Stepmom-con – Ch. 113

Chapter 113

Erisu, Sarai and Mana were out eating their afternoon meal. They were still rehearsing how to approach the council in the next few days. They were still at the capital of the Beipan Kingdom and were trying to determine whether they should bring their forces with them in front of the council. Most of them were soldiers who had been willing to follow the Temple, and a few mages who had known of Mana during the time of the Arcane Sanctum but were now mages of the various human kingdoms who had all joined into the alliance.

The three went down onto the street where the soldiers were moving in the directions of the gates.

Sarai:”We should go, if we help then maybe we may be able to use that in negotiations in front of the council.”

Erisu went in front with the other two following behind towards the gate. In the mean time Psak was with two women in his private room when a messenger banged on the door. Angry at being interrupted he threw the women to the wall knocking them both out and opened the door.

The messenger was trembling.

Messenger:”I apologize for interrupting General Psak but there is an intruder that none of us are able to stop. He is slaughtering those at the front gate.”

Psak was still angry. He drew his sword and cut down the messenger and those who stood in the hallway guarding the room were also cut down.

Psak:”Interrupting my morning meditation will always be met with death.”

Some of the other heroes who were nearby noted what Psak did and many were disgusted by his behavior. None would speak up because they were loyal to their monarchs and were paid well. Their families were also in those kingdoms and if they were to rebel their families would be troubled.

Psak:”Everyone gather your weapons and march!”

The group of heroes geared themselves up and marched out. Meanwhile another messenger went to King Bide who was eating cheese and drinking wine with a young servant girl’s face planted on his lap using her mouth like her life depended on it.

King Bide looked down on the young girl who was recently taken from one of the farmers. He happened to see her and liked her and when he sent his soldiers to get her there was no one to oppose him.

A king served his people by keeping the country stable, and the people of a country served the King by keeping him happy. That was the relationship he had been taught by his own father.

King Bide:”Suck harder or I’ll kill your parents.”

There were tears coming out of the girls eyes as she began to bob up and down much harder. One of King Bide’s advisors came to the door and knocked. Despite her attempts the King remained limp, he was trying to feel what he felt when he was younger but old age seemed to have taken his drive.

King Bide:”What is it?”

Messenger:”General Psak has mobilized to stop an intruder in the capital.”

King Bide:”Let him handle it then, there is no need for concern.”

King Bide started to hit the girl as she tried to comply with his commands. There was now a bruise on her face as the footsteps of the messenger behind the door led away.

King Bide:”I said do it harder or I’ll kill your entire family!”

Those who were on the Council were monarchs from various kingdoms, and except for King Harri, and Queen Pelos there were no others who had kingdoms that rivaled the Beipan Kingdom. They had finalized documents to make all the other kingdoms into states within the Alliance and King Bide would take the lead as the Emperor.

Why did the two of them decide upon serving under one King, it was because they feared him. The Beipan Kingdom had the strongest warriors and if they were to simply rule their own states under the protection they would be able to call on them during the demon invasion.

Queen Pelos heard the commotion that was coming. One of her own messengers brought her the information written in a letter which she opened and looked at. King Harri was there as well as they discussed how they would work to protect the Alliance after the Rose Empire fell.

King Harri:”What does that letter say?”

Queen Pelos:”There is an armored man who entered the capital and demanding the head of King Bide, Prince Hunte and Princess Arla. Arla is my future daughter-in-law according to the pact we are making with King Bide.”

King Harri:”It doesn’t matter. Psak is one of the strongest warriors on the continent. There only a few stronger than him and it doesn’t matter how strong this person is.”

Queen Pelos:”He must have been one of the individuals that King Bide had offended in the past, but I don’t understand why he wants to kill the Princess as well. The Princess has almost no offense committed in the past that is known.”

King Harri:”She aided in the torture of that man the Heroine called her fiance.”

Queen Pelos:”Him? He’s just a pathetic human with no strength or abilities!”

They sat there for a moment then chose to forget about the incident.

King Harri:”Psak will put an end to it quickly, and if the Heroine wants to get support for bringing the subjects of the Alliance over to fight the demon invasion then she will have to help as well. The heroine is usually known as the most powerful fighter in the world, there should be no issue since she also has Sarai and Mana of the Temple and Arcane Sanctum with her.”

They continued on discussing other matters.

I had killed dozens of soldiers by now and I’m sure the messengers I allowed to get away were going to pull in more people. The dead bodies were on the streets I walked upon and the civilians were evacuating so at the very least I wouldn’t have to worry about hurting them.

If the soldiers tried to use their own civilians as hostages like in some dystopian medieval nightmare I wouldn’t care about their lives. It’s their fault for obeying a king like that in the first place. Ignorance has its own consequences.

Eventually the man I wanted to see arrive. That is… I wanted to see him with his head severed from his neck. With a group of the so-called heroes of the alliance behind him… hundreds of them.

Psak:”You aren’t walking out of here alive after what you’ve done. I’m going to rip out your spine!”

Roy:”Really? I bet you need the help of all those who are behind you to do that don’t you?”

Psak:”For someone like you? I can handle you myself!”

Psak drew his large broad sword that was thick and huge. It was a two handed great sword that was just as large as his own body and he wielded it with ease. If I were in my normal body I’d be fearful of him.

Only, I’m not in my normal body.

Psak came at me with the sword but I blocked it with the shield and fought back. There were several steps he was pushed back on and he gathered himself. Staring at me with an angry look he was trying to determine who I was.

Psak:”Who are you? Name yourself!”

I guess he gave up on trying to figure out who I was himself.

Roy:”I’m Roy, the man you took into custody and tortured. I’m now in this form and I’m going to take revenge.”

The look on Psak’s face was priceless. It was disbelief, horror and anger all at once. Finding out a weakling you knew was now strong enough to fight back when you were used to bullying people all your life? That must have been on his mind. I don’t know his back story if it is different from that assumption and honestly I don’t care.

The man is evil now and his current self deserves no sympathy for all the misery he causes.

Psak:”Impossible. He was a scum who was weak and torn apart due to assaulting the Princess. That man cannot be you!”

Roy:”It’s me whether you want to believe it. I’m not just going to kill you, I’m going to kill everyone who who still defends the three of them.”

Psak:”Then you will die, little man.”

We prepared to clash once more and Psak looked around to the heroes behind him.

Psak:”Surround him and don’t let him get away. We’re going to kill him here!”

The so called heroes from every walk of life began to surround me. They were a step above all the soldiers I had killed before who were commoners. If they were on the rankings for adventurers, they’d be equivalent to the current S-rank Adventurers, and a large step up from Arwen, Edna and Chrissy who got demoted to A-rank when the large gap was determined to be a problem at the top.

I don’t understand why the Adventurers were not hired to go to the demon gate honestly. Most of them remained away from the Empire despite Dhalia’s friendly relations with them.

Roy:”All of you who don’t want to be involved walk away now. If you want to remain involved then don’t blame me when you die. The only ones I want to kill are King Bide, Prince Hunte and Princess Arla. Everyone else can simply choose not to get involved.”

The heroes said nothing but continued surrounding me and got into an attack stance.

Psak:”No one is going to listen to your foolishness.”

Roy:”Oh really?”

Their weapons drawn and their combat stance taken they all faced me.

Psak:”Prepare to die.”

Psak attacked along with them but as they came towards me I charged forward at Psak. Those who were behind were not able to close the distance as my sword clashed with Psak and knocked his body in through a nearby building. The entire structure collapsed on top of him as I quickly turned around and began to fight the others near me.

Hero after hero came after me as I struck each of them down. The first lost his arm, and the second his legs. The third was a woman who was an archer, I had rushed over to her and stabbed her through the chest. What a waste.

Among them was a mage who charged up a lightening spell but I planted the shield into the ground and it acted as a conductor taking away the brunt of the electric attack.


That was the last word he ever said as he fell to the ground dead by my sword. After several more died in their failed attempt at taking down the path Justin made Psak had gathered himself. The dead heroes were at my feet and Psak gathered his weapons.

Psak:”I’m warning you that there are many more powerful soldiers behind me! If you leave then you will not have to face them!”

It’s funny… Psak was the strongest warrior of the Alliance and made his face public because despite his skill and strength he had an ego to match it. Now that he’s being pressured and afraid he tries to bluff his way out.

Roy:”Oh really? Then who is going to support you?”

Psak:”The heroine is here in the capital and seeking an alliance to fight against the demon invasion! If you weaken our forces before the invasion of the demons then you are only enabling the destruction of the continent.”

Roy:”A continent ruled by tyrants is no continent I wish to save.”

Psak had a more desperate look on his face.

Psak:”Do you even care if all the innocents die? What about the people who had no involvement with royalty? What of those? Do you expect every child to die because you want revenge and are willing to obtain it at any cost? If you kill the head of the Alliance then the goodwill among nations will crumble and the demons will win, or are you on the side of the demons?”

I smacked Psak on the face and he flew several more feet into another building. While the people had evacuated some of them remained because humans were naturally curious beings.

Roy:”Are you saying this thinking I’m seeking some sort of approval from the people? I don’t care what they think, hell I don’t care about any of them as long as they choose to stay out of my way. Oh, the demons are attacking you say! Yes, yes… because the demons are attacking you have every right to try and take me away from someone I love because the Prince wants that person. If the Prince can’t have her the normal way then you eliminate the person in his way and we can’t go after the prince because it causes disharmony.”


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