Stepmom-con – Anon’s Epilogue 5

Anon’s Epilogue 5

Sonia:”Dog! Did you think you could do that in my presence? Oh my, it seems I’ll always have to keep you next to me to prevent you from harming yourself!”

Sonia smiled and the shoe with the oils from the food were shoved into Anons mouth. He felt his whole body going up and down like a rag doll as Sonia lifted her foot up and down. Finally she put him down.

Anon was out of breath and on the floor. He now understood what it meant to be humiliated. All the people he liked to watch on the screens he made were stimulating when he was the observer but not nearly as enjoyable when he was the one being tortured.

Anon:”Why are you doing this to me?”

Sonia:”I have a strong desire for you, and as the Empress I shouldn’t have a strong desire for anyone. So taking care of you this way is the best way to see where it goes. I’ve had a strong desire for certain men in the past and the best way to break that bond is to do this to them.”

Sonia put gloves on her hands then standing up over Anon she used those gloves to rub the shaft up and down in a suggestive manner. There was some oil by the side she poured on top of it and rubbed it up and down to make sure it was slippery.

Anon could only stare at it as Sonia smiled.

Sonia:”You know what comes next don’t you?”

Anon didn’t want to know.

Anon:”Please… let me go… please?”

She was supposed to have a desire for him right? Then shouldn’t it be love? If he knew that the switch did all this he would never have used it on Sonia. Staying with Brenna might have been much more preferable because he could at least do it with her without the pain.

This would be too much, the object she was using that she wanted to put inside the exit of his body was just too large.

Sonia:”Alright but only if you win in sword fighting.”

Anon:”Sword fighting?”

Sonia:”The sword that bends the other one first wins.”

Against his real sword of flesh in between his legs, the larger fake sword Sonia had smashed into his. He was cornered against the wall while she compared her extremely large size to his small one and he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t fight it as she held him in the air with his back against the wall and the ‘sword fighting’ continued.

In reality it simply looked like a large red snake was bullying and trying to swallow a smaller skin colored one.

Eventually his white stuff came out from the stimulation and he started going limp.

Sonia:”Looks like you lost.”

Sonia grabbed both of his arms, turned him around so that the large object strapped to her was facing his behind. Then with a strong pull Anon felt it stretch and something large and uncomfortable slipped inside.

Sonia thrusted forward to where she was lifting him off the ground while pulling him in. Anon felt it hurt as he was pushed and pulled. Sonia smiled a devilish smile as she stretched him open.

The bouncing only became rougher and rougher and Anon wasn’t sure how one it went before he had trouble feeling his legs and more white stuff came out as it squeezed the organ that created the male nectar.

He couldn’t move and it hurt too much.

Sonia:”This is strange, I don’t feel better. Clerics, come in and heal him!”

Sonia’s attention then went elsewhere in the room while women in white came in and started using healing magic. Their hands transferred the energy to his behind while they looked at it.

Anon really wanted out. He didn’t enjoy any of this and so he turned on the switch for all of them. Every woman who saw him enter the castle. The switch was turned on, he wanted to escape.

Sonia sent a whip to hit Anon which made him cry out in pain.

Sonia:”Dogs don’t glare at their master!”

The following days the routine was the same. Anon would be locked in a cage when Sonia had her duties as the Empress to take care of, then when she had free time she would come and abuse him, then the clerics would come and heal him after.

The torture was everyday and it wasn’t stopping. This made Anon become more desperate. Everyone he turned the yandere switch on for would give him lustful looks but none of them would make a move on him.

Two weeks went by and Anon felt his mind was breaking as he was bounced on the Empress’ lap. She would never let him see her without a uniform on. Sonia wanted to remain dominant in every regard and she loved humiliating him.

In those two weeks Anon stopped fighting and became an obedient pet to Sonia and so Sonia was happy. After he bounced on what was strapped to Sonia and the clerics came to heal him once more.

Sonia:”Dog, you’ve become more obedient lately. If you have a request then I might be willing to listen.”

On the ground with the clerics attending to him, he could see them blush. The yandere switch worked but they still didn’t do anything. What was the reason?

Anon:”I can make a request?”

Anon’s voice was small and soft.

Sonia:”Yes my pet, make any request you want and if I desire to grant it, it will be done.”

Anon:”Could you stop putting that thing in me?”

Sonia:”Request denied. Ask for something else.”

Anon:”Let me have other women if they desire me please.”

Anon observed that the clerics he had turned the switch on perked up at his words, but the Empress destroyed any of their thoughts with her next line.

Sonia:”Anyone who tries to take you from me will die and I will also kill their entire family. The only one who might be willing to challenge me on anything is the Eastern Empress.”

Sonia laughed as she mentioned that person.

The Clerics trembled as they continued to heal Anon from the rough treatment given to him by Sonia. The answer however gave Anon the reason. Yanderes only act if they have the power too or believe they can be successful, all the women here feared Sonia more than they were willing to give into the sick love the yandere switch creates.

Sonia:”The Eastern Empress, hah, I doubt she would ever come here for you. I don’t even know why I went north to obtain you. A thought about you when you were a small boy came to my mind and I just longed to bring you to me and so I did.”

Anon thought about the Eastern Empress. Surprisingly there was a switch available for her. Anon couldn’t imagine how he met her in his life or how she even knew of him. It made no sense, but it didn’t matter because he didn’t want to continue having his behind violated day after day.

Maybe if they both killed each other he could be free. He would then just try to find ordinary women to take care of him the rest of his life. No more crazy powerful women who can do whatever they want to him.

Without hesitation he hit the switch and hoped that he would be rescued soon, or at least there would be a large enough commotion to which he can escape. If only he had the ability to train and become stronger like a normal protagonist of the scenarios he didn’t reset.

Sonia used the large object strapped onto her to slap Anon’s face. It still had the bad smell since it was in that part of his body and it knocked him to the ground from the amount of force she used.

Sonia:”You’re already thinking about the Eastern Empress aren’t you? You’re so predictable, but you should never even think about leaving me. You belong to me and only me and I’m taking you with me wherever I go.”

Sonia smiled.

Sonia:”Even if such a powerful person tried to take me from you I’d kill her before she can win. So get it through your mind, your a** belongs to me.”


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