Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 82

Nyu’er Hong. Drunken Heroes. (Part 4)

“Wait, what are you doing, Elder!” shouted Su Xiao, using his eyes to warn, “Big Brother Ming, why are you hitting him? Do you know how they are?” Still concerned, he added, “You can’t even beat them!” Thinking it was all a series of fluke shots, Su Xiao dragged me away.

I didn’t need the reminder to stop since I already stopped and was checking my hand out whilst relishing the high of getting to smack Bodhi around. That said, it didn’t feel the way I expected. It exceeded what I expected in every facet. More importantly, the short scuffle persuaded me that he was unlikely to be Lass Yu’s new fiancé.

Every time I hit Bodhi, he’d redirect the force of impact throughout his body. Let’s say a punch delivers a hundred kilograms of force. By dividing that force to the rest of his body, one can reduce the force of the impact if the impact is divided over five joints as opposed to one. I stopped when I noticed what happened after my internal energy made its way into his body.

My discovery compelled me to reanalyse all of the information I obtained from my various sources, pedantically scrutinising every detail.

The others intended to lend Bodhi a hand but called it off, deciding my lifespan was almost over, anyway. In saying that, Bodhi did dissuade them from attacking whilst waiting for me with a smile.

Su Xiao asked, “H-how are you? Didn’t you tell me people with advanced internal strength and deflect the force of strikes back to the attacker? Just why did you hit him?”

Oh, I know where I went wrong now. He’s not an ally, but he’s not an enemy, either.

Eyes narrowed, I inquired, “You?”

Bodhi bobbed his head: “Yes.”

“You’re here?”


I stared at Bodhi’s face, etching every detail to my mind and illustrating a familiar face: “So… you’re here?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“Why… Well, you should be here.”

“You seem to know no less than I do.”

If you didn’t understand, you’re not alone. As for me, I finally realised the purpose of our trip. Although the drawing wasn’t complete in my mind, I was out of the fog.

I gave Bodhi a nod that he reciprocated. He then politely told the three others, “It is Bodhi’s honour to have formed a friendship with you three today. Bodhi must leave now. Mr. Wuqing, Bodhi will pay you a visit on another day.”

Voice muffled, I instructed, “Xiao, tell the two guests from Wutong Jin Yuxuan that Elder Zhong had to leave due to business, and tell them to leave.”

Though bewildered, Su Xiao did as he was told.

Once the room was cleared out, my eyes made their way to the thirty wine jars when I was searching for an opening remark. “You are a man who can appreciate alcohol. Dragon Phoenix Inn now supplies the finest wine in all of Canhu Town. Are you not going to try them?”

“Bodhi does not recall mentioning he is fond of drinking.”

“How many men from Beijiang don’t share a love for alcohol? Please be my guest.” I generated a vacuum with a hand, drawing a jar to the hand.

Bodhi pulled his left hand into a relaxed position then used a heavy force to snatch the jar from me with his right hand. I chuckled as I retaliated with a palm strike beyond Manifestation Realm’s output, manipulating the wine abound in the air into the shape of an arrow, and Bodhi caught it in his mouth, drinking the entire serving.

I glanced down to Bodhi’s broadsword in his left and inquired, “Is that the illustrious Sea Deer Hunter?”


“I heard the entire broadsword is forged from seasteel and turns blue when imbued with qi. They say the wielder feels that all of their energy flows smoothly when wielding weapons forged using seasteel, therefore supporting recovery from injuries as well as granting unlimited endurance in combat.”

“Impressive, Elder, or shall Bodhi call you, Brother Ming?”

I pulled off my mask: “When did you discover I’m not an old man?”

“Bodhi noticed you working behind the scenes that day at Luo Clan’s estate. It was unfortunate Bodhi could not fight you.”

“We can always fight now.”

I threw a wine jar up and then knife handed it, catching the released wine in internal energy to pummel Bodhi in the face with it. Bodhi raised an arm, stopping the incoming wine in his layer of internal energy.

“Bodhi already had a jar. If we are drinking, how about drinking with Bodhi?” Bodhi sent the wine back at my face as a cannonball of wine similarly to my wine arrow.

I drew a circle in front of me with one hand, turning the ball into rows to drink. The fact that there was no wine on the ground confirmed my suspicions, so the two of us regarded each other with a smile.

“It’s what I thought it was?”

“It is as you think it is. Just don’t inquire about that which I am oblivious about.”

“Damn… I didn’t see this coming.”

“But, damn, it’s true.”

Feeling as though I found a bosom buddy, I shouted, “Brother Bodhi, since we can’t decide who the better fighter is right now, how about we see who holds their liquor better?”

“Hahaha, you actually hit the nail on the head before. This one will drink any alcohol. If you do not fear a blemish on your record, bring it on.”

The two of us picked up a jar each to chug, neither of us looking fazed in the slightest after. We continued to drink as though we were trying to dry out an ocean.

“Are you going to search for him?”

“I haven’t been able to, but I eventually will find him.”

“All right. This one cannot name many people as hearty as you, Brother Bodhi. I have my reasons for being unable to reveal myself, so I will leave you with good wishes.”

“Hahaha, you are the only one in this town who Bodhi can call a rival. Bodhi is glad to hear that from you.”

“I shall take my leave after this jar.”

“All right, Brother Ming.”

The two of us inhaled another jar each. I stopped myself, however, to ask, “Uh, I’d like to ask if you proposed to Wutong Jin Yuxuan yesterday.”

Bodhi placed down his jar and smiled: “Huh? What?”


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