The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 04


“So… you refuse?”

Although I sympathised with Achilles, sympathy wasn’t a reason to accept or agree. If one was to agree to things merely out of sympathy, they’re either the champion of justice or asinine. Doing good deeds is fine; being an idiot isn’t.

“Achilles, I told you that I’m not a hit man. Okay, I’m a businessman. I’m not in that business, though. If you want to kill Albert, it would cost you much less than this to hire an assassin to kill him. There’s no reason to ask me. Moreover, Albert didn’t do anything to me, not to mention the fact that his wife is Ross’ elder sister. Regardless of what perspective you look at it from, I’m not the man for the job. To add, I want to tie the knot with Veirya. I don’t want to throw off our life schedule of for your issue. You know how much Veirya and I went through to be together.”

Achilles nodded and left without a word. Truthfully, there was a part of my conscience that disagreed with my decision. That said, I knew that I couldn’t call him back. What I said was right. Also, my impression of Albert wasn’t shabby. How could I kill Ross’ brother-in-law for Achilles? I didn’t stand to gain anything.

I followed Achilles out. I patted him on his shoulder when he turned back at the door: “I know that it’s bad timing to bring this up, but I do hope you can attend my wedding with Veirya. I’m sorry for your loss; however, you know that I can’t accept the job. It’s not an issue of money. My condolences, but life must go on.”

“Life must go on,” repeated Achilles, revealing a ridiculing and bitter smile. “Yeah, life must go on. Lin Dongqing, have you ever wondered if you’d still lead this life if Veirya was gone? Would you be calm? Would you be happy?”

I didn’t know how to respond. Achilles was right. The succubus was just another ordinary succubus to me. To him, on the other hand, she was the equivalent of what Veirya was to me for him.  I couldn’t imagine life without Veirya. Had she not made it through that rainy night in the elven lands, what would my purpose in life be? What would I work for? Without Veirya, I’d most probably do the same thing as Achilles; I’d give her all rights and even my body for revenge. Veirya would return to me if I didn’t avenge her. Still, I’d still do it for my love. Revenge wasn’t pointless. It was retribution for the culprit, and those alive could have a knot undone. The living would have the right to place flowers before the deceased.

I still had Leah, so I couldn’t break down for I had to take care of her. What about Achilles, on the other hand? I had never seen him so intimate with another woman. The only reason he hung around with Angelina in the past was to conduct the trade with the chapel.

Seeing as I had no response, Achilles chuckled and left. Watching him leave gave me the impression that he was lost and lonely, though I couldn’t confirm if it was my mood that gave the impression. Angelina came up from behind and tapped my shoulder: “What’s the matter? Achilles looks unlike himself. He’s never looked so despondent. What, did something happen?”

“Mm… I guess you could say so. I don’t know who the succubi in the imperial capital offended, or maybe the war against the demons was part of the reason, but somebody killed the succubi and burnt their place down. The succubus Achilles loved was killed in the fire. Hence, he came to ask me to avenge him by killing the instigator.”

“Really? Who’s the culprit?”

Angelina relished in Achilles’ misery. Clearly, they were on friendly terms before, yet she was unfazed. In addition, she didn’t seem to have any interest in the succubi. As for the incident itself, she didn’t seem bothered in the slightest despite them having helped us.

“Albert… who I invited over before. His wife is Ross’ elder sister. Apparently, he sent assassins after the succubi for money. In saying that, I’m sure Albert wasn’t aware Achilles’ lover was there, so I guess he’s quite innocent. Of course, I don’t find Albert’s means for earning some money to be justified.”

“Aren’t all businessmen the same as him? Maybe Albert really needed the money. You plan to help Achilles exact his revenge?”

“I wouldn’t do that. I don’t benefit from helping him, and there’s no point. Plus, I’d have to harm Albert when my impression of him isn’t bad. Sure, I can’t say that what he did this time was excusable, but I’m not an apostle of justice. If I could live in peace with Veirya, yet go and pick a fight with a single man in the South, wouldn’t it be a case of asking for trouble out of boredom? That’s why I definitely won’t go.”

“I agree. You should stay out of it. In saying that, if Achilles dies, can you take what he has?”

“You could say that…”

“So Achilles plans to go and die, then, right?”

“He never said so. I don’t think he’d commit suicide because he couldn’t get revenge.”

“Why did he leave all of his valuable possessions here with you, then?”

Time stopped. I slowly cast my gaze down to Angelina’s hands that held the stuff Achilles gave me. He didn’t take his stuff with him! I overlooked it! If Achilles took his stuff, then he probably still held onto hope. The fact that he left his possessions with me meant…

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