Author’s Final Message

Author’s Final Message

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read this. Whether you commented, lurked or just decided to come on this website one day and check out the novel I want to say thank you. The reason is that I spent hours of my time and day writing this and the purpose of writing this was style practice.

To be honest, I posted this as an anonymous person on the internet because I don’t want it to be associated with me when I finally debut a novel and try to start charging people as I plan to self-publish on Amazon and other websites. Since Wu Jizun allowed me to do that I was happy to see all the people who did read and comment on this. There are several points I want to write out so I don’t miss anything as this might be the last time I get to write to you all as an anonymous poster on the internet on this website:


  1. I’m happy appreciative that you gave me your time and attention. Anyone who takes time out of their day to read what I write is someone who has given me a chance to entertain them and perhaps give them an idea they hadn’t thought of before. Perhaps the idea is disgusting, maybe it’s enlightening, but it was a chance for me to have you read what I wrote and a chance for me to express the thoughts (no matter how degenerate they are in my head) to others around the internet even if I may never meet any of you in real life.


  1. I know that these types of novels are a very niche genre that only certain individuals who are open minded enough to accept things they do not like would read. I say this because when it comes to preferences, everyone has their own. There are a lot of people who read the fan-fiction for instance who hate pegging, the act of pegging or even the idea and yet they persevered through it.


You can also see how prevalent this is in a lot of Adult Manwha’s where there is what we term “Korean Special Sauce.” I always found that term funny and honestly I found it difficult to read stories with those elements but after a while I grew to not be bothered with NTR and the like as well, yet those types of stories are still read often and are translated often.

It isn’t so much that people will constantly hate those types of novels but once you’ve identified them and can read without putting yourself in the character’s shoes, you start to see how entertaining something so messed up can be.

I personally found the relationships in Son-Con disgusting at first, but after mulling over my head I started to find it more and more entertaining, especially when the main character finally went after his own biological mom. It was so forbidden that I couldn’t stop laughing at it. Same with the improper relationship he had with Vyvyan.

The reason I bring this up as niche is because the majority of people do not like or want to read this genre, so those who read it will be a small amount. This brings me to my third point.


  1. The reason I wrote mother-son is because the vast majority of people will find the genre repulsive, it means that those who are looking for this kind of action will probably come to one spot to read it. This is also a counter point to the previous one because there are some people who will never like something no matter how many times they read it. So I pushed the envelope so that I could be told that.


It was because I wanted people to tell me they didn’t like what I wrote.

There were several commentators who didn’t like what I had written here and at first it was difficult to accept but overall it really helped me out as a writer. Reason being that not everyone will like every work or novel. Writing a very niche genre and pushing a lot of shock value meant that I would be criticized or readers would tell me they were disgusted.

I wanted this because it helped me push forward. I had to experience what it was like to be told by someone they didn’t like the content I wrote, so even if you commented things like that I want to thank you.

The purpose of that was that I needed to get over the fact that not everything I write is going to be golden or pleasant to everyone. I had to embrace this concept in order to grow as a writer. In the project I was working on before writing the trilogy, I would often get writers blocked because I was afraid of what other people might think of me for writing that.

Now, after writing something that would disgusts the vast majority of people I don’t feel that fear or pressure anymore.

Looking Forward:

The novels I’m writing next will have nothing to do with erotic mother-son relationships, and I had thought of writing a more vanilla type of relationship novel but after seeing all the other ones out there (which there are a lot) I feel like you can probably search and find something for almost all the other variations.

So I guess to all of you, this is good bye. We might cross paths in the future, we might not. If you happen to come across a novel series that uses the same format as this series here then it might actually be mine :).

Take care of yourselves everyone! You all might be degenerates like me, but I’ve found that people who accept their own degeneracy are the nicest people in the world.


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