Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 45 (Deleted Chapter)

On full-moon nights, the mana inside elves will gush forth. Elves who were around way back in ancient times went hunting on full-moon nights which also elevated their mood to the peak. The stored mana in their bodies will also awake which makes elves more excited and wild than usual. Their usually suppressed emotions burst … Read more

Son-con – Elves Profile

The elves had already appeared when the continent had just taken shape. Early elves ate fur and drank blood. Being hunters at night, the moonlight was their best companion, which also led to them worshipping the moon. Their lust goes into full drive on full moon nights. They were a race created by gods; hence … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 44

Lucia has left. It was something that had to be done so I had no complaints. Lucia told me that she would do everything in her power to finish early and come back. We parted reluctantly. The last time we parted was when I left, and now it was my turn to see her leave. … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 43

Son-con Vol. 3 Ch. 43 (Humanity) Nier asked the person tailing her from behind without answering her: “Take it as me begging you, could you please kill yourself?” That’s right, a month had gone by and yet Nier still felt that way. Guarding a prince while she’s a Valkyrie is just torture. Guarding somebody other … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 38

How Did Dragon Knight Lose?! I’ve been very unlucky recently. Not only was I misunderstood by Boss Shen and take a few inkstones to my face, I even screwed up multiple times when I tried to withdraw from the imperial martial arts tournament. My original plan was to skip the preliminaries and dodge the competition … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 37

Something as Minor as Releasing Someone Can be Done by Anyone “Yi Yixian? We have to release him today?” Boss Shen nodded: “Yeah. Release him tonight.” “Yeah…?” I sat on Boss Shen’s desk and chomped on my pear. With my mouth full, I said: “Do we need to release him so soon? That punk injured … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 36

Dark Clouds Loom Over the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament Ming Feizhen’s plan worked as predicted. Shen Yiren told the emperor that the warriors weren’t pleased to know that Long Zaitian cut the line like that to go straight to Song Ou, which was received with agreement from most of the military officials. The imperial martial … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 42

“Lucia, Lucia.” Lucia and I hugged. Meeting each other after not seeing each other for a few days excited us like we were reincarnated. Lucia smiled cheerfully, she shifted about in my arms and said: “Your highness, we finally have time today… I thought I wouldn’t get to see you before I left.” I gave … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 41

“Ah, Lucia must go. It’s something that she must do.” After our mother and son relationship returned to normal, mom and I got dressed and left the bathroom. Mom wrapped her arm around mine and suggested to me that she’d take back her orders to have Lucia leave. Her reason was the following: “It’s on … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 2 Ch. 35

Minor Lord of the Inkstone I took a bite of my pear and spoke with my mouth fool: “Is it about Captain Song’s duel with Long Zaitian?” “That’s right. This was a mess Captain Song himself caused, but we have to help him solve it.” Boss Shen pondered something for a while, “The duel doesn’t … Read more