The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 33


“Homes in the imperial capital sure look amazing,” commented Angelina. “This house is larger and more resplendent than the chapel I once stayed at.”

“I concur. I have never lived in a mansion,” stated Ascillia, with an envious nod. Although Ascilia was the bishop’s only daughter, it didn’t mean her previous home could hold a candle to the mansion. Honestly, a part of her was in disbelief, as she didn’t ever dream of being able to live in such a beautiful home.

“It seems that Queen Sisi is very fond of Lord Lin,” Anna voiced, arms folded with mixed emotions. Seeing young and beautiful girls welcome her, fulfil her role splendidly and wear pretty clothes, Anna didn’t know what to say. Although she was originally an adventurer and not a maid, her job changed her.

“I don’t qualify as a maid when compared to them. They’re professional maids and children of noble families who once served Queen Sisi. I’m only a worker. Can I really work here? Where would I go if I leave, however? I joined them because I had no home to return to in the first place. Sadly, I’ve even lost my place in the family.” wondered Anna.

The Elven Queen chuckled as she gently examined the wall with her hand: “I can’t see its appearance, but I would imagine that Lord Lin has every right to reside in a nice home. He has dedicated his entire being to humanity. I suppose it would be even better if I could see it.”

Angelina ran her gaze up, down and side to side on Veirya, who wore a light purple dress. She was Veirya’s mother no doubt, but seeing her daughter in a dress and wearing jewellery was startling. Her blank expression earned Veirya’s displeasure.

“What. Do you want?” Veirya questioned.

“Nothing. I’m just surprised… So… are you used to life as a countess now?’ asked Angelina, with a smile. As her mother, Angelina was genuinely glad to see her daughter’s as a beautiful countess with an elegant aura instead of being an airhead and killing machine.

Veirya looked down at her dress: “Not. Really. But. They said. I must dress, like this. As a countess. So. I followed along.”

Angelina nodded: “You look pretty good. Oh, boy, I’m going to get to see him his dumbfounded look. It won’t even be a first time, yet he’s still a kid around you. By the way, where is he?’

“South,” Veirya calmly answered. “He has. Been gone. For twelve days.”


Angelina knew why Lin Dongqing went to the South since she knew what happened to Achilles. As they conversed, Leah, who looked horrified, came running over and clung to the back of Veirya’s thigh: “Mama! Help me! Leah doesn’t want to wear that monstrous skirt! Leah doesn’t want to wear it!”

“What’s wrong?” Veirya spotted a maid running over with a red skirt as she turned around.

The fact that Leah was panting suggested that she must’ve had an intense contest with the noble girl. The maid respectfully elucidated, “Madam, Miss does not appear to want to wear this; however, she has to wear formal wear to attend Her Majesty’s tea party today. I hope you can persuade her.”

“I refuse! That thing strangles my belly! I don’t want to corsets inside! Mama Veirya, Leah has never worn that thing before! Papa never made Leah wear it!”

Veirya looked at the corset in the maid’s hand: “Since. She doesn’t want. To wear it. Don’t make her. Her Majesty. Won’t mind.”

“But… girls from noble families must wear it…”

“Pfft, haha, she’s already late,” pointed out Angelina.

The maid froze but still looked to Veirya. Veirya was the master of the place, after all. Angelina’s words held far less weight than Veirya’s, a fact that ground Angelina’s gears. Nevertheless, she was in no position to complain since it was true that the property belonged to Lin Dongqing and Veirya.

Veirya gave a firm nod. “She’ll. Be fine.”

Since Veirya was so resolute, the maid gave up, allowing Leah to finally feel relieved. Veirya turned back to inform, “I now need. To go to the imperial palace. To join the tea party. Stay home. And rest. If you need anything. Tell them. They’re very diligent. And Cute. I like them.”

Angelina’s brow perked up.

Veirya stroked Ascillia’s head then headed upstairs. Not long after, she left with Leah, who was dolled up adorably, on their extravagantly decorated horse carriage. Angelina stood there with a surprised look for a while. “I thought Veirya would be bored and miss Lin Dongqing, but she looks as though she’s leading a fulfilling life… I never expected to see her with that demeanour and dress up. She’s a proper noble lady now, huh?”

“Indeed…” concurred Anna, voice sorrowful. “It seems that I need to find a new job.”

“Hmm? You don’t want to continue working for them?” asked Angelina, feeling surprised.

Anna sighed, explaining, “With maids of this level, Lord Lin and Veirya would not need me, would they? They are count and countess. What am I…?”

“You’re deluding yourself. Don’t go giving Lin Dongqing extra trouble. Does he need you to work? Although Veirya is now a noble, your history on the battlefield together hasn’t changed. You just need to stay at home. Plus, I’m sure Leah prefers you over the maids here.”

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