Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 149

Scrap (Part 4)

“Open your eyes! He is our enemy! Had it not been for him, our master wouldn’t be missing. Have you forgotten why you lost the fruits of your cultivation? Have you forgotten how you went from our second strongest to your current state? He’s not a man of his word. He has no loyalty to speak of. He deserves to die a thousand times over. Are you still fantasising of being together with him?!” roared Hai Yecha.

“Shut up, Hai Yecha. What hogwash are you spitting?!” Bai Zhiqing shouted. “I made it very clear to Miss Ye that I didn’t have feelings for her. It was love at first sight when I met my wife, and my heart won’t change. How dare you accuse me of being disloyal? You’re the one spouting lies. It’s true that Miss Ye saved me from your jaws back then, but when did I ever make any agreement with any of you. If I ever bowed my head to you even once, I’ll be struck by lightning where I stand. How am I disloyal?”

“Fine… Fine… Hehe… Fine.” Hai Yecha gave Bai Zhiqing a thumbs up. “It’s amazing how you orthodox folks prove yourselves shameless every time you open your mouths. You’re a brave man, Patriarch Bai. Allow me to ask you: my silly sister is your benefactor since she let you escape, correct? My master didn’t kill you, which means he never went back on his word, correct? You, on the other hand, came back with a team to destroy Fiends’ Genesis. Will you deny you’re not the one who led the group back? Did you consider my sister for a single moment when you made the decision? Did you know she was completely defenceless when your cursed brother and that old Lu dirtbag slaughtered their way in? Did her safety ever cross your mind?”

Bai Zhiqing shook his head. “I wasn’t able to stop my first brother in my injured state… That is my fault, indeed. With that said, I never led them to Fiends’ Genesis, or I would’ve asked my brother to spare Miss Ye.”

“You can claim whatever you want now. Will it change anything? Fiends’ Genesis is no more. We’re but lifeless sacks of flesh now. You, and all of you, must pay.”

Bai Zhiqing frowned. “It is within reason for us to bring you down when you were committing all forms of heinous deeds. It’s true that Miss Ye saved me, but that is between the two of us. I crushed Fiends’ Genesis to do what’s right.”

“If that’s what you think, then you’re not an idiot but the stupidest idiot. Who do you think advocated for our destruction among you Seven Champion White Princes? Who stood to benefit from our demise? You’re the only idiot who thinks it was all for justice.”

“Regardless of the motivations, it’s an irrefutable fact that you people were responsible for the loss of countless lives, the sorrow of countless parents and the misery of the children you kidnapped. Did you ever think about how those parents felt when they had to helplessly watch you snatch their children from them and live with the nightmares of their children suffering? There are things a man ought to do and things that he ought not to do. Were you targeted because you were living proper lives? Did we target your for no rhyme or reason?!”

Hai Yecha went mute.

Ye Yexin grabbed Hai Yecha’s arm and shook her head. “Forget it. Let it go… I chose to save him… He never did wrong by me. Don’t avenge me.”

“How can I let him off?!” Hai Yecha strode forward once. “If you’re a man, come down here and accept your death! Since we can’t coexist, one of us has to die today. What are you waiting for?!”


Everyone looked to Hong Jiu in surprise.

Hong Jiu took his hand that resembled smoking-hot iron and pressed it against his shoulder wound. The sizzling was audible. The smoke coming from it and beads of sweat forming on his face were visible. Yet, he chuckled as though he couldn’t feel anything.

Master Qi, standing beside Hong Jiu, whined, “Why are you so stubborn?! I said I could freeze your wound for you!”

Hong Jiu removed his hand from his shoulder that had now stopped bleeding, exhaled and chuckled. “Meat smells better grilled. Have a whiff.”

Master Qi turned her head away and pinched Hong Jiu’s hip.

“Hahaha.” Hong Jiu looked to Squall. “I apologise for the long wait. You didn’t nod off watching their romance drama show, did you?”

“And what martial arts performance will you be putting on?” Squall simpered. “Do you honestly think you can beat me? Who do you think you are? The Western Region’s Sakra?”

Hong Jiu grinned. “Well, now that you’ve gone and mentioned him, I can’t afford to lose, or my leader is going to tell me off.”

“What are you waiting for, then? Come.”

“Nah, you’re going to have to wait.” Hong Jiu lazily took three steps forward, dragging Hunt behind him. He grabbed the calabash from his sash, drank a mouthful of alcohol and then sprayed at the heavens. Rather than spreading out according to the wind’s demand, the alcohol remained stationary in the air.

Squall might’ve had a propensity to be careless, but seeing the bizarre phenomena for the first time kept him on his toes, compelling him to assume a defensive position. No matter how long he spent waiting, though, the only change was the alcoholic mist multiplying and remaining airborne. Though he didn’t have the foggiest idea what function it served, if he left it be, the mist would encircle him. So as to not lose the initiative, he succumbed to his impatience and leapt into the thick mist.

Immediately upon entry, clangs were audible, though they weren’t often audible. From that, they assumed Squall was still in charge of offence.

Lady Bai enthused, “Dear, that’s your ‘Thousands of Autumns Passing By’.”

As happy as he was, Bai Zhiqing was also embarrassed. As he scratched his cheek, he replied, “Ah, man, he can learn it if he wants. I’m amazed he learnt it so fast. I just wish he wouldn’t show off my embarrassing trick.”

Lady Bai shook her head. “Who says it’s embarrassing? The kids and I love you.”

Bai Zhiqing gave his wife a dorky smile. She took his hand and lean her head on his shoulder.

Ye Yexin couldn’t stop the sorrow permeating in her heart as she watched the two of them. Never had Bai Zhiqing looked at her with the same affectionate gaze. She understood she was but a benefactor to him. Even without Lady Bai, he wouldn’t have fallen for her. Despite knowing there were innumerable people in the world, she still felt lonely when the realisation dawned on her.

Master is gone. What is the purpose of taking revenge against the Seven Champion White Princes? Even if we get our revenge, will that help us find Master? Do we really have to follow his instructions? He’s also a White Prince, though… Is it really worth sacrificing so many lives for this?

Nobody answered the questions on Ye Yexin’s mind. Once again, she cast her sad gaze into the arena.


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