Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 09


Getting Rid of the Root of Trouble

The third round of exams…

The most outstanding participant thus far is Tang Ye.

He was competing against a swordsman. The exam for this round was combat. He didn’t hold back like last time and defeated his opponent in five moves.

After defeating his opponent he faintly said: “Thank you for taking it easy on me.”

He strikes like the wind, his execution is concise, and each technique is executed with the goal of defeating his opponent in one move and up until now has only used one hand. This is the reason my evaluation of him continues to improve. I now believe he’s an even match for my young shiyi.

Su Xiao stood to one side looking at Tang Ye with admiration as though he envied his martial arts. At the same time, Master Liu who was standing behind him looked at him with hatred at least ten-times Su Xiao’s admiration. He looked like he was rip his head off!

“Tang Ye wins! Next is Ming Suwen and the Drunkard Wangqi, of Jiu Lian Villa.”

It was young shiyi’s turn, so I cheered for her: “Junior shiyi, I wish you a speedy win~”

“You sure have a way with words. I’m off now.”

A guy and girl appeared outside the door and looked on at Junior shiyi as well.

Shen Yiren cheerfully shook Shen Kuang’s arm and said: “It’s that girl’s turn. How many moves do you think it’ll take for her to defeat her opponent this time?”

Shen Kuang wasn’t sure if he was meant to be happy or sad seeing his sister’s childish reaction and said: “You can tell with one glance, why are you even trying to make a bet with yourself?” Shen Yiren looked at him with spite like he was retarded, and said: “What do you know? She’s highly skilled. I may not even be her match.”

“Is she that good?”

“Didn’t you see her in the first round when she used Mount Daluo’s Star Net Palms against that guy? Every move was trained, succinct and beautiful. It’s obvious she was trained by a reputable master. Those three examiners have shit for eyes! They were about to let talent like that go!”

Shen Kuang, happy with what he just heard asked: “So that means the guy she fought was pretty good too, right?” Shen Yiren replied with a mocking look: “No. That guy is a waste of air. He used Wudang’s Tai Chi which is taught by the old fart. He even applied the techniques incorrectly several times. I heard she is his aunt. If his aunt wasn’t going easy on him, her first strike would’ve been enough to take his life. Hey! There she goes again! That’s Tian Luo Weaving Palms! I can’t believe she can use that technique too!”

She really was using Sky Net Weaving Palms.

I thought Junior shiyi was just here to kill time, but it looks like she’s having fun.

I don’t blame her. There’s no shortage of female warriors in the pugilistic world, but there are hardly any on Mount Daluo. There aren’t many who could put up a fight against her either. I know of only three people who could go tit-for-tat with her. This meant that my martial arts-crazed young shiyi had no opponents. At the same time, she can’t just go find some stinking men to fight, right? I’d be the first to object!

Getting back on topic, she’s completely destroying him.

Drunkard Wangqi could be considered one of the skilled martial artists of Nanjing, but his Drunken Fist is completely useless against Junior shiyi’s Tian Luo Weaving Palms. He doesn’t even have the opportunity to show his skills. Junior shiyi decided she’d had enough, so she used her sleeves to flick him in the face, and threw a kick from her left. Wangqi barely managed to step back to evade her sleeve flick, and was caught by her kick which hit his pressure point. In the end he was left lying on the floor cussing.


Somebody blurted it before I could. I turned around and saw a very, very sweet looking beauty with a lava-hot voluptuous body standing behind me clapping. Her clothes weren’t the tight-fit type, but it gave the impression that it was. The main reason for that was you know… Certain places protruded…

It’s commonly said that there is a type of woman that is very hard to chance upon, and all men in the world wish to meet. I think I’ve met her today. Big eyes and boobs! That face and body have got to be illegal! Who…

I wiped my drool…

Who is she? She ignored me and walked straight up to Junior shiyi and excitedly grabbed her hands like old people in a village getting an award from the village chief.

“It’s been hard on you!”

You really are a village chief!

All my fantasies of her crumbled at that sight…

“Isn’t that the vice-captain of Liu Shan Men, Shen Yiren?”

“Why is she here? It looks like Liu Shan Men are serious about this time’s recruits.”


Vice-captain?! She’s my future boss?

All of a sudden I joined the villagers and unconsciously praised the vice-captain.*

Junior shiyi gently pushed her hands away and pursed her lips into a smile in my direction. I think she was trying to send me some sort of message, but I couldn’t decipher it. Then she suddenly said: “Ming Suwen shall now retire.”

“Say what?”

I was a tad confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Yeah, what do you mean?”

Shen Yiren was more nervous than me. No, that’s not right. I was just a little surprised, I wasn’t nervous in the least. Shen Yiren on the other hand, was legitimately nervous. She kept pressing on with her question: “What are you retiring from? What do you want to retire from?”

Junior shiyi waved her hands and said: “I didn’t come here with the intention of joining Liu Shan Men, so why should I bother fighting up to the last round? I don’t want to waste my time on this. I’m bored now. If you want something from me, ask for my nephew instead.”


You’re a pro at setting me up, aren’t you?!

I suddenly felt like my future boss was glaring at me with bloodthirsty eyes.


*A reference to MMOs where you’ve got NPCs standing there randomly cheering


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