Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 14 Ch. 02

Martial Arts Demonstration

Her wrists were visible while she gently kneaded Ming Feizhen’s shoulders. The heat permeated the room with her scent. Yet, Ming Feizhen only cared for the crispy fritters that Jin Zhaoying had her maids line up for whilst complaining, “Put your back into it. Have you not eaten today?” Nevertheless, Li Jingan diligently kneaded and thumped away, putting her skin up against his neck.

“How is this, Fuma?”

Ming Feizhen, legs crossed, continued eating and reading a fiction novel. “So-so, but passable.”

Li Jingan suddenly stopped. “You are constantly around with sparing a thought for me as I painfully yearn for you all by myself.”

“You still have that? Get rid of it already.”

“No. I want to take care of you.”

“What are your hands doing?”

Li Jingan resumed drumming Ming Feizhen’s shoulders, but she did it with joy this time. “Are you not going to Beijiang anymore?”

Ming Feizhen yawned. “Eh, can’t be bothered running around. Just came back from Nanjiang, only to be locked up in a dog kennel. Why is a woman asking so much about a man’s affairs? Keep your mouth shut, and work your hands.”

Li Jingan did as was demanded off her, gradually easing off the pressure once Ming Feizhen fell asleep. It wasn’t until a long while later that Ming Feizhen yawned and rubbed his eyes as he arose from his slumber. Li Jingan was still sitting beside him, wearing a sweet smile.

“You sure are holding back today.”

Every time they met, Li Jingan would try all sorts of seduction methods. Although she still tried this time, she was a lot more reserved compared to previous times.

Li Jingan supported one arm with another. “It is not my body, after all. I must take care of the body Sister Zhaoying lent me.”

That was an unexpected reason considering Li Jingan had no interest in people around her, treating them as mere discardable vehicles to her goals. Her reasoning made sense, though. She didn’t care for Jin Zhaoying out of friendship or respect; she merely needed to take care of her vessel to the world outside of her doors. She wouldn’t go against her education if it wasn’t necessary. She was unpredictable because she managed her operational principles without any emotional attachment.

Li Jingan leaned into her surprised husband’s ear and, in a breathy voice, added, “Plus, no woman would let another woman get close to her husband.”

Ming Feizhen was thinking how he was going to pry the truth out of Li Jingan, but it seemed unlikely she’d divulge anything remotely related to the truth.

“Spare me. Why did you help Boss Shen?”

“You’re so cold-hearted.” Jin Zhaoying couldn’t pout so seductively even if she tried. “You fell for another girl, and I helped you, yet you are scolding me.”

Ming Feizhen fanned the stench of bullcrap with his hand. “I misspoke. It’s not, why did you help Boss Shen. It’s why did you go after Jiang Chen?”

The two questions seemed unconnected, but they were actually dependent of each other. The plan wasn’t to have Shen Yiren tackle Jiang Chen; the plan was to tackle Jiang Chen. It just so happened to be that using Shen Yiren as the medium to tackle Jiang Chen was the best way to cover her own tracks.

“You deduced where Jiang Chen was, didn’t you? He never would’ve imagined you’d be the one to catch him.”

“You aren’t giving yourself enough credit.” Li Jingan applauded cheerfully. “Had it not been for you, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have been defeated so easily. While others may be unaware, I know you played a pivotal role.”

Ming Feizhen frowned as he didn’t expect Li Jingan to know about his match against Jiang Chen.

“I know more than just that.” Li Jingan lowered her hands, titled her head and grinned. “For instance, about your martial arts’ abilities.”

Ming Feizhen sighed upon picking up some sounds. “You’re still out for your husband’s life.”

Four maids from before emerged from Ming Feizhen’s rear, all armed with swords as cold as their expressions contrary to before.

Li Jingan came up with the simple assassination plot after hearing about Ming Feizhen’s defenceless condition. It might’ve seemed to be a sloppy idea, but, in reality, it was clever as she didn’t have to bear any risk. If it failed, then it was just another failure among many previous failures. If Ming Feizhen took Jin Zhaoying hostage, then it’d be a crime against Jin Zhaoying, and the four maids’ actions would be justified as protecting their mistress.

Ming Feizhen didn’t turn around to face the assassins. Instead, he leaned in towards the face his wife of three years. Li Jingan didn’t know what his plan was, but she looked up at him.

Ming Feizhen chuckled through his nose. “I didn’t even get a drop of alcohol. I’m not too happy about that.”

Ming Feizhen flipped off the couch, drew a sword from his sash and, following a sequence of four clangs, the maids’ swords snapped and blades landed on the ground with the same interval between them.

“Wudang’s Tai Chi Swordplay spirit!” exclaimed a maid.

In the meantime, Ming Feizhen had returned to where Li Jingan was and started drinking from the teapot that he held overhead. Once refreshed, he exhaled and gave her a smile. “What was that about my martial arts abilities, Your Highness?”


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