The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 39

Melissa Returns

I received my fantastic, robust pearl necklaces two days later. I could tell that Albert earnestly had the two made for me. For meantime, Leah didn’t need it, so I could save it up to gift her when she got married, although I suspect she wouldn’t get married even by the time I was dead… Still, I was content. I didn’t trust the people in the South to deliver it back in one piece, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

He was an entirely different person today; he looked as though he was declaring his victory beforehand by preparing a formal white set of attire that he kept tugging the black lapels of as though to draw attention to it. I couldn’t tell you if the designer’s inspiration came from seagulls.

“It’s time for me to finally reap the rewards after being invested and planning for so long. Up until now, there has been no unfavourable news. It would seem that Lin Dongqing has stuck in his own lane,” Albert brightly assumed.

I bumped into Ross when I left my room to hear him report, “Lord Lin, Sir Albert has made a lot of preparations today. It seems that he will obtain everything he wanted today. This is great. Lord Lin, will you be going back once this is over?”

“Yes,” I answered with a nod. “I’ll head back once I get my money. Having said that, you can continue to stay here as I told you early. I think Lilia will be giving birth soon, right? Didn’t a doctor visit her yesterday? I thought she was giving birth.”

Ross smiled helplessly: “No. It was a false alarm… However… the doctor said she would give birth in the next two days. He even planned to wait here for her to give birth. Lord Lin, will everything go smoothly for Sir Albert this time? My sister is worried.”

“The question isn’t whether or not it will go smoothly,” I replied with a smile. “He has already succeeded. Albert now has enough money, and the share price has dropped. All he has to do today is make the purchases.”

“Really? I am glad to hear that… Can I join you today, Lord Lin?” requested Ross, while gripping his clothes. “I… I want to see what it is all about… If… if I also want to do business in the future… I will have to go through the same process, will I not…? So… so… I want to see what it is about.”

I nodded. I was fine with letting Ross watch. He, as a matter of fact, might be helpful. Neither he nor Ross knew where it had gone awry, anyway. They couldn’t blame me as I never got myself involved. I provided an idea to help Albert making money. I also told him I wanted my money in three months. He understood my reason for asking for it. After he deployed the strategy, I never got involved with the entire process thereafter, nonetheless. As such, I wasn’t the reason he’d be defeated. By the same token, not even Ross could put the blame on me.

When I went to the dining table, I saw Albert sitting by the window, feasting his eyes on the flowers outside while enjoying tea. With a smile, I inquired, “Albert, you look ready to celebrate your victory already. Aren’t you worried about a potential problem today?”

“If there were still any problems, they would have reared their heads already, would they not?” Albert turned around, revealing overconfidence.

Since Lilia didn’t join us at the dining table, I assumed she wasn’t feeling too well.

“I believe there won’t be any businessman or entity with money that will oppose you. If there was, they should’ve showed up already. I haven’t heard them taking any actions, either. Well, congratulations in advance, Albert.”

Albert proudly chuckled but totally overlooked the area between the lines. Indeed, there was nobody in the South who could compete with him. Howbeit, that didn’t mean that there was nobody who could compete with him. Soon enough, he was going to see hell on earth.

“I have had breakfast, so let us be on our way.”

Though Albert didn’t rush me, I couldn’t wait to see Albert break down, so I quickly wolfed down breakfast and got up. I don’t know why, but after seeing Edward and the merchants plead me for mercy and flatter me, I developed a fondness for seeing people sob and plead me. I’m not the Demon King, though, am I?


“Madam, Madam, we do not know what the situation there is. I think it is too hasty for you to rush there now,” opined the maid, taking Melissa’s luggage off her at the South’s port.

Melissa didn’t stop for a moment, though. She went and stopped a horse carriage. Normally, it would be inappropriate for her to go to the trade centre because she wasn’t dressed for the occasion. Essentially, it was impolite. Nevertheless, she had no time to change for she was running a day late and needed to make haste.

“I don’t have time to waste. You can go back and drop my luggage off. I must rush over there now. If it’s started, then this will all be over and my efforts will be for nothing.”

Melissa responded concisely and left on the horse carriage without waiting for her maid’s opinion.

“She just abandoned me… so what should I do…? Should I follow her or head back…? What is she doing…? She just returned, and yet, is off again… Maybe that’s just how it is to be in business. You never knew what they were doing,” mulled the maid.

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