Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 144

Like an Orphaned Rabbit Running About Without a Destination, an Abandoned Wife Still Misses Home (Part 2)

Master Qi instantly looked cheerful when she looked down to her foot. She picked up the rabbit in her embrace and gently caressed it. “Sorry. I was so busy speaking to an idiot that I forgot about you. Are you angry? You’re so soft and fluffy.” She rubbed her cheek gently against the rabbit’s cheek, which the rabbit kindly responded to, lifting her spirits even further.

Hong Jiu was stunned. He had opened his mouth to speak when he realised he didn’t know what to say. It took him a moment to realise something was wrong about what Master Qi said. “Wh-who are you calling an idiot?”

Master Qi looked up at Hong Jiu, wrinkled her nose and poked her tongue out. “Whoever asks the question is the idiot.”

Hong Jiu looked as if his soul was knocked out of his body.

Incredible. Incredible. In-flipping-credible. What discipline was that? It’s odourless and invisible, yet it completely stunned me in place. I always thought I was strong, but what the hell?

Hong Jiu sealed off his vital accupoints to stabilise his mental cognition. Sadly, that was tantamount to telling eunuchs that brothels could solve their problems. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. As soon as she was without a smile, he was restless.

Confused, Master Qi continued playing with the rabbit. “See, Meme? He really is a big idiot.”

Hong Jiu was angered, and he wanted to dispute it, yet not a single word came to mind. “Ah? Is he? Am I? Right? Right. Right.”

“Who asked you?” Master Qi stood up with her self-named rabbit to see Hong Jiu acting weird. “What’s the matter? You’re acting weird.”

Hong Jiu didn’t know what to do with his hands or why he was flustered. “Ah? N-n-nothing. I just thought of my big brother, hahaha.”


You ignored me before and now you’re talking about someone else.

“So, what did you think of him for?”

Hong Jiu frantically scoured his database for things that Master Qi liked so that he could bring them into the conversation. When he found the rabbit in his line of sight again, he said, “Your rabbit reminded me of him. He likes white rabbits, too.”

“He’s raised a rabbit before?”

“Of course. However, he’s cooked rabbit hot pot, sushi…”

Master Qi’s aura turned dark and heavy, shutting Hong Jiu up. Her death stare snapped him back to his normal self.

Wh-what was wrong with me just now? Why was I completely besides myself? H-how did she transform so fast? If only she continued being that her from a moment ago. Why? What exactly is going on with me?


“What’s the matter?”

“You’re a jerk!”

“Ah? How?”

“Don’t know! You just are!” Master Qi gave Hong Jiu her back.

“Fine, fine, fine, I’m a jerk. I’m sorry, okay?”

Master Qi giddily looked back. “So how are you going to make it up to me?”

“You decide. As long as it costs less than a copper coin, I can pinch it for you.”

“You need to pinch something that doesn’t even cost one copper coin?”

“You’re sorely underestimating how much those items are sought after. The moment a barrel of leftovers is poured out, everyone will charge toward it.”

“What am I supposed to do with leftover food?”

“The only other stuff worth a copper coin are these leaves and branches.”

“Why would anyone want leaves and branches?!”

“So what do you want, then?”

Somewhat pleased, Master Qi replied, “Mm… Keep me company.”

Hong Jiu wagged a hand. “I can’t. I need to train.”

Master Qi gave Hong Jiu the death stare.

“… Okay. Let’s keep it quick.”

“That’s more like it.” Master Qi cracked a small smile, set Meme down and said, “Meme, go play by yourself for a bit. Don’t come over this way, okay? I need to have a word with the big idiot.”

A soothing sensation wrapped Hong Jiu up, making him feel restless again.

What is the name of this discipline? I can’t even muster the courage to tell her off. My eyes, my hands, my feet, it feels like I can’t control them. Has Mount Tian developed a new discipline? If you can truly master this, you’d almost be invincible. I need to report this to Leader as soon as possible, lest he falls prey to it like me.

The most head-scratching thing to Hong Jiu was how he didn’t harbour a single negative feeling towards Master Qi despite “falling under” the influence of her “technique”.

“Stand right there.” Master Qi crossed the stone bridge, effectively positioning herself on the other side of the bridge that Hong Jiu was standing, drew her sword and aimed it at Hong Jiu. “I’m bored. Spar me.”

“This is what you meant by keeping your company?”

Master Qi wrinkled her nose. “What else? You’ve always been an eyesore. I’m going to plug you full of holes like a beehive before I’m happy.”

Hong Jiu knew she didn’t actually mean that. There were plenty of people she could practice with at Valley of Yearning, so the only reason she would choose to practice with him was to help him train. Since everyone at Valley of Yearning learnt the same discipline, there was no point in another member teaching Hong Jiu what Bai Zhiqing taught him. As for Lady Bai, well, she was pregnant. The only strongest person left was Master Qi.

Had it been any other day, Hong Jiu would’ve just appreciated Master Qi’s thoughtfulness. For whatever reason today, though, his heart figuratively felt warmer when he realised her true intent.

“As that is your wish, I shall oblige.” Hong Jiu got into his stance.

Master Qi lowered her sword. “What are you doing? Are you going to spar me with a scabbard?”

“Hmm?” Hong Jiu looked down to his hand.

What the hell?! She switched out the broadsword for the scabbard without me even realising? Mount Tian’s new discipline is far scarier than I thought!


Meme – Pronounced “Mermer”.


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