Retired Life, so that is essentially now on hiatus until I finish with Son-con, unless a chapter for it is sponsored. Then the process repeats, Martial King’s Retired Life will go on hiatus until I finish volume 2 of Son-con and so forth. Hopefully that makes sense.

So… Martial King’s Retired Life goes on hiatus starting from today after the bulk release you’ve all missed out on during the suspension.

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