Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 11

One Slash

From Luo Ming’s qinggong prowess that allowed him to surf a plank of wood while firing water arrows alone, one could see how ridiculously formidable he was as a fighter, yet his anxiety and unease was worn on his sleeve. Without Sea Deer Hunter, Abels had no chance against Luo Ming in his injured state; that held true even though Abels had recovered a chunk of his power using poison because Luo Ming already learnt Repository Sword Theory. If anyone was supposed to be anxious and concerned, it’d be Abels.

The ability to sense those emotions was an ability that Divine Realm adepts could unlock; call it an extra sense. Any time a threat was within range, they would be alarmed. It might be compared to intuition, but it was decidedly accurate, in comparison.

At some point, Luo Ming had a feeling that he would find all of his clansmen strewn across the ground if he was late, and he would never even find a clue to trace down the individual who annihilated Four Seasons Sword Formation. The individual, if left unchecked, would be akin to a noose around his neck, ready to strangle him when everything was perceptively going according to plan. He decided a boat wasn’t fast enough, which was why he opted to chase the intruder on his own.

Despite rushing to Starman Snowy Sky, Luo Ming was still too late to stop the man and two women he spotted by the shore of the island. He couldn’t identify the two women of small stature, but he never doubted the towering man with nothing to exploit when on the move was Abels. Hence, the first thought that came to mind was that the three had conquered and were preparing to leave.

Taihu Sword Island was actually a collection of islands, so finding the trio once they made it through would be painfully difficult without accounting for the level of skill the trio had.

If Abels abandons the two women to flee on his own, it would take several days, at the very least, for me to catch him considering the several hundreds of metres between us at the moment. Curse you, Abels! I didn’t spend all these years training for nothing. If I can’t capture you today, I can’t avenge my sons and brothers!

“You won’t escape me!” The glowing energy on Brave Shine generated dozens of whirlpools around Luo Ming even though he halted his advance.

Luo Ming disseminated a limpid scarlet energy from his also red body – Enlightenment. The red water ricocheted out of the vortexes as waves. The technique he just executed was God-Shocking Theory, a technique with the theme of expressing despair and emptiness.  He sheathed Brave Shine behind him then ripped it out of its sheath with his right hand, blasting red energy at the trio at shore from his sword.

The longer an attack travelled the more energy it would lose prior to making its impact. At the same time, the better someone was, the more of the energy that could sustain over the same distance, just as Luo Ming only lost twenty percent of the blast’s energy over the hundreds of metres.

It was Mountain Monster and A-Lan’s first time fathoming Luo Ming’s true power – significantly ahead of Abels. Luo Ming’s Enlightenment was so overwhelming that hope seemed mythical.

“Abels!” A-Lan shut her eyes and cried as Mountain Monster went ghastly white in the face.



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