Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 90

Yi Ya

Northern Wondrous Warrior’s group performed a carpet search after Lei Bao went back to the office to summon reinforcements. Unfortunately, they didn’t find Xiang Baxian. While it was dangerous to be within the vicinity of the fight, they chose to stay for they figured there’d be more opportunities.

The group wouldn’t stand a chance against Song Chi, let alone Yi Ya in a one-on-one fight. When it came to working as a group, though, they were professionals that Li Muye’s mother trusted.

“What’s the plan?”

Their masked leader, watching the three elites fight on the rooftops and Qilin Guards vandalising Liu Shan Men below, replied, “Get the leader.”

“He’s a scion of Song Clan.”

“Shen Yiren isn’t here, so we need to target Song Ou.” The leader palmed a hole in the wall with his left hand, revealing a man on the other side.

A fight, one intense fight, took place inside not long ago in the name of pride and love, with Song Ou ending in his own pool of blood. Like a soldier on a battlefield, he laid in his own blood and two mouthfuls of saliva from his opponents. He wasn’t ashamed. He was a true warrior. He fought against two opponents by himself to the bitter end, never giving up on escaping outside to find help. Alas, his opponents didn’t give him the chance to call for reinforcements.

Upon entering, they dropped profane bombs. Subsequently, one grabbed Song Ou by his head and the other by his leg, gained mount positions, then rained down ground and pound.

Wiping his sweat, Lei Bao remarked, “Man, you made me work.” He was so focused on avenging his shame that he totally forgot his superior’s instructions.

Ever since Long Zaitian heard about the Song brothers deposing of Shen Yiren, he had been thinking of ways to make them pay and bring them before Shen Yiren to curry favour with her. Sadly, he had to flog Song Ou before he had the chance to implement any plans. Nevertheless, it was a good way for him to burn some calories since he had been indulging a bit too much recently.

Lei Bao and Long Zaitian left Song Ou lying in his blood – plus their spit – and went to feast their eyes on the tussle between the three elites.

Song Ou wasn’t hurt as badly as his appearance suggested. Besides, Lei Bao and Long Zaitian knew where to draw the line. Plus, on account of the Dragon-Bird Alliance, Long Zaitian went a little easier. And finally, there was also Song Ou’s acting. The man was crying, groaning and grunting before the duo even touched him.

Song Ou got up once the two left.

If I don’t avenge this, I’m not a man! I’m going to subject the both of you to every form of torture in existence. Dragon-Bird Alliance? My foot!

“Who’s there?!” Song Ou exclaimed upon espying people in the corners of his eyes.

The individual rammed his fist straight into Song Ou’s eye, dropping him back into his blood.

I can accept a rival hitting me, but who do you think you are to hit me?!

In a fit of rage, Song Ou retaliated – tried to. Before he could achieve anything, alas, the other black-clad intruders had covered him in a hail of ground and pound.

The leader hoisted Song Ou up by his lapels and asked, “Where is he?”

“Who?” queried Song Ou.

The leader clobbered Song Ou over the head. “Xiang Baxian!”

“Who’s that?”

The individual next to the leader whacked Song Ou over the head. “You think you can fool us?! He’s already been brought into Liu Shan Men!”

“Who the devil are you even talking about?!”

The group exchanged eye contact, unable to believe what they were hearing.

Zha Pi, having returned with help, thundered, “What do you think you’re doing?! Why are you being so cruel to my captain?!”

One of the intruders responded, “Smashing him. Why?”

“Tough guy, are you? Hit him now if you dare.”

The intruder clapped Song Ou without hesitation. “There you go!”

Zha Pi: “Try it again if you dare!”

The intruder slapped Song Ou again. “Done!”

“Okay, tough guy…”

Song Ou: “Are you just trying to entertain yourself?! Tell him to release me!”

“Sorry, sorry. You are wisest, Captain. Let him go. If we charge you together, your heads will roll!”

The leader pushed two fingers up against the side of Song Ou’s neck. “If you don’t hand him over, he’s finished.”

“You better honour your word! Wait, who do you want?”

As the match on the roof reached its climax, Yi Ya suddenly remarked, “They’re here.”

Song Chi and Red Prince watched Yi Ya saunter toward them, but their bodies wouldn’t react once he was within range. Attacking before one’s opponent was ready was a common sense tactic. Despite knowing that, they couldn’t tell how Yi Ya toppled them; they only knew he broke their balance, causing them to fall. Only after the fact did the two realise they were over thirty metres away from each other, yet they dropped so fast that they couldn’t tell who dropped first.

Yi Ya continued on his way, seemingly teleported into the middle of the group donning black robes, laid out the leader in one strike and had him in his hands. “Where’s Lady Su?”

“Yeah, you wish.”

Yi Ya hit the leader with a palm strike and then let the corpse with bloody coming out of its orifices slip out of his hands. He turned around and, before anyone realised it, had subdued the others as well as called for his subordinates to haul them back to his office. With his job completed, he strolled off without ever looking back at Liu Shan Men’s captain lying on the ground.

From that day onwards, Song Ou would know why Yi Ya was feared.


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