Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 95

Post-Raid Affairs (Part 4)

With all the thoughts going through his head, Su Xiao’s eyes failed to keep up with his lanky opponent’s swift retreat. The only proof that Bronze Mask didn’t teleport was the white smoke emanating from his dome as a result of an acute and intense production of energy to leap away. That was the first time Bronze Mask had not held back against Su Xiao.

What… was that just now?

Fear only set in once Bronze Mask’s heart rate had dropped back to normal, and the fear only intensified as he gradually comprehended what almost caught him. No matter what counter he tried, it would’ve been futile against Su Xiao’s desperate attack. Analysing and deconstructing it only made Bronze Mask feel more defeated and helpless.

What… was that?

Su Xiao stared at his hand, unable to believe the surreal experience or comprehend it. His reaction was evidence that his counterattack wasn’t intentional.

Bronze Mask dropped the analysis with an inhale, then refocused on Su Xiao.

An innate aptitude for martial arts, a kind personality, a character that sometimes goes off the rails and a splendid appearance, that’s everything “he” likes… All these factors can be the reason he was chosen. However, that counter was different.

Perhaps not even Bronze Mask could explain the nature of the counter. It was neither blade work nor an internal discipline; as a matter of fact, it shouldn’t have even been classified as martial arts.

Bronze Mask leapt backwards and silently landed on a roof behind him. Su Xiao figured Bronze Mask wouldn’t hurl insults given the latter’s refusal to speak, but they were too far apart to fight, yet Bronze Mask didn’t appear to have any intention of leaving.

Without moving from his spot, Bronze Mask raised his right hand, revealing a broadsword that complimented the silver moon with its quaint green colour.

It might’ve been a picturesque scene, but Su Xiao could sense imminent danger. As soon as he espied Bronze Mask raise his blade parallel to the ground, Su Xiao instinctively strafed to his right. The grinding was barely audible, but, by the time he looked back, there was a thin slit in the ground where he was standing prior.

Bronze Mask brought his blade posterior to himself and then violently swung it forward. This time, Su Xiao leapt back the opposite way, and the wall immediately behind him before was left with an identical scar to the ground.

Su Xiao: He can deal damage even from a hundred metres way? No wonder why he could assassinate people without ever being seen. Given how much space he has between himself and his targets, his timing and positioning, his assassinations virtually can’t go wrong. Plus, escaping will be far easier than having to be in close quarters.

Legends of beheading people from a hundred metres away had always been told, but, even among the elites of the martial world, only a few of them would’ve been able to perform the feat.

I have no chance. I need to escape!

Bronze Mask stopped and stowed his weapon away. Su Xiao surprisingly picked up on the amusement Bronze Mask felt. Bronze Mask locked eyes with Su Xiao one last time before leaping off the roof and disappearing.

Su Xiao didn’t feel confused for long for he soon heard footsteps of over a hundred people rushing over. Aside from his whistle, fighting the way they did inevitably alerted people to the secluded location. Besides, who among the three martial law offices didn’t want to capture Bronze Mask?

Dugu spotted Su Xiao about the same time Su Xiao spotted him. Although Su Xiao had nothing to feel guilty about, if Dugu dragged him off for questioning, he wouldn’t be able to sneak into Liu Shan Men to visit his colleagues, so he, too, tried to fade into the darkness.

As Dugu was familiar with Su Xiao, he didn’t think anything was up when he saw Su Xiao sneak off. Instead, he instructed his subordinates to find evidence while he led a team to pursue Bronze Mask.


Su Xiao used the roofs to make his escape from the scene.

Although Su Xiao was pretty much Bronze Mask’s punching bag and toy for mind games, the experience significantly improved his usage of internal energy. Until the scrap, Su Xiao couldn’t combine internal energy with movement. During the match, however, he was able to combine them to amplify his evasion manoeuvres. Perhaps out of desperation, he learnt how to deploy internal energy as a veil of protection on his body, as well.

Every step Su Xiao took as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop was basically revision of what he learnt. Therefore, he took every step with joy… until he returned to Liu Shan Men.


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