Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 14 Ch. 50

Epic Family Reunion Scene

“She hasn’t been around for a while. She was supposed to participate in the mathematics contest, but someone had to stand in for her due to her absence. My memory is definitely correct.” Noticing my squint, Tang Ye lowered his voice. “I then saw her hurry to the room they rendezvous.”

Lang Qing, standing beside me, asked, “It has to be her, then, right?”

Yuan Kou mumbled, “How surprising to know a lass could be so dangerous. The organisation never mentioned her, either…”

If they did tell you and you didn’t tell me, I’d have butchered you already.

I muttered, “Valley of Yearning’s Bai Clan…”

Among the Seven Champion White Princes, Cold Mountain Temple, Jin Clan and Bai Clan could be trusted. Cold Mountain Temple’s Venerable Monk and Jin Clan’s patriarch were both respected people and friends. Bai Clan’s third master was my shifu’s henchm-, mighty lieutenant! For his daughter to be an assassin who’d killed so many people…

“Worst case scenario, we can just ask her in person… Tang Ye, how many deaths is the bronze-masked killer responsible for up until now?”

Tang Ye went silent.

“Seventy-three people.”

I looked over my shoulder to see Long Zaitian, now sporting a green robe with a tiger sewn on, sauntering over with his chin hiked up.

What happened to this guy’s favourite pink? And why is even the pattern on his robe different? Only third-rank officials can use tiger patterns…

Seeing my agape mouth, Long Zaitian laughed with satisfaction.

I took two steps towards Long Zaitian. “Cuck, what’s with your getup?”

“Hahaha, surprised? This c-, fark you, Ming Feizhen!”

“Sorry, sorry, my mouth was faster than my brain. What’s your deal? Why are you sporting a different appearance today?”

“Different, right?” smugly asked Long Zaitian.

I bobbed my head.

Long Zaitian pointed to his chest with his thumb. “I got promoted!”

“Congrats, congrats. What worthless rank are you now?”

Long Zaitian cracked a big smile that went from one ear to the other until he realised what I said. “Don’t screw with me!”

“Tsk, tsk, look at you. Are you our The Ultimate Four’s green tiger?”

“Shut up. From now on, call me Marshal Long!”

“You’re the King of a mountain?”

“Piss off! His Majesty kindly conferred me the title of Capital’s Guard Marshal. From now on, I’ll be in charge of the capital’s security alongside Sir Bao, especially the security of the nine gates.”

Doesn’t that make you the top guard dog of Heaven Gate?

“Since when has a third-rank marshal even existed?”

“His Majesty said there are no vacant important posts, so he assigned me this post for now to train new recruits and whatever. I’ll be promoted to Marshal.”

It sounds like you were just coaxed into slaving away rather than being promoted.

I wagged my hand. “I don’t have time for you.”

“I don’t have time for you, either. I’m here to investigate a case.”

“What case? Liu Shan Men is typically in charge of investigations, while you Qilin Guards arrest the culprits. Why are you doing our job now?”

“Hehehe, you didn’t know Vice-Captain Shen is being transferred? Since she’s being transferred, someone needs to step up and protect the peace in the capital. You can’t entrust the job to Song Ou, right?”

“No way.”

“Exactly. Therefore, being the wise monarch that he is, His Majesty thought of a dashing and mighty candidate. Guess who he chose?” Long Zaitian raised his eyebrows smugly.

“Wang Tushui?”

“No, why would he have to oversee the martial world?”

“Uh… Prime Minister Li?”

“It’s someone from the three offices overseeing the martial world.”

“Oh, then it must be Dugu. He’s experienced and high ranked.”


Tang Ye: “Me?”

“Who the hell are you? I’ll make it easy for you: he’s a Qilin Guard.”

“Ooooh! Yi Ya?” I guessed.


Gu Xianxian: “Zhan Qiu!”

Zhao Tiankui: “Xie Duzhe!”

“Wrong! All wrong!”

“All wrong?” I turned to Tang Ye. “Anyone else?”

Tang Ye: “I can’t think of anyone.”


Us: “Ooooooh.”

“Just you fools wait! I’ll personally crush all of you one day!”

“What exactly are you here for? Can you stop the crosstalk? My time is precious!”

“How dare you lose your temper first?! I came here after hearing you know the whereabouts of the bronze-masked assassin. What were you talking about before I came? Any clues?”

Lucky Long Zaitian was in the capital. I shared everything I knew since there was no reason to withhold it from him.

With a constipated expression, Long Zaitian voiced, “You’re saying Bai Clan’s Bai Yumo is the masked assassin? Ever heard of watching your mouth? Do you realise how much her father and mother dote on her? If you piss her father off, you…” He leaned in and whispered, “He’s the least likely to revolt. Don’t give His Majesty grief.”

“What grief? You can’t just leave a potential threat in the capital alone, right? She has permission to have an audience with him. What if she uses the pretext of putting on a performance to assassinate him?”

Long Zaitian took it to heart. Based on what I knew about him, he was more loyal to Baima than he was to His Majesty. However, there was no guarantee the next Emperor would acknowledge the promise to promote him to marshal, so he had every reason to be concerned.

“There certainly is a need to seek confirmation, then. Let’s go. Where is she?”

“You’re going to interrogate her? Serious? You Qilin Guards would even rule a death by being hanged, drawn and quartered as suicide at this rate. You’re alerting the snake in the grass, you dummy. Aren’t you just giving her the chance to prepare an alibi? Let a professional handle it. Tang Ye, where was I before I was interrupted?”

Tang Ye lowered his head. “You said we were going to go question her.”

“Oh, let’s go ask her, then.”

As I started walking away with the group, Long Zaitian exclaimed, “You really have no shame! What happened to alerting the snake in the grass?!”

Uh, the snake has to come out of the grass for you to catch.

“Do you have a plan?” inquired Long Zaitian.

“Who cares about strategy when we have so many people? Aura! Aura is the most important, understand?!”

Everyone: “Understood!”

Before we even knocked on Bai Yumo’s door, someone inside asked, “Who is the audacious individual outside? Is Confucianism not worthy of your respect?”

Eh? They’re prepared?

“What are you just standing there for? Move. Tax inspection!” Long Zaitian booted the door open. Next thing we knew, he had yelped and jumped back out the door, one hand being used to stop the bleeding from his behind. “Pussies use projectiles!”

I was trying to warn you that there was an ambush waiting to spring by the door…

Inside the room were Song Chi, Xun Feng who fired the projectile, Ling Mabi and the person we were looking for – the seemingly scared Bai Yumo.

“We thought someone dangerous was barging in. Please forgive us, Captain Long,” expressed Song Chi, coming out with his hands in salute.

Their reaction was totally understandable. Shooting projectiles if an aggressive group of fighters kicked their door down was a relatively nice response compared to the alternatives.

Xun Feng smiled. “This one would not have fired a poisonous projectile had he known it was you.”

To keep up appearances and his imposing manner, Long Zaitian yanked the projectile straight out, causing his bum to bleed profusely. Face straight and voice low, he asked, “There’s poison on it?”


“The antidote.” Realising his attitude might never get him the antidote, Long Zaitian added, “Thanks.”

Xun Feng affably conceded.

When Long Zaitian met with my gaze, he lowered his head in shame.

Now watch a real pro in action.

“Please pardon us for coming over so rashly,” I conveyed, toning down the intensity of the atmosphere.

“Might you be able to tell us the reason for you visit, Duke Ming?” Song Chi looked towards me. “I thought we made it clear between us last time.”

“Never said I believed you.”

Song Chi set one hand behind his back, then, using Voice Transmission, communicated, “Song Clan truly does not wish to oppose you.”

“I don’t want to oppose you, either. I’m not here for you. I have something I want to ask Miss Bai.”

The three guys’ reactions told me that they wouldn’t have been surprised if I was looking for them.

Bai Yumo batted her eyelids. “Wh-what do you want to ask me about? I-I barely know you.”

Hah, your acting skills are an insult to my intelligence.

I smiled. “Indeed, we do not know each other well, but that doesn’t mean we’re not linked in any way. My shifu and your father are closely acquainted. My shimu is also your father’s… niece…” I started pausing in between my words because it felt weird to say. “So… in terms of seniority… I… should have to address you… as…”

Is my brain not keeping up with my mouth?! Can’t I find different words for befriending her?!

“… Aunt…” I had a strong feeling that I managed to single-handedly destroy our imposing aura.

Bai Yumo hid her rosy cheeks behind Song Chi. “… Yes?”


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