Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 102

A Riot of Colour Means Springtime

Gu Xianxian passed out three times from exhaustion. In the end, Tian Xiaogua had to help him limp out. I couldn’t blame him. After all, no young man would ever think he’d be a victim so soon after marrying a pretty lady. That being said, based on surface-level evidence, there wasn’t enough proof to prove his wife made him a cuck. I just couldn’t think of any other explanation on the spot, and I was tired, so I just mindlessly gave him that conclusion. I’ll have you know I did think before I answered, and the result of my contemplation was that my afternoon nap was more important.

There was no natural light here, so I had totally lost track of time; you could say there was no day or night here. Moreover, though we were supposed to be guarding the place, the majority of us didn’t even know where the entrances and exits were.

At first, everyone was on high alert following Kuang Gusheng’s demise. After some time, people grew sick of being so vigilant perpetually, and Zero didn’t make a fuss, so everybody was practically back to their usual selves. Hence, everyone’s daily chore had basically become waiting for an intruder to show up. People were sleeping during the day, patrolling at night, or sleeping in the evening and then waking up in the middle of the night – which was the majority of us. And so, I, too, started having afternoon naps. Unlike those who mindlessly napped, though, I was a meticulous afternoon-nap hobbyist.

A lack of sunlight didn’t mean it was impossible to discern the time. There were specific personnel for keeping track of time in the compound, and they utilised a bell clock from the Western Regions as insurance. If I had to rely on those two methods to tell the time, I’d have to go to the clock room each time. The flow of energy through one’s body moved in rhythm with nature, so having awareness of one’s body was another method of determining the time.

I used my flow of energy from midnight to noon as a timer. My true qi had gone past twelve small intestine channels of my hands’ taiyang. My qi and blood were at my chongxue meridian in my heart.  Based on the Western Region’s method of calculation, it was half past two in the afternoon. Tell me that wasn’t the perfect time for an afternoon nap.

Usually, the entrance to the dispensary would be blocked with people waiting to be tended to. Thanks to Gu Xianxian, though, I didn’t have a crowd to deal with. In saying that, nobody would’ve tried to stay if I told them I wanted to take an afternoon nap.

There were pros and cons to taking charge of the dispensary. Now that my ranking was higher, I wasn’t put under surveillance and even had my own subordinates. I could procure all the resources I needed, which eliminated the need to constantly repair my mask, too. Due to my role as a doctor, howbeit, I had to stay at the dispensary for the most part. Since it was partially a public spot, I couldn’t tamper with anything. I slept in a room not too far from “Zero” at night, so I really couldn’t do anything at night, either. For those reasons, my afternoon nap time was when I was truly busy.

At present, I had three urgent matters to deal with.

First and foremost, I needed to locate the darn compound’s exit. In the event I couldn’t escape, I needed to get the message out that I was stuck here. No matter what I tried thus far, I didn’t have a definitive answer as to where the exit was and who was guarding it.

I may have looked as though I was living the blessed life, but I was actually in danger every moment. There were only so many people in the dungeon. I couldn’t just pick on the weaklings, right? If I broke the power balance, and someone caught something, I’d be sent to the guillotine. Additionally, I had no clue when Jiang Chen might return. While I had yet to interact with him much, I could tell from his gaze that he’d easily squash me.

Secondly, I needed to find out who the person Kuang Gusheng was trying to get in the good graces of. Considering the mysterious organisation was one that Kuang Gusheng wanted to join and that Zhong Ning was part of it, chances were it wasn’t an orthodox organisation. If Kuang Gusheng was willing to abandon Fiends’ Genesis to join them, then they couldn’t have been some feeble organisation. Moreover, the mysterious individual was monitoring the base in secret, so “Zero” probably didn’t know who they were, and they were unlikely on the same team as Fiends’ Genesis.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t worried about the mysterious individual recognising me. The type of character to operate in the shadows typically had a functioning brain. Given their background, they couldn’t have been weak, either. They wouldn’t kill me or expose me if they knew who I was. To the contrary, they’d try to strike a deal with me. Based on the fact that Zhong Ning was one of them, I was confident my stash of 108,000 “A Riot of Colour Means Springtime. Azure Luan and Crimson Phoenix Dance” (read: pornos) would be enough to seal a deal.

What? You think I’d leave my porn-, treasures at my secluded home? Amateur. Who leaves something so valuable out of reach? I selected the most profound and treasured classics that gentlemen studied. I could win without fighting.

When Young Shiyi and I first went to Liu Shan Men, I stashed my collection at the inn. Once we had proper lodging, I hid the collection at the foot of a wall.

If you thought Boss would find my collection, you underestimated me. To avoid Boss’ death penalty, Su Xiao scratching me, Tang Ye’s cold shoulder and Liu Shan Men gazes of despise, I spent three full days building a fake wall in my room. It looked like the corner of a wall, but it was actually a hidden section. Unless you tore the wall down, you’d never find it. Unless the Qilin Guards came over to start a fight, there was no chance in hell the wall was coming down. You think they’d dare to start a fight when Boss was there? Hahaha, you amateur.

Man, I feel a little sad now that I think about the chest. Anyway…

So, I wasn’t worried about the mysterious individual recognising me; I was worried they wouldn’t recognise me! If they were convinced I was Wu Ping, they’d off me along with the rest of Fiends’ Genesis just as I offed Wu Ping and Yan Jibei to silence me! That was why I’d rather tell them who I was. Problem was, I needed to find out who the mystery person was. If I just randomly went around telling people I wasn’t Wu Ping, “Zero” would ensure I didn’t live to see another day.

I’m telling you, you had no human rights if you couldn’t fight.

“Hey, piss off! Can’t you see Doctor Wu is coming through?!” I kicked aside a henchman and boldly strutted through.

Where was I again? Right, you had no human rights if you couldn’t fight.


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