Oh No! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! – Vol. 1 Ch. 04

I kept thinking about how to slay Earth Dragons until nightfall.

They definitely can be killed, and the dragon scale in my hand is proof of that. There’s definitely a way to kill them. According to what Lucia said, Earth Dragon scales are usually sold for very high prices on the market since they’re one of the best materials for making armour. Mom must’ve spent a fortune purchasing Earth Dragon scales for me to tell that fib.

Whether it’s for my mom’s sake or for those whose safety is at risk because of them, I must find a way to get rid of the Earth Dragons.

“What’s wrong? It looks like something has been weighing on your mind.”

The fork and knife gently clanged the edge of the plate, but the sound echoed throughout the huge dining room. I looked up to see my mom’s worried face looking at me. I hesitated for a moment before smiling and shaking my head, and said: “It’s nothing. Don’t worry, mom…”

Mom’s blue eyes didn’t leave me, her eyes filled with worry as she sighed and softly said: “Son, I know what you’re thinking. My magical skill is ‘Mind-Reading’. I can tell what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about taking revenge. You’re considering hunting the dragons.”

“…You’re right.”

Oi, oi, oi! Isn’t that ability a bit too overpowered!?  Doesn’t this mean that no one could rebel?! She’d know right away if someone intended to rebel! No wonder my mother is the queen. That ability is basically designed specifically for a ruler! But is it really a good idea to use that skill on your own son? Wait! Doesn’t that mean that she knows about all those dirty thoughts I had about her and Lucia?!

Doesn’t that mean that she knows I’m not from this world either?!

But judging by her current actions, I don’t sense anything out of place. What does her mind-reading skill really allow her to read?

After I asked her, she paused for a moment before answering with a smile: “Of course it’s the shadow of the huge Earth Dragon in your mind. I can only see fragments. I need to ponder it for a bit before I can tell what you’re thinking. Judging by the massive dark shadow and the look on your face, I can tell you’re thinking about Earth Dragons.”

Mom stopped smiling, looked at me and said: “Son, don’t ever go on a campaign against Earth Dragons again. If it were just one of them, I’m confident you could slay it, but we’re talking about a horde of beasts protected by magic. They’re an intelligent bunch. If it weren’t for the main army protecting the borders, I don’t think even I could wipe them out in one swoop. You know how strong they are now, so forget about them. Mommy will take care of them. Trust mommy, okay?”

I looked at mom’s earnest eyes and knew that there’d be no way in hell she’d let me hunt Earth Dragons. Even if she was your average everyday mother, she wouldn’t want to let her child return to the battlefield after he barely escaped death once, so it’s understandable when my mother has a son-complex. I can’t even begin to imagine how the original owner of this body managed to persuade her to allow him to go hunt them. He has my respect…

“You’re my only child. My elder brother grew up and left only you with me.” Within the flickering flame of mom’s eyes, a tear started to form. Mom stretched her hand out and patted my head. As she choked on her tears, she said: “You’ve gone through so much terror that you should never have had to experience. It’s all my fault. I caused you all this suffering. I just want you to grow up safely and peacefully. I don’t ask that you accomplish any grand noble deeds. All I wish for is for you to be healthy and happy.”

I looked down and let mom scrub my hair. From a mother’s perspective, she’s not wrong. She’s the queen of the elves and also a very beautiful woman, but in front of me, she’s just a loving mother. My mother is a majestic and valiant warrior, but she’s also gentle with me. I think… All mothers must be like this, right? In front of their child, they’re just a loving mother.

What mom wanted wasn’t a military achievement, but a child.

It looks like I was wrong from the get-go. I didn’t have anything I longed for in that world or people that cared about me. My mom must be weeping at my death ceremony. For a soldier, receiving a medal is a glorious achievement, but in my mother’s eyes, it’s probably just a useless piece of metal.

I didn’t fulfill my filial piety duties in that world, so I should at least look after myself and not burden my mother in this world.

I sighed, lifted my head up, looked into mom’s eyes and gently said: “Okay. I won’t leave. I won’t make you worry.”

Mom shivered a bit as she helplessly shed a tear, but the corner of her mouth crept into a happy smile as she nodded and wiped her nose and tears. She smiled and said: “Mmm! Good boy. Eat up and then have a good rest tonight.”

After dinner I returned to my room. Elves don’t use electricity for lights… Oh wait. This timeline hasn’t reached the Second Industrial Revolution yet, nor do they use steam powered equipment. What they use for lights reminds me of a will-o’the-wisp with its green-tinged light. But elves see green lights as white lights. My eyes don’t detect anything strange either, it’s pretty close to the feeling the sun gives off actually.

“So you’ve decided not to go hunt Earth Dragons?”

As soon as I opened my door, I saw an upside down face which knocked my soul right out of my body. Lucia lightly flipped off the roof and jumped onto my bed. She wore clothes that allowed for more mobility tonight. If someone with a hot body were to wear body-tight clothing, it’d be even sexier…

Logically speaking, getting lovey-dovey with your fiancé is fine, right? But the furthest she’s gone so far is…

She went way further than I ever imagined!!

Could you please choose another method of appearing in front of me? I nearly shat myself there.” I tapped my chest even though I was still feeling a bit scared and closed the door. Lucia casually shrugged and began rolling around on my bed, and said: “Answer me first. Are you really going to give up on hunting Earth Dragons?”

I sighed, sat down on the ratter chair, and said: “Yeah. I don’t have any good ideas for hunting them, and mom doesn’t want me to go. So I’ve decided to leave it in mom’s care. I don’t want to deal with it anymore.”

Lucia sat up, looked at me with a complex look on her face like she was relieved but disappointed at the same time. She mumbled: “That’s nice… If the queen is going to take care of it, then it’ll be done for sure, because she’s the queen!”

“Is your mom that great to you?”

I smiled bitterly. If you’re referring to her body, then it’s definitely great. But if you’re talking about political performance and the such, then I don’t know. Mom has never done any work in my presence and I don’t know what the criteria for judging one’s political performance is.”

“Be careful. Even though you’re the queen’s son, that doesn’t mean you can be audacious towards her.” Lucia’s eyes turned a bit cold. She looked at me, grabbed my arms, and said: “The queen turned the tides at a crucial moment, defeated the human army at the plains and has never made a single decision that was disadvantageous for any elf before! She is one of the most wise, fair and selfless rulers of elves. Haven’t you seen how we elves have managed to prosper under her leadership? We used to be a small group living in forests and mountains. The queen united all the elves and treated us equally. She’s like the holy goddess of goddesses!!”

Okay. I get that you’re loyal and all, but you don’t need to get so excited that you shiver, right? I sighed, and said: “Then what’s the deal with those Earth Dragons? Aren’t they intelligent beings with magical powers? Why would they suddenly form packs and come after us? If this has always been an issue, how come it hasn’t been resolved?”

Lucia looked at me, stood up on my bed, and said: “You know, don’t you? The humans crossed the border and began deforestation. It’s because their homes were destroyed and their holy lake was contaminated that the Earth Dragons went crazy, and want to take over the holy spring in the city. They currently roam the black forest close to the imperial capital. The terrain there isn’t suitable for the main army to engage in warfare, and sending in single units is ineffective, so…”

She shrugged her shoulders to indicate that there was no need to elaborate. “The queen negotiated with humans before, but things had already happened by then… Moreover, our queen and the queen of the humans have a terrible relationship. They just appear to be friendly on the surface, so… Convincing the queen of the humans will be left in your hands. Ah… it’s time. I need to go on patrol duty now.”

She looked at the moon outside, opened the window and jumped out. I sighed as her dark shadow vanished into the night, and I erased from thought the question I never got to ask.

Why do I have to convince her? Am I supposed to use the appeal of poor-little-elf-prince me to convince her? As if… I may have the appearance of an elf, but in the end, I’m still a single human man… I don’t have the skill to pull that off…

There’s nothing left to worry about now. The problem with the Earth Dragons is in mom’s hands now. I just need to enjoy my life as the prince of the elves. No matter how you sugar-coat it, I was nothing but a loser in the other world, but at least I’m a prince in this world. Looking at it, I’m happier here. Let’s sleep for now, I’ll worry about what I have to do tomorrow.

I undressed and put on my pyjamas. The pyjamas felt like they were made from plant fibres, but it felt really light and thin, a little bit like silk. It was a strange material, but nonetheless very comfortable. I lied down on the bed and all the fatigue hit me all at once. If there’s an irrefutable truth, it’s that once you lie down, you’ll be lazy to get back up, and so much happened today that once I closed my eyes, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I hazily heard the sound of someone opening up the door , but didn’t give it much thought. Maybe it was just a servant… EEEEHHH? Why do I feel like something big is coming my way?! An assassin?! Is it an assassin?! Help! Anybody!? There’s an assassin! An Assass-…oop!!

I felt something very familiar embrace me which woke me up. I looked at the dark thing in front of me. Mom’s scent was all over me. Mom was tightly hugging me. No, not just my head. She was hugging my whole body!

Not even my legs were spared! I could feel her plump thighs against mine!

“I just can’t be at ease unless I’m hugging my son…”

Mom wore a smile on her as she touched my face all over with her hands. I could feel mom’s breath slowly getting hectic as she squeezed me tighter, pulling me in closer. She leg-locked my hips with her two legs like a spider, as I felt her warm breath on my head. Her kisses were attacking my face mercilessly.

Uhh… What is this?! What is this?! Are we going with the incest route?! You can’t do this mom! We’re mother and son! No matter how you slice it, this is not going to be good!!

“Fuu… Fuu… Fuu… Son… This is my son… My only son… My brother’s son… My son… My son… I won’t let anyone steal him from me… I won’t let that sick-perverted woman steal him… This is my son…”

Oi, oi, oi! Mom! Are you broken?! What the devil is going on?! Your blue eyes are glowing, you know?! Do elves eyes glow in the dark?! Why do I find those eyes scary?! Trapped in mom’s embrace, I frantically opened my eyes to see her. She saw me open my eyes and smiled slyly. She stretched out her hand and wiped my eyes.

“Rest up, darling. My one and only… Beloved… Son…”

I passed out after hearing the chant…

When I woke up the next day, it felt like somebody was pressing down on my arms… My body also felt like there were two heavy objects pressing down on it. I struggled to open my eyes, and found Lucia on top of my arm hugging me in her sleep. She was curled up like a kitten and using my left arm as a pillow, with one leg on my belly, left hand grabbing onto my pyjamas and breathing. On my right, was my mom lying on my body and tightly hugging my right arm with a blissful smile on her face as she slept. Her sleeping gown was so sexy… Lucia’s body-fit robe was thrown to a side, so right now she’s…


Umm… I don’t mind being hugged on both sides… But if one of them is your mom then I think we’ve got a lot of problems!!


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