Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 13 Ch. 48

Godly Hole (Part 3)

I vaguely saw Ning Zhuoru’s expression change under the dim light as she clenched her teeth and responded, “’He’ who? I have no idea what you’re on about.”

“You think I’m that gullible? You’ve been increasingly colder to me in recent months. During the day, you pretend to be in love with me. Nobody knows you won’t even let me touch your hand when it’s just the two of us. Yet, you claim you don’t have another man?”

From the smooth delivery, it was obvious Gu Xianxian had been practicing his speech for a while. The man might as well have changed his name to Wu Dalang.

I placed my eyes as close as I could to the holes. The only regret I had was not having melon seeds to snack on.

Ning Zhuoru snorted, then glared at her husband without turning her head. “Gu Xianxian, what sort of woman do you think I am?! We’re divorcing because of our issues, not because of some third party! You think I’m as filthy as you?!”

Pause. Is she tacitly admitting she has a new man?

Gu Xianxian, oblivious to what was insinuated, cried, “Why am I filthy? I explained to you that I had to socialise with those girls because of business. Didn’t you pardon me for that?”

“I pardoned you, my foot! I remember it as clear as day! Don’t you dare try and play the fool with me!”

Wow, what happened to her usual graceful and soft character?

“Tell me why, then. Otherwise, I… I won’t let you leave this room!”

Ning Zhuoru went red in the face. “Fine! He’s taller and more handsome than you are. He’s ten times richer than you and a hundred times stronger than you. I insist on being with him. I’m his from now on. I’ll spend day and night with him. Don’t you dare touch me ever again.”

Ouch, buddy.

And… Gu Xianxian grabbed his chest as he staggered back three steps, other hand pointing at Ning Zhuoru. “You played me like… like… like… You want a divorce? As you wish.” With shaky lips and weak legs, he broken-heartedly uttered, “Return the betrothal gifts I gave you, then.”


“Why should i?! You gave them to me as presents!”

“Those were my family’s gifts to their daughter-in-law. You don’t want to be my wife, so how I can leave them with you?”

Ning Zhuoru stomped. “How shameless can you be?! How did I ever fall for you?!”

“Whatever you say. I want my gifts back.”

Since their argument went nowhere, they left to find paper, ink and brushes to settle the debate.

Love is incomprehensible, I tell you. In the end, betrothal gifts were more important to the pugilistic world’s model dream couple than their love.

I was going to explore where the passageway led to, but I picked up on incoming footsteps. The fact that the individual deliberately treaded lightly could only mean that they were waiting for the couple to leave so that they could sneak in. Though I couldn’t see who it was, I could identify them by their steps – Kuanggu Sheng.

Upon entry, Kuanggu Sheng checked left and right, quietly cursed, “Stupid couple, wasting my time,” then started scoping out the room for something.

Instead of searching for Elder Lianhua or Yan Jiangnan, Kuanggu Sheng seemed to be searching for traces of my activities; he even thoroughly checked how I treated Elder Lianhua. He then went through the cauldrons, making sure to smell them, too. I could tell he was educated in medicine from the way he touched the herbs and cauldron. I suspected Jiang Chen couldn’t have left so many herbs behind unless there was a medical practitioner at the base, and it seemed I had found who they were entrusted to.

“These medicines… There are medicines for exterior injuries, frostbite and even urine problems. Elder Lianhua’s condition sure is complicated,” mumbled Kuanggu Sheng. Frowning, he then questioned, “But are these supposed to be consumed together…?” He sniffed Elder Lianhua just in case she was already dead.

Of course, Elder Lianhua was fine since she wasn’t the one who drank the plethora of medications.

I wonder if Yan Jiangnan is still alive. He better be. I invested a lot in him.

Finding nothing despite his thorough search, Kuanggu Sheng gently hit the table. “Hmph, I knew it. Not even a trace is left behind.”

Staring into space, Kuanggu Sheng started performing hand gestures – the exact motions I performed when we competed for chicken. Out of nowhere, he switched to performing god-knows-what swordplay. Next, he sighed in Elder Lianhua’s direction and sighed. “He beat her in only four attacks. Just what sort of discipline is it?”

Oh, that was my broadswordplay?

Kuanggu Sheng shook his head. “Even if I can’t find proof, he’s trying to hide his identity as best as possible. He’s helpless if I threaten him with his identity.”

Y-you know who I am? He looks like someone who was dropped on his head. How did he identify me?! Crap, crap, what do I do…? Hah, I got this.


Kuanggu Sheng jolted upon hearing my deep sonorous laugh bouncing off the walls and persisting. “Br-Brother Wu?”

“Don’t you know where I am?”

“Hah, with your prowess, of course I would…” At the same time he spoke, Kuanggu Sheng sped to the door with aesthetically impressive form. He was puzzled when he didn’t find me there. When he went back inside to see me standing with my hands behind my back, he was startled. “… You truly are immeasurable, Brother Wu.”


Wu Dalang – The “Water Margin” reference again.


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