Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 116

A Life of Pride. Who is Competing? (Part 8)

Despite knowing of Luo Ming’s prowess through word of mouth for decades, it was Yi Wangyou’s first time meeting the legend himself. The man whose perfectly-combed black hair stole the hearts of many maidens in Jiangnan didn’t appear to have aged a single day if one were to see his cool and youthful smile. Even Emperor Yuansheng needed a second to not mistake his old friend for Luo Siming’s identical twin brother.

The legend in the deluxe green robe strode forward and regarded everyone with a palm and fist salute: “Please pardon this one for not welcoming all of you to Huzhou earlier. To have troubled Wudang’s three elders, Kunlun’s Patriarch Yi and Hero Lie to chase out some trivial bad people from Huzhou for this one, this one feels apologetic.”

Speaking on behalf of Yi Wangyou, as well as Lie Shang, Elder Shou politely replied, “You speak too highly of this old one. He is too old to be chasing out any bad p-”

Sounds of several of Evil Spirits’ members gasping blood and collapsing interrupted Elder Shou. Elder Shou realised that, when he spoke up before, Luo Ming added an internal style mental cultivation technique to his voice. The addition extended the reach of Luo Ming’s voice as well as dealt damage to listeners. While Luo Ming’s voice sounded perfectly normal to them, Evil Spirits’ heard explosions go off in their heads. Harming someone using sound doesn’t warrant astonishment. Being able to communicate and inflict harm simultaneously, not to mention selectively choosing who heard what, was a first for even Elder Shou.

“You have widened this old one’s horizons, Patriarch Luo,” complimented Elder Shou.

“You are too humble, Elder Shou.” Luo Ming pivoted over to Emperor Yuansheng: “Brother Li, in spite of all my training, your eyes are still sharper than my qinggong.”

Emperor Yuansheng heartily laughed. “Now you are being too humble, Brother Luo. Had you not deliberately shown yourself to me, I would never have guessed it was you.”

Luo Ming kept his thumb and index fingers on his sword hilt elevated unlike other swordsmen; he held it as if he was holding a calligraphy brush.

Incandescent over the results of the battle, Abels pointed at Luo Ming’s face and, in a deep voice, enunciated, “You…”

“I forgot we still had an unwanted guest to remove.” Luo Ming turned back to Abels.

Wrathfully, Abels howled, “Bring your head over here!”

Luo Ming coolly tugged up the corner of his lips: “Huzhou has been entrusted to this one. Do you think Jiangnan is going to turn a blind eye to your uninvited invasion and mayhem?”

“Brother Luo, he is one the Supreme Ten Saints and undefeated in Beijiang. Be careful not to let him catch you off guard,” Emperor Yuansheng cautioned.


Only a small number of people saw the two streaks heading into the woods before they heard a “boom” that had leaves hurtling from. Emperor Yuansheng’s escort saw a fight they never thought they’d see in the human realm when Abels clashed with Master Ming, so they expected a somewhat similar fight between Abels and Luo Ming. Howbeit, it was entirely different, being a silent, flashy fight, instead – in the literal sense. Accordingly, nobody could tell what sorts of moves were exchanged. All they saw was the two take off two and a half kilometres away.

Abels looked as though he was shadow boxing the entire time, trying to prove he had ten horses’ work capacity: “This isn’t what we agreed on! You betrayed us, Luo Ming!”

“Hahahaha.” Luo Ming drew a silver arc, grazing Abels’ left arm, left leg and then right leg successively. Abels grimaced as he lost his ability to fight back, while Luo Ming showed no remorse unlike his amiable aura prior. “I have nothing to say to you. Your only mission now is to die here.” With that, Luo Ming plunged his sword through Abels body.


Luo Ming silenced the masses with something he threw along the ground upon returning an hour later – Abels’ head. Unarmed and smiling as if he just did some refreshing morning stretches, he verbalised, “We must remove hostile guests when they come uninvited. Although it is not pretty, what must be done has to be done. This one would like to invite everyone to stay at his humble abode for a few days to welcome you.”


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