Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 1 Ch. 07

A Big Discovery

It seemed the second examination took longer than the first examination, so we waited around in the yard.

I suddenly heard people next door arguing but no one reacted. I concluded that I could hear it because my hearing and sight were enhanced. I tugged on Juinor Shi yi’s sleeve, and said: “There are people arguing next door, let’s go see what all the fuss is about.”

She thought it was funny and said: “You’ve always been a fun-seeker since you were young.” But she ended up coming with me in the end anyway. This shows that does she dote on me.

After making our way through a series of twists and turns, we reached the courtyard next door and saw two guys pushing and tugging each other.

What are you two doing dressed like that in the middle of the day?! My nosy personality came out, so I hid with Junior shi yi to watch them. One of them was a familiar face. It was the handsome broadsword wielder, Su Xiao, and he was tugging and tangled with another young man who looked just as handsome.

Su Xiao looked like he was ready to leave, but the other guy grabbed his hands, and said: “Why? Why are you like this?! Am I not treating you well enough?”

Su Xiao put on a cold face and said: “Master Liu, I’ve said nothing but good things about you, it’s just that you don’t understand. Don’t push it!”

This dialogue sounds like…

Right, I got it…

The young man grabbed his chest with one hand as if he were about to vomit blood, stepped back three steps as if the god of love possessed him, and said: “Why are you so heartless? Why are you so unreasonable?”

He flicked his hair, looked at Su Xiao with eyes filled with sincerity, and said: “What more do you want, Su Xiao? You know how I feel about you, don’t tell me that you don’t!”




They’re gay?! They’re Gay!?

Brother Su, I had no idea you were this kind of young man.

Nanjing is a big place with lots of second generation rich kids and gays, but I never thought I’d run into one.

Looking at him closely… God, how did I not think of that? Su Xiao looks weak and his skin looks tender like a girl’s. Every legit- gay would treat him like a rare treasure.

Su Xiao stamped his feet in disbelief, and said: “I, Su Xiao, am a man…”

Miss, I mean, brother, just speak if you’re going to speak, could you please not stamp as your speak?

“I’m a man. Don’t even think about using this to insult me. Otherwise… Don’t blame me for being merciless!” He then coldly snorted and walked away.

Master Liu gloomily stumbled away after Su Xiao.

I forced myself to calm down, but I carelessly let it slip…

“Holy shit, holy shit, junior shi yi, I have to go and tell them about this!”

She sighed and said: “I never thought that brat would be so good at hooking up with other guys. I can’t believe he even managed to hook up with Nanjing’s Liu Family’s master.”

“Liu Family? Which Liu Family? Liu Zongyuan?”

“Liu Qingquan, the one that offended Ximen Chuideng that year, was hunted by the Demon Sect and had to burn down his Qianliu Villa in Hang Zhou. He later secluded himself in Nanjing, and only resurfaced into the pugilistic world after the Demon Sect crumbled. He’s made connections with many high ranking officials over the last few years. He’s doing alright for himself now.”

Oh! I remember Qianliu Villa!

That year when I went to Hang Zhou with shifu, he went south of Hang Zhou, while I went North. He went looking for a den of women, while I went deep into the den of ruthless thieves. I had a big battle with them that night and was fairly tired. I subdued seventy thieves while he spent an entire day flirting with girls…

After that, I went to Qianliu Villa to rest.

Liu Qingquan bows in respect towards my shifu, so I guess him and I share the same level of seniority. Back then, Old Liu treated us passionately with his riches earned from his corrupt deeds.

I remember we drank five hundred cups together. Not long after, his family got caught up in trouble. I haven’t seen him in a long time.

I remember he only had one son, and since… Well, that’s the end of his family lineage now.

I suddenly heard my name.

“Is Ming Feizhen here yet?”

Looks like its time. I dragged Junior shi yi back to the venue, and indeed, they were calling for me. I quickly entered the venue, bowed in four directions and said: “Thank you for having me here, please look after me.”

“You’re not being asked to put on a martial arts demonstration, so there’s no need to stand on ceremony. This round is an intellectual test.”


Intellectual? So there are scholastic elements?

I know the ‘Three Character Classic’, does that count?

“Although it’s an intellectual test, we won’t be testing your writing or poetry skills. We at Liu Shan Men value the ability to be adaptive and your ability to deal with a crisis. Alright, here are some questions we’ll ask you, you just need to answer. Would you please do the honours, head examiner?”

All that big talk and you’re just a shuttle-boy…?

A young man dressed in the casual attire of a young master from a big family sat down. Eh? Isn’t this guy… The guy that unsuccessfully confessed just now? Master Liu?!

“Ming Feizhen is a rare name.” He scanned at me as though he was analysing me causing all the hairs on my body to stand up.

“Your body’s not bad.”

Not bad, my foot!!

I squeezed my butt tightly after he complimented me.

I can guarantee he wasn’t checking out my goods, that was the look of a predator! This guy wants me!

He continued ogling me, but then sighed and said: “But you don’t look anything special.”

Why do I feel like I should run as fast as I can for dear life, but at the same time, feel like I just got completely destroyed…?


*Three Character Classics = It’s used as a child’s first formal education at home. It taught children common characters, grammar structures, elements of Chinese history and the basis of Confucian principles. Long story short, Ming Feizhen is borderline illiterate.


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