The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 32

The Happenings Behind the Curtain

Lilia wore a gentle smile as she gently stroked Albert’s head on her thigh: “Dear, though I don’t understand your business, but I feel that you’ve succeeded.”

Albert was high strung and frowning all the time until money started rolling in day after day, switching to a relaxed temperament that Lilia was delighted to see. Even though she didn’t understand what was happening, she was glad to see her husband return to his normal self.

“Indeed. While I’m still wary of Lin Dongqing, he hasn’t done anything up until now, not to mention that I’ve made the money I needed thanks to his idea. It’s in my favour regardless of how you look at it. Lin Dongqing might really not harm me but honestly wants to help me.”

“Haha, Dear, you are too worried. You were not acquainted with him. You only met each other once. Moreover, Ross is now working with him, and he said that Lord Lin is a nice gentleman. How, then, could Lord Lin be here to harm you? Perhaps he really does have a financial problem. The last time we went to the imperial capital, I heard that nobles truly spend a lot of money. Their families possess and use the best there is to offer. I suppose that not even Lord Lin would be able to fulfil his family’s expenses. That would explain why he goes where there is money to be found.”

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe even Lord Lin is short on money somewhat these days. Being a noble is just a rank, after all. His family is also large relatively, speaking. I, perhaps, don’t need to be worried about him… You’re right. I never did anything to offend him, so he wouldn’t harm me logically speaking.”

“Exactly, Dear. You don’t need to be so tense. While Lord Lin has brought destruction a fair number of times, we must trust him. He has never done anything wrong if we think about it. I would say that we can become friends after this. That would also allow Ross to come home more frequently.

“If business is doing well, then that’s fantastic. That will allow our child to have a brighter future. Albert, I’ve planned out the future. We should let our child choose to learn what he or she likes. Of course, I personally want our child to work with Her Majesty. It’s too far away from the imperial capital here in the south. Our child will have better prospects if he or she works in the imperial capital, wouldn’t you agree?”

Albert laughed as he sat up to embrace his wife: “Our child hasn’t come to this world yet, and yet you’re thinking about so much?”

“We have to put in some effort with planning, don’t we? Our life will be centred around our child in the future.”

Albert lied down and kissed his wife and held her hand. His wife was his highest priority and the one he loved most. His wife would have to dedicate herself to their child, while he had to dedicate himself to his wife and child. Thus, he inwardly said, “Once I acquire the shipyard, I’ll be able to provide my family with a better life, won’t I? Let’s put it all aside for now. Achilles’ incident seems as though it never happened.”

I assumed it was the last day Albert would be selling porcelains as, if he sold any more, then his warehouse wouldn’t be able to keep up. As long as he believed he’d earned enough, then cool. I wasn’t trying to run his porcelains business into the ground. Truth be told, I had developed some motivation to take over his porcelains business after I destroyed him. That was why I had to have him run it well as opposed to destroying it.

Nights in the South were different to nights in the North. In the North, it was relatively cold and quiet outside at night. All you could see was the giant silver ball and its silver orchestra. Occasionally, you’d hear a dog bark that would disturb the silence, but it would quickly fall silent again.

In the imperial capital, it wasn’t night time if you couldn’t smell alcohol. It remained as lively as it did during the day. If you didn’t close your curtains to keep the light out, you wouldn’t be able to sleep.

In the South, nature was considerably rowdier. The sounds bugs made and the whistling wind were a musical arrangement, blowing unsettled grass. The air was humid enough to feel gross and annoying. Perhaps Albert and his wife could handle it since they were used to it. As for me, I missed my small house in the North and Veirya, who was at the imperial capital at the moment. I had left my family for a depressingly long time. I made a promise to go back and marry Veirya, yet I had lost count of how many times I made the promise. Veirya wasn’t stupid; she just trusted me.

“I wonder how Leah and Veirya are doing. They aren’t arguing or angry, are they? Is Leah used to life in the new house? Leah often asked me to replenish her stores, but I’m not with her right now. Did she change? Surely Leah can bear with it. I needed to hurry back,” I brooded as I peered out the window.

I didn’t know how things had progressed on Melissa’s end. If things were working out, she should have the most shares in three days’ time. At the moment, there were about sixty percent of the shares up for purchase. If she could buy them, Albert would be forced to quickly sell his shares in order to avoid bankruptcy. Three months later, his life would end. If Melissa already acquired an adequate number of shares, Albert’s shares would drop exponentially in the blink of an eye for the reason that any shares he acquired would be useless. Nobody could say for certain what would happen if Melissa gained the rights to the shipyard.

In the upcoming phase, it was a contest of who could acquire the decisive number of shares. Albert had a head start advantage since he wasn’t so far away from his target and more cash flow. He only needed another thirty percent. With him only requiring so little, he had more room to choose, thereby reducing his investment. That being the case, even if the price of the shares didn’t drop as I wanted them to, he could still purchase the shares he needed. Having said that, Melissa still had a chance of winning.

There were more people to network with and more resources offered at the imperial capital. Topping that off with my reputation there would mean that, if she succeeded with the plan there, then she wasn’t necessarily doomed to lose against Albert. There was no doubt that I wielded enough power to help Melissa.

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