The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 05

Achilles’ Despair

Veirya queried, “What’s. The matter? With how hasty you are. Are you planning. To go out? Did something. Major happen?”

“No, nothing major,” I half-heartedly replied after surprising Veirya.

When I went to run out after tying up my boots, Veirya grabbed me. She took her ring off and set it down on the table, trading it for her sword… Yes, swords were placed at the door as umbrellas are in our family… She draped her cape over her shoulders and stated, “I’ll go. With you. It looks. Very serious.”

I got over my mental hurdle to explain, “Achilles might commit suicide, so we have to hurry. He should be at the tavern. We can still make it.”

“Why would. Achilles. Commit suicide?”

“Because Albert accidentally killed his lover when doing business. Achilles asked me to go to the South to kill Albert, but I rejected his plea. He should be so overcome with despair that he wants to commit suicide now. We must stop him!” I explained while running out.

The townsfolk, who assumed I was already demon food, all looked relieved to see me again. I had no time to hold a conversation, unfortunately, so I thoughtlessly waved back and ran to the tavern with Veirya.

Business on the first floor of the tavern was decent. The young girl was busy with the customers unlike in the past, where there wasn’t a single customer. The farmers were very happy to spend a copper coin or two for some beer and snacks to relax after work. The young girl gave me a surprised smile and cheerfully waved: “Hello, My Lord, what brings you here all of a sudden? Did you want a drink or the ear dish? We promise it is just as delicious as before!”

“No, not today.”

Noticing my serious and tense expression, the girl placed the tray in her hand down. The chattering crowd quietened down as everyone turned to me, thinking I came to grab some helpers for something major. I clarified, “It’s nothing. Just personal business, so relax. Continue with what you were doing.”

The crowd chuckled and then resumed their conversations.

I asked the young girl, “Is there a relatively dirty looking fellow who just came here? Has he stayed here before?”

“Are you referring to Sir Achilles? … I recognise him. He came to our town before, did he not? It was winter if I am correct. He is staying upstairs; he just came back, as well. He ordered a serving of food and a drink. He then told us not to disturb his sleep.”

“Do you have a key? I have very important business. Pass me the key. Achilles left important stuff with me. Don’t worry about calling him for me. I’ll head up there myself. Don’t worry, Achilles won’t reprimand you. Also, you don’t need to ask question; just give me the key. Hurry!”

The girl was surprised, but didn’t dare to inquire any further because I was the lord of the town and, therefore, frantically fetched the key from the counter. I bolted up the stairs with Veirya. The girl stopped at the staircase after handing me the key and shouted, “He is in the room at the end!!”

As soon as I opened the door, I smelt blood. Veirya pulled me behind her and drew her sword for the same reason, vigilantly scanning the interior. Anxious, I pulled Veirya aside. I swiftly went in and slammed the door behind me to avoid letting anyone smell the blood. I looked surveyed at the room before settling on Achilles, who sat in the chair, or rather, was limp in the chair.

Achilles had both hands on the dagger in his chest. His blood stained the wall in front of him, yet he looked at peace. Veirya walked up to him and shook her head: “He’s dead.”

“Yeah, even I can tell,” I inwardly said.

Achilles certainly was savage. I wouldn’t choose to lodge a knife in my chest to commit suicide. How much guts and determination would it take to do?

Veirya gently removed his hands from the dagger. She looked at him with a gaze I couldn’t describe but didn’t comment.

I didn’t pay attention to Achilles as he was already dead. No matter how much care I offered at that point, it was meaningless. The ink on the will he left on the table had yet to dry. Achilles didn’t care about tidiness by that point. Some letters weren’t clear as his finger smudged them.

The will was simple, yet lawfully effective. He passed ownership of all his possessions to me and stamped the will with his personal stamp. In other words, I had become a capitalist with a big building, a company and a factory in the imperial capital. Achilles had his own reasons for leaving them with me.

I silently turned around to look at Achilles corpse. He didn’t leave me with just his things but also one word: revenge.

If Achilles was alive, I could refuse his request. He was an astute man, though. He knew that I couldn’t refuse him if he was gone. I could just take what he left me with and brush it off. He wouldn’t care, either. Dead men don’t need to worry about life without their loved one. What he did gave me a heavy burden. He was well aware of the difference between the living and the dead. The dead didn’t need to face their conscience, but the living did.

Achilles knew me too well. He knew that I’d feel guilty if I spent his money without fulfilling his wish. I smiled helplessly. I didn’t think he’d force my hand. I always believed I could beat him. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d set me on this path.

“What. Are you going to do?” asked Veirya.

“… Let’s put him to rest. Then, I need to make a trip to the imperial capital.”

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