Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 92

Luo Sword Ling Feng. Falling Proud Feathers. (Part 1)

Luo Sword Manor’s Repository Island was Luo Clan’s equivalent of the imperial family’s Forbidden City, a residence and office for Luo Clan’s patriarch. Contrary to the past, where the island was reserved for conferences between their upper echelon and important gatherings, the island was no longer in the hands of Luo Clan’s supporters. With the exception of those loyal to Luo Siming, all other members of Luo Clan swore fealty to Luo Yan since he had Flame Emperor and Siming Sword in his possession.

For the last century, everyone on the various islands under Luo Clan’s jurisdiction was assigned a job, such as patrols, communications, security, cleaning, clothing and food. The main branch, for instance, primarily focused on forging weapons and teaching or learning swordplay. When required, they would be the steadfast Luo Clan military.

In the past, the clan didn’t side with neither Luo Yan nor Luo Siming, rendering the two equals. Should they ever ally with either faction, the supported faction would effortlessly win because the neutral main clan wielded more power than the smithing and swordplay departments.

Luo Yan leveraged the two swords to give out orders while surreptitiously giving orders to the main clan to tamper with food and drinks. Consequently, he squashed the swordplay department without costing himself a single subordinate. Luo Yan was careful not to let anyone on Flying Fish, Flying Swallow and Flying Snow islands find out about his actions, while Luo Siming’s powerlessness to return to Repository Island meant that news of the coup wasn’t shared.

In one sleep, the swordplay department’s role with the smithing department had been reversed, becoming the minority, behind bars and unable to put up a resistance. Those from the smithing department who were Luo Siming loyalists were labelled traitors and treated terribly, albeit not locked up.

Luo Siding, who was entrusted with Repository Island while his father went out for business, trespassed into the most sacred place on the island, reserved for only Luo Sword Manor’s reigning patriarch – Sword Repository Hall – with his group of brown-nosing friends.

“All that enigmatic act over a pile of useless copper and iron?” Luo Siding always wanted to see the interior of Sword Repository Hall, so it was the first order of things for him as soon as his father left Repository Island in his hands.

“They are the blood, sweat and tears of our previous patriarchs, divine weapons our ancestor sacrificed so much to obtain. H-how can you call them useless?! M-mind your choice of words!” fumed Luo Wuchang.

Being tasked with keeping Sword Repository Hall in mint condition despite being a member of the smithing department, Repository Island’s chamberlain, Luo Wuchang, reciprocated the trust Luo Siming showed him, trusting him not to pinch a weapon while counting or cleaning. For that reason, Luo Wuchang didn’t take a liking to Luo Yan, let alone his disgrace of a son.

“Did you just argue with me? You forgot your place?” Luo Siding cancelled his plan to slap the elder because he didn’t think it would shake up the elder with nerves of steel. He, instead, picked up a bronze hunting sword and remarked, “What’s this? It looks decent.”

Luo Wuchang proudly informed, “It is Bronze Hunter, an unrivalled sword during its era when our eighth generation ancestor left it behind.”

“Must be good for slicing beef, then. Men, bring me beef!”

“Right away, Young Master!” The bootlicker sped off to the kitchen to fetch a big plate of beef in soy sauce.

In spite of the beef already being sliced, Luo Siding ran Bronze Hunter Sword through it and then left the sword to marinate in the soy sauce: “What are you going to do about it? Keep staring and I’ll roast all of the swords here!”

Prioritising the swords over his pride and emotions, Luo Wuchang pursed his lips together.

“Hahahaha, that’s what I thought, old bugger!”

Meanwhile, a group of people sailed to Repository Island without reserve, showing up with total disregard for Luo Sword Manor.

“Luo Sword Manor invited us here, yet your master isn’t even going to welcome us?”

Trying not to affront the young man attired in lavish clothing with a group of servants waiting on him,  totalling forty to fifty adepts, Luo Clan’s servant replied, “Young Master Ling, please calm down. This one is not refusing you entry. He swears Second Master and Young Master are not on the island.”

“So what if they’re not? I’m a long-time friend of your young master. Your young master wouldn’t complain even if I came without an appointment.”

“But… B-”

“No buts!” Young Master Ling front kicked the servant onto his bottom and brayed, “I’m going to hold a banquet today. I don’t have time to waste. I’m going to check out Sword Repository Hall and then visit the residence with my friends. Your young master would approve if he was in your shoes. How dare you tell me to leave?!”

“Young Master Ling, please leave with your friends.”


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