Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 17

Was the Assembly for this Moment?

“Hello, I’m Su Xiao.”

“H-hello, Brother Su.” Luo Mingzhu’s cheeks were rosy upon setting her eyes on exuberant Su Xiao.

What happened to the script?!What happened to the platitude moment?! Does everyone judge people based on appearances now?!

Boss Shen pulled me over and, using Voice Transmission, opined, “Let’s leave the seducing to Su Xiao.”

“You could tell what I was planning? Wait, why the flip did you stomp on my face, then?!”

Boss Shen wrinkled her nose: “So that you remember the consequences of trying to seduce women while on duty!”

“Su Xiao is also on duty, not to mention he holds a higher rank than me!”

“His heart is pure. Yours is infested with pollution.”

Luo Ming glanced back to the lake to see if there was any other boat out there. I already hid A-Lan and Mountain Monster on a small island before I came to the main island, so it’d take them days of scouring to find the two even with a team. Plus, Luo Ming was soon going to have his hands too full to search for the two.

“… It is a rare occasion for heroes of the land to gather. This gathering was scheduled for tomorrow, but due to circumstances, you have assembled against a common enemy. In a way, their interference has acted as a silver lining. Given the assembly here, the miscreants will know better than to step out of line.” Not even Luo Ming is above flattering – the ultimate strategy of strategies.

“We do not deserve such praise, Patriarch Luo.”

Yeah, damn straight you lot don’t. Luo Ming would sleep ninety-nine percent of you in three strikes. The only thing you lot would be good for is meat shields.

“You must be thinking about now, ‘How much longer is Luo Ming going to keep up with his enigma act?’ Since this one’s daughter has also joined your advent, he shall not keep you in suspense any longer. This one shall now explain the details of Refining Divine Convention.”

The self-deprecating act in addition to his forthright, casual speech won most of them over, even evoking gratitude from them. As they began to clamour, Luo Ming requested, “Please follow this one to the main building, where we can converse in comfort.”

It was understandable that Lass Yu had to follow. I just didn’t understand why Houfeng stepped on my foot when she picked up Lass Yu.

Jia Tiankui, an elder of Beggars Sect with nine bags, disembarked to follow the group. I didn’t expect to see him still moving about when the last time I saw him was when he served up plates of food and poured drinks for me when I drank with Second Brother.

In Beggars Sect, each member carries, at least, one pouch-like “bag”, and the number of bags they carry indicate their rank. Putting aside the sect chief, the highest rank a member can attain is that of an elder, which is when they will carry nine bags. The Four Great Elders serve as the chief’s deputies, each delegated a specific duty.

“He must be the reason Luo Ming hasn’t accosted Beggars Sect for trying to defraud him. He must’ve been aware the elder would be coming.”

Is he that awesome? I thought he was a dedicated waiter judging from his service back then. Hang on. Something about this is making me uneasy…

“Feizhen, is something the matter?” Since my gait was odd and I huddled up, Boss Shen questioned, “You’re cold, aren’t you?”

“N-nothing. I’m just feeling a little cold…” I murmured.

It eventually dawned on me that the people attending the convention were either people I was acquainted with – if my shifu or Night Fortress’ master wasn’t acquainted with them. Venerable Mianhua and I didn’t know each other, but I knew his shifu well.

“Su Xiao, why are you shrinking like me?!”

“Who’s copying you?! Cover me. Don’t let them see me,” Su Xiao demanded.

“Huh? Why?”

You also have crappy friends you want to avoid?

“Look at Venerable Mianhua…”

“Yeah, so?”

“I… knocked him out with my cooking when I visited Cold Mountain Temple…”

Sheet, son, so we can’t even see Venerable Mianhua now?

Boss Shen suddenly tugged my shirt: “Feizhen, did you offend someone?”

“Wh-why the question?”

“I get the feeling Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s disciple hates you.”

My eyes tracked along Boss Shen’s finger to see…

Why is Huofeng releasing flames? Oh… Oh, crap. I forgot all about my promise and even went missing for two days.

Huofeng was impervious to lies as she had means of blackmailing me and a fiery temper. Most importantly, she was ready to incinerate me!

Lass Yu looked back at me, unable to keep up. Right as Luo Ming was about to enter the building, Huofeng hollered, “Patriarch Luo, may I ask you a question.”

Luo Ming turned back to regard Huofeng with a nod: “This one did meet Matriarch Zi once in the past and was lucky enough to receive pointers from her. How can I help you, Abbess?”

Judging from what Luo Ming said, he fought against Matriarch Zi in the past. I wonder who won. Wait, why does that matter right now? Why did Huofeng suddenly call out to him?!

Huofeng sneaked a quick glare my way out of her peripherals: “You introduced everyone but missed out on a young hero with an impressive background. Could you explain why you passed on him?”

Luo Ming wrinkled his nose: “Sorry, this one does not follow…”

Huofeng pointed my way: “He is Mount Daluo’s disciple with the Ming surname. He is the disciple of world-renowned Yuhua of the World. Did you not know that?”


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