Stepmom-con – Anon’s Epilogue 8

Anon’s Epilogue 8

In the skies above the world where the clouds floated around with the sun high in the sky and the stars revealing their colors when the light from the earth did not reflect well, the two empresses stared at each other. Sonia had a scowl while the Eastern Empress had a smile.

Eastern Empress:”We don’t have to fight you know, we could just share him.”

Sonia:”Share him? Like I would share what should be mine!”

Eastern Empress:”I don’t like sharing of course but sometimes in life there has to be compromises for more people to be happy. Not everyone can be happy but more people being happy is better than less people being happy.”

Sonia:”What nonsense are you spouting? This was the first time in my life I ever experienced happiness! I haven’t had it before and now I do! I don’t want to give it up! I can’t give it up.”

Eastern Empress:”I used to think that way too, but after enough things happen there is no use in fighting over it. Don’t you think what Anon wants is also important.”

Sonia realized the Eastern Empress was talking to Anon about things she didn’t understand. Anon seemed to understand and so it must indeed be true that she is his mother, but why would she show up now after leaving him in a town in the north? What was her purpose in coming now?

Sonia:”If you loved him why did you abandon him to be a slave to that wench in the north? You’re not fit to be his mother!”

Eastern Empress:”I didn’t abandon him, I left him with his father in a relatively safe location. The locals were not going to bother with him and his father wouldn’t let him die even if he was upset at me leaving. His father Song Kun didn’t even know his identity.”

Sonia:”How is that not abandoning him?”

Eastern Empress:”It’s to prevent regrets from the past. If I spoiled him he would think he could do something on his own and go attack dragons and get killed thinking he could do anything. I never let him hold a sword in his previous life and in this life I wanted him to experience a little hardship so he could grow.”


Sonia thought about how she had made him into a dog for a few months.

Eastern Empress:”I know you made him suffer but I didn’t intervene because I knew you wouldn’t kill him. Besides, if you were going to fight me to the death for him it’s good to give him a little training for me.”

Sonia grew enraged at this.

Sonia:”He is not an object!”

Eastern Empress:”I know, let’s stop talking and start fighting then.”

Sonia drew a sword from a space that did not exist in the material world. The sword radiated with a sharpness that many in the other worlds would feel to be unmatched.

Sonia:”Prepare yourself!”

The Eastern Empress did not take out a weapon but instead raised a magical shield in front of her. There were several elements that formed near her and then there was a large amount of mana floating near her.

Easter Empress:”I was always a master of using magic, a demigod in my past life and a true god in this one. Even when I was a demigod, the gods couldn’t fight me. I could kill them whenever I wanted and take their power for my own, that’s why you will never be able to catch up with me.”

Sonia spoke no more and charged forward with her sword. The strength of the shield was pierced and more and more mana was used to come out to defend herself. The Eastern Empress threw out spell after spell which the sword cut through.

Sonia:”Your magic can’t even stop my sword!”

The taunt came out of her mouth with a sneer but the Eastern Empress only smiled.

Eastern Empress:”My previous rival also loved using a sword. She was hysterical like you. Are you sure you don’ have any memories?”

Sonia:”How can you have a rival who can’t use magic?”

Eastern Empress:”It was a different world and different rules, but with all things, time changes a person. I doubt that person would believe what you’re saying now.”

Sonia:”It doesn’t matter, I’m going to kill you even if you are his mother. Anon is going to belong to me!”

Sonia burst forward with incredible speed and attacked viciously with her sword. The vibration of the sword caused the air pressure to shake that even the palace which was miles away felt the blast of wind. The people of the empire couldn’t see what was happening as wind pressure blew from the source of the battle.

The wind pushed the Eastern Empress back and tried to force her backwards while flying in the air. The physical strength of Sonia was beyond what the Eastern Empress has ever experienced.

Still, the magic the Eastern Empress had was only scratching the surface. She summoned the magic and took control of all the air around. The wind pressure ceased and the attack stopped and Sonia was stunned.

Eastern Empress:”You might be a lot older than I am in this world but each year of experience I’ve had is worth much more than you who spent most of her life fighting off the idea of love.”

Sonia said nothing, she started gathering energy.

Sonia:”If you can withstand my next attack I’ll admit defeat. At that point you’ll have to kill me if you want to take him away.”

Eastern Empire:”We’ll talk about it after you attack, I’ll wait.”

The Eastern Empire stood there letting Sonia gather more and more energy. The sky started turning dark and the sword she wielded in her hand glowed brightly. It was hard to tell if the sky was only darkening in comparison to the sword or if the sword was absorbing all the light in the sky.

Sonia:”This is my strongest attack. I will only respect you if you take it head on.”

With that Sonia unleashed a blast that reverberated across the world. Earthquakes shook the empire, large waves crashed on the shores and it felt as if the world itself would be destroyed.

The Eastern Empress began to take it seriously, she started pulling all her mana out of her hands and but up a guard. A large shield formed where there was excess mana all around and she grit her teeth as she forced it out.

Eastern Empress:”This is something that could kill me if I’m not careful, but in order to get what I’ve always been waiting for I’m going to win here.”

Sonia angrily forced out as much energy as she could at the Eastern Empress as she blocked it with mana. The mana itself became a pillar of darkness that intertwined with the light from the sword blast. The mixing created a tornado of torrents that seemed to want to rend the sky into half tearing open a new dimension.

The Eastern Empress kept pouring more and more of her energy into it and the clashing forces reached a tipping point causing a large explosion in the air. The explosion covered thousands of miles in radius but there was no dust, only particle of light and darkness that snowed about the empire with those alive wondering what had happened.

Sitting underneath all of it, though no harm came to him Anon was in shock and awe. Even when he was in his hidden world, though he could fight against all three of the powered protagonists he didn’t dare claim he could fight against those two. There was something different about both Sonia and the Eastern empress he couldn’t understand.

Sonia fell to the ground as did the Eastern Empress. They were both tired and heavily breathing. Sonia just didn’t understand why she lost.

Eastern Empress:”It seems it doesn’t matter which iteration we’re in, I’m still stronger than you are because you’re a stubborn fool who wants to put all your power in the sword. If you just trained in magic instead you would have beaten me today.”

Sonia:”Why do you seem so familiar! Why do I feel like I’ve talked to you before?”

Eastern Empress:”Because we have. Because we have. Try to remember Elizabeth.”

Sonia:”Elizabeth? I’m… Elizabeth? You… are… Vyvyan? The who is Anon? Who is he?”

Eastern Empress:”He’s the reincarnation of our original son, the Troy that died before his body was taken over. When he died his soul got stuck in a realm and he spent an unknown amount of time there.”

Sonia:”Then what about the Troy that took me to bed immediately? Wait! You’re telling me the Troy I had when he came to me wasn’t my Troy? This whole time all I’ve done was to someone else who took his place? In his body?”

Eastern Empress:”That was your past life. That Troy you took you to bed was apparently the third person who took his body, the second one was cleansed and reset because Anon didn’t like how much of a fool he was in causing trouble.”

Sonia thought about it a bit and then she found she couldn’t fully understand it. Things that had to do with magic were things that prevented her from fully understanding. The nights she spent with her son, the closeness and the intimacy she had that she lost when Inard died in her past life.

Sonia:”Then why did the one who replace him feel better? He calls himself Anon now?”

Eastern Empress:”That was someone he chose to take his place, he chose someone who would favor you after watching the second Troy cause you so much grief. That third Troy also set him free from the dimension even if he was at odds with Anon.”

Sonia:”Then how did we end up here?”

Eastern Empress:”I’m not sure myself, I just know that after all the fighting and rivalry we’ve had we finally have our original son back, and you did some very bad things to him. You probably traumatized him for life.”

Sonia thought about what she had done and started to feel embarrassed. Perhaps it was her old personality that came in but she had always been a sadist while the Eastern Empress had a craziness towards her.

Eastern Empress:”You’re not his mom anymore. I am. So I win.”

Sonia:”You b****!”

Eastern Empress:”Hah, you can barely move!”

Sonia:”You can’t move either!”

Eastern Empress:”Let’s recover and go back. We’ve shared him before in some iterations even if I can’t remember all of them. We can share him again. We were also close before he was born and before you stole my fiance, but I can forgive you. Also, we have the ability to make sure he lives as long as we do, this world is more flexible than the one we lived in before.”

Sonia said nothing, they recovered and returned to the palace where Anon was standing there still looking confused. The mother’s had finally found their true son and it was time to start over.


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