The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 38

True Trap

The trade centre in the South was the same as the trade centre in the imperial palace appearance wise but quieter, and only just over a dozen individuals were present. It would be easier to convince you they were there for some tea with friends than a business location where money went up and down every minute since nobody appeared anxious.

They had a large sign up to inform traders of the price of goods hung up. Not many businesses had shares at this point in time. It was something that only existed when multiple businesses joined hands. That was why the trade centre in the South wasn’t just a place to trade stocks, but a place that also kept tabs on prices for a variety of things, including agricultural products. If a business needed to know the price to something, they could drop in and find out before beginning the buy low and sell high process.

Albert and I went there to hold a meeting in regards to the purchase of buying the shipyard’s shares. Albert would name what he wanted, and then the people below would sell their shares. Actually, it should be called an auction, and not a meeting. You have people looking to sell shares, and then you have people bidding for them. If he did so now, he’d only cause the price to appreciate, not to mention instigating a wild rise in price. Hence, Albert couldn’t name his desire this time. All he could do was hold a meeting with the workers at the trade centre.

I left it up to Albert to go and talk with the person in charge. Meanwhile, I spent my time checking out the sign as it was best that I didn’t show up, either. I suppose my work habit kicked in. I started to consider whether or not I could take the items listed back to the imperial city to sell. I also needed to buy something for Veirya. I was envious and jealous when I saw the neck around Lilia’s neck. I wanted to buy one for Veirya, too, since she was my to-be wife. I suppose I wasn’t going to be able to find a sapphire just by asking for one, though. Plus, I didn’t have money…

Albert was rich, while I was a broke noble. I had only repaid my debt during the fiasco with my bankruptcy. I didn’t profit. It was sad that I couldn’t even put together enough money to hold a wedding ceremony for Veirya. I didn’t plan to touch Achilles’ money for the meantime. I had yet to avenge him and, consequently, had no right to use the money he left me.

Albert patted me on my shoulder, informing, “Everything is ready. We can start it in two days. It seems that we have succeeded. Is there still anybody who can purchase shares? Besides the money we have on hand, there is nobody who can compete with us, right? I am genuinely grateful for your assistance this time, Lord Lin. Without you, I would not have come up with such a good method. I apologise for suspecting you.”

“There’s no need to apologise. It’s only normal for you to be suspicious. It’s perfectly normal for us to suspect things daily. Anybody would suspect somebody who suddenly approached them. If you were that naïve, you wouldn’t be able to do business. I don’t mind you suspecting me. What I mind is whether or not you can fulfil our agreement.”

“Of course. I certainly will.”

I did my best to suppress my scornful smile. He thought he won when he had been tricked into a ditch so deep that he had no way of getting out at this point. On the surface, he appeared to be the victor. In reality, he had already completely failed.

“We can take a short break now, then. We just need to wait for the people with the shares to come. You should start selling your porcelain products, or things will look suspicious. I won’t be responsible for anything pertaining to it here on out. You take the reins. I taught you how to make money; now, it’s on you to figure out how to use it. I’ll be heading back with the money to marry Veirya once this is done. I’ll be sure to send you an invite.”

“Of course. I will be sure to attend!”

I inwardly mocked, “Where do you think you’ll be receiving an invitation to? Previously, I invited Lilia and you out of consideration for Ross. The invite I’m sending you was supposed to be for Achilles. I’ll be sending an invite to become a permanent residence of hell – courtesy of Achilles.”

“Do you have any spare money? I want to buy Veirya a present. I didn’t bring much money with me here. You can just take an extra amount when you split the earnings with me. You’ve got a steady income now, so I can use some, right?”

“Of course, of course, but why would you need to spend your own money? I can buy the gift for Lord Veirya and Miss Leah. You can consider it my gift for your wedding. What did you want to buy, a pearl necklace? Pearls in the South are worth an astounding amount. I will have someone purchase some pearls to make one each for Miss Leah and Lord Veirya.” Albert thumped his chest.

I couldn’t tell you if Albert was expressing gratitude or trying to get in my good books. I considered it and then nodded: “All right, then. However, it’s still better if I pay it. It’s a gift I want to buy them, after all. It would be in poor taste if I had someone else pay it.”

“… Okay.”

It would be fine for me to loan his money. Soon enough, he wouldn’t know how to deal with his debt, so chasing my debt would be pointless.

“Two more days, and Albert will know what revenge is,” I told myself.

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