Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 173

Let’s Go! Time to Find Jiang Chen!

Though Jiang Chen left the sky, the impact he left on those who beheld his mirage didn’t leave. People who could lip read shared what he said to others. Therefore, the imperial court didn’t have any time to censor the information, and it only took one person for it to spread to hundreds of others.

Needless to say, Jiang Chen took into account the impact of his strategy and planned it to achieve aforementioned impact. The citizens were convinced he could overthrow the reigning ruler since he could even kidnap Princes. The sense of urgency he created as well as the pressure inside and outside the palace walls understandably took a toll on Emperor Yuansheng.

Emperor Yuansheng was always aware that there were extant potential problems in the martial world. However, Jiang Chen was the first threat to the peace since Ximen Chuideng. Ever since the mirage debacle, Emperor Yuansheng’s desk had been inundated with a plethora of suggestions and opinions, but they all shared one common denominator – they all classified Jiang Chen as a tumour that had to be removed. There were some reports that weren’t just sent in to tick off a box – thankfully. Unfortunately, even though they could accurately deduce the status quo, they couldn’t offer any feasible solution. At the end of the day, the martial world’s problems required the martial world to solve them.

Despite saying he was ready to sacrifice them, Emperor Yuansheng was ready to rescue his sons even if the chances were slim as long as there was an opportunity. Additionally, he was obligated to help the Seven Champion White Princes rescue their family members now that the seven had explicated they wanted to mend their relationship with the imperial court.

Knowing that waiting for orders to reach his soldiers would cost them time, Emperor Yuansheng permitted the Qilin Guards to have full control over the operation with his entourage supporting them. Try as they may, however, the Qilin Guards couldn’t find any conclusive answers on the whereabouts of Jiang Chen’s groups after three days of around-the-clock investigations. Qilin Guards weren’t specialists in investigations, after all. Instead of the Qilin Guards looking bad, though, their failure highlighted Liu Shan Men’s mistakes.

Liu Shan Men couldn’t justify their absence since Song Ou was still present, which made the chink in their armour stand out. In Song Ou’s defence, he wasn’t useless. He just didn’t have the manpower to execute even if he had ideas. Song Chi’s assistance made a big difference, so Liu Shan Men became useless once Song Chi was busy running around to deal with Jiang Chen.

Shen Yiren’s report saved Liu Shan Men from falling further because, had it not been for her information, the Qilin Guards wouldn’t have been able to capture Jiang Chen’s informants in the capital and destroy the mirage-conjuring device. Alas, all this accomplished was essentially flipping a table over.

Since Jiang Chen lost his communication network in the capital, who could say for sure he wouldn’t kill the hostages out of spite? Accordingly, the imperial city was in panic in spite of the imperial court sending more and more manpower out of the capital on search missions. Luckily, the Seven Champion White Princes provided aid. With the information of orthodox and unorthodox factions in Jiangnan on hand, the Qilin Guards and Emperor’s Entourage were able to dispatch members more accurately and capture Jiang Chen’s subordinates. Sadly, the whereabouts of Jiang Chen and the heads of Fiends’ Genesis remained a mystery.

“That is the status quo. We have two days left, I believe.” Bai Zhiqing filled Hong Jiu’s group in based on what his daughter told him in her letter from the capital.

Hong Jiu exhaled a big breath. “Sheesh. Jiang Chen has impressed me. The Qilin Guards had the capital as solid as an iron dunny…”

“It’s an iron barrel!” Master Qi grouchily corrected.

“My bad. As solid as an iron barrel, yet Jiang Chen still managed to slip through? I really want to see what he’s made of.”

“Is staying on topic for three sentences your limit? Jiang Chen really is…”

“You’re just mad your Li Whatever buddy get roped into it. It’s a good thing for men to go through some rough experiences. It’s just prison. Big deal. Plenty of men end up there once.”

Master Qi glared at Hong Jiu. Seeing as he was behaving as usual, she asked, “Are… you sure you’re okay?”

“With what?”

“Your senior brother… Are you sure you’re not worried?”

Given Hong Jiu mauled Vivianite without any hesitation just for threatening him with Ming Feizhen’s life, Master Qi expected an even more violent reaction upon hearing Jiang Chen had kidnapped his brother. Surprisingly, Hong Jiu didn’t appear bothered.

“Oh.” Wagging his hand, Hong Jiu replied, “He’s unmatched in brains and brawn. What could stop him?”

“Yeah, okay, tough guy. You flew off the handle over your senior brother, twice.”

“That was because I was worried he’d be in danger. Now that I know what happened, there’s nothing to fear. Who gives a toss about some random rebel? My senior brother could drop a couple thousand of them before breakfast.”

“Sure, sure. If there are thousands of them, then there’d be daily rebellions.”

“Anyone who opposes my leader is a rebel. Haven’t you heard Mencius’ quote? ‘Even against thousands, I go forward.’ That means, if a thousand people oppose my leader, I’ll lay you all out, you rebels.”

“… Are you sure Mencius said that?”

“Of course! My leader asked a psychic, and he said that’s what it meant.”

… I feel sorry for disciples of Mount Daluo. How did they get that from, “I will forge forward even if a thousand men stand before me”?!

“To be honest, I’m most worried about him running into some old friend or new lady. A rebel? Easy work.”

Bai Zhiqing bobbed his head. “As long as you’re okay. Most importantly, though, is that I haven’t finished.”

“Oh, what else is there?”

“This is the most important part.” Bai Zhiqing took out a letter from his shirt and fondly expressed, “This is a record of Mo’er’s growth! Look how cute she is! Look at this round handwriting…”

Master Qi and Hong Jiu started discussing their next move, ignoring the father bragging about his daughter. They couldn’t stay at Valley of Yearning forever, and they had to do something about Jiang Chen’s plans.

“I have an idea.” Bai Zhiqing pitifully set his daughter’s letter down whilst shooting Hong Jiu bemoaning glances.

Hong Jiu feigned oblivious to the glances. “Please share what you think, Third Brother.”

“Oh, my wife said she knows where Jiang Chen is.”


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