Stepmom-con – Anon’s Epilogue 6

Anon’s Epilogue 6

The Eastern Empress… even if she wanted him how would she find him when she was so far away? Anon kept thinking and in the end he believed that she would come for him. If he had really met her before and didn’t know about it then it was obvious she would be coming for him as soon as she was able too.

A few months passed by and while Anon was at first being mistreated by the Sonia, she began to soften up on him. The change in her rough treatment gradually faded and she became more tender, she was still crazy and wanted him with her but she lessoned the dominance.

Anon however was still afraid of her. He remained vigilant that she could easily switch at any time. They were together on the patio under the starlight and Sonia was eating. His bowl was on the ground as the female servants brought the food.

Sonia watched as the young man was eating out of the bowl while on all fours. Anon wasn’t allowed to wear clothing because he was supposed to be a dog, that was how she trained him. This man had stopped fighting with her and now started to do everything she said. He was obedient and she was starting to get bored of forcing silence onto him at all times.

Even when something is fun to read, if someone had to read the same thing over and over they would indeed get bored of it. There had been complaints by commentators that certain actions got dragged on far too long and doing it with the mouth was boring because they had to get straight to the hole that can get a woman pregnant.

Sonia was bored of the lack of feedback that her large fake male organ now caused as Anon was used to it. It was obvious he didn’t enjoy it, but he no longer resisted and that took away the fun from her.

More than that though, she started to realize that the feelings she had for him weren’t a simple fling. Sonia started to wonder if she might actually love this man. Normally after she toyed with a concubine she would get rid of them after a few weeks but she couldn’t bear to part with him despite it having been a few months.

Sonia still couldn’t let him go though. The intense feelings of wanting to keep him were still there and she could not get rid of it no matter how hard she tried.

Sonia then decided to order the maid.

Sonia:”Set a chair and some food for the dog, he can join me tonight at the table.”

The maids nodded and they quickly set a place for him to come in and sit. Anon however continued to eat from the bowl, he didn’t know whether or not this was a trap.

Sonia:”Dog, come up and eat now!”

Anon looked up with her, pretended to pant a bit with his tongue out.

Anon:”Woof woof!”

Then he got back to eating from the dog bowl. Anon didn’t want any part in it as he noticed that Sonia had started to lose interest in torturing him with the strap on. Thus he didn’t want to do anything that would provoke her.

Sonia:”Eat at the table!”

Anon:This must be a trick. She hasn’t been able to hit me with the whip lately because I do everything like a dog in front of her.

Sonia stared at Anon who smiled with his tongue out, stilly continuing to play and act like a dog. He rolled over like a dog then went back to eating from the bowl.

As this was happening Sonia looked at the attendants and maids who were taking care of her. The maids themselves were also some of the strongest beings in the world, that was their qualification to work in the castle. Sonia noticed the maids all stole glances at Anon her pet but none of them dared to act in her presence.

Sonia:”All of you maids please pay attention.”

Sonia then called Anon over.

Sonia:”Come here my bet, sit on mommy’s lap.”

For some reason it felt good to call herself his mommy and Sonia didn’t understand why at all. People call their pets their children, maybe that was why. Or was there a deeper meaning?

Anon acted as a dog and crawled over on all fours. This made Sonia frustrated but she started to question whether she should have continued to dominate him to the point of breaking his mind. It was confusing to her because most of her longing was to break someone’s mind, but when she really thought about how she began to think about him and how he was with the town leader who was also stronger than him she started to question herself.

Why did she want to be with him? There was constantly an intense longing for him but she couldn’t understand why. She felt like if she couldn’t see him anymore she would probably go crazy.

This was not what it was like to want to dominate someone, and thus Sonia began to soften on Anon thinking that this might be different. The biggest problem however was Anon was a mortal while she was a goddess among gods. She couldn’t take the desire or idea of love at first but as he continued to humiliate him she kept wondering if she had somehow fallen in love or if this was destiny.

Anon crawled on Sonia’s lap like a dog wagging his tongue out. Surprisingly he didn’t find himself that humiliated from all this because he had seen it happen so many countless times. As time went by he wanted something more and more hardcore and he couldn’t think about how or why it was that way.

Sonia:”This dog here belongs to me, and anyone who lays a hand on him must be willing to fight to the death.”

Sonia glared at each one of them.

Sonia:”Now all of you leave, I want to be alone with my dog.”

The maids were all silent and Anon remembered he had turned the switch on each of them. He just had to remember that they were yanderes, not suicidal maniacs, but he could tell they wall wanted him from the subtle actions that they gave him over the months.

The clerics treated him tenderly when healing and answered any questions he had with a smile. They brought him his food and it was always well prepared.

It was all Sonia. The more crazy someone was the more they gave in to such intense desires. The maids, the clerics, the people who worked for the Empress didn’t have enough crazy in them. Brenna herself was not as crazy as her sister, and her mother who had been alive the longest was the most insane out of the three of them.

The more powerful someone became, the more insane they would get. At least that was how Anon saw the world.

None of that mattered now, he was on Sonia’s lap and began squirming naked like a dog.

Sonia was staring at him, the look was different at this moment than it had been in the past but he still didn’t trust her. If anything, this Empress was trying to trick him into a false sense of security right?

Anon:”Woof woof!”

Sonia sighed.

Sonia:”Please stop that.”


Sonia:”I said stop, stop acting like a dog and talk to me like a normal person.”

Anon wasn’t sure what to say. This was a woman who had tortured the hole that was supposed to be an exit for several months and now all of a sudden she wanted him to stop? What about all that training? Fetching the stick and licking things a man should not be licking?

Why was this sudden change? He had just gotten used to living like a dog and quite honestly he kind of enjoyed having a strong powerful woman taking care of him. At this time however he finally understood how horrible it was to get used to a woman who does anything she wants to him but after all this time he became less upset about it.


Sonia again sighed, this time with a little more emotion.

Sonia:”I’m sorry.”

Anon went silent with a puzzled look. She was sorry? The woman who stuck something larger than his own by at least four times into him and then straddled him in the air like a rag doll was now sorry?

Was this a trap? It must be a trap. The Empress was never soft or tender with anyone.

Anon:”Woof woof!”

He got to the ground and started licking her shoes.

Sonia:”Stop it!”

Sonia pulled her shoes away and lifted him up then brought him to her lap once more.

Sonia:”I said I’m sorry! I didn’t think I actually loved you. I just had a random thought about you a few months ago and the thought wouldn’t go away so I went to that town to find you. I felt like if I treated you roughly those feelings would go away but they didn’t. Now, they’re worse than before… I want you to love me! I know I can’t ask for that anymore, and you can’t leave me but how do I get you to love me?”

Sonia laid out her words and Anon was shocked at them. He was now a dog, not a human. Was a dog supposed to understand human love? No, a dog was just meant to be happy and give unconditional love.

Anon then moved himself closer to her and licked her face like a dog would. The Empress had a nude man sitting on her lap and licking her face and wasn’t sure what to think about it. This was not something a typical person would see or hear about.

Sonia:”I said stop acting like a dog and tell me how I can make you love me!”

Sonia yelling made Anon fearful and he flinched as though she were going to hit him. He took several deep breaths and then softened herself once more.

Sonia:”Will you talk to me like a human again?”

Anon:”Can you stop using the thing up my…”

Sonia:”I’ll stop or I’ll use a smaller one.”

Anon heard her but he wasn’t sure if he should believe her considering all the things that had already happened. He figured there was nothing to lose since dying would already be better than having what was happening to him.

Anon:”No, I don’t want anything inside me anymore.”

Sonia heard him.

Sonia:”Okay, I won’t put that in you anymore… then what else do I need to do to make you love love me.”

Anon:”I don’t know.”

Sonia:”You don’t know?”

Anon:”I don’t know what love is.”

Anon thought carefully about all the scenarios where saw the mother and son doing it. Was that real love or was that lust? The mother’s would sacrifice everything for their children, but what about actual romantic love?

Anon:”Maybe it’s just familiarity and not forceful… maybe if you treat me better I might start loving you.”

Sonia:”Treat you better? Okay let’s try that.”

Anon:”Can I wear clothing and not be humiliated?”

Sonia:”I’ll call a tailor for you.”

Anon:”Can I have sex with the maids and others if they are willing?”

Sonia:”What? Other women? You want other women when I’m willing to be with you?”

There was rage in Sonia’s voice when she spoke. A rage that she couldn’t control. She then tried to soften.

Sonia:”I mean… why would you want other women when you have me?”

Anon felt scared of this, he wanted to cower a bit.

Anon:”You’ve… you’ve tortured me for so long I just want to relax and do it without being afraid.”


Anon softly spoke after fearful but still thinking that he had been through enough torture that nothing could be worse than what he had experienced before.

Anon:”I’m afraid of you.”

Anon then flinched as though expecting a whip to hit him but no whip came. Sonia instead stared at him for a moment.

Sonia:”I will try.”

Anon wasn’t sure what was happening but things from that point forward began to change for him when it came to how he was treated by Sonia, the treatment did improve. There was no more pegging and she started to cuddle him at night instead of having him sleep on the floor.

Days went by and Anon’s emotions toward her became more and more complicated. He wasn’t sure how to feel after the suffering she forced him to go through but at the same time he started opening up to her slowly.

Sonia still didn’t let him sleep with the maids or anyone else and let no one else touch him. Compared to his treatment before he felt like this was much more enjoyable.

Sonia even let him experience oral from her, but after being a mortal for so long and treated like a dog at that he wasn’t sure if he could just let it out in her mouth. This was one of the most powerful beings in the world. Thinking of Troy doing that with his elf mom… but she was his mom right?  Also she got mana from it…

After a few nights of treating him this way Sonia was wondering why he struggled so much to hold it in.

Sonia:”Why don’t you let it out in my mouth?”

Anon flinched at the thought.


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