Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 79

Nyu’er Hong. Drunken Heroes. (Part 1)

Bodhi arrived earlier than scheduled and meditated at Dragon Phoenix Inn, not because trying to smoke out an ambush or trying to familiarise himself with the environment; he could’ve done both with his ears alone. All he sought was some time to relax because he was privy to the importance of ensuring one was well rested.

Frankly, Bodhi’s sleep deprivation started to run him into the ground since he had foregone days of sleep while constantly battling at high tension. The only reason he didn’t collapse earlier was his sheer determination to achieve his goal.

Just a little more… Just a little more and I’ll know what his goal is. It’ll be too late if I wait until the official commencement on Sword Island.

Bodhi shut his eyes, releasing the fatigue he withheld to every fibre of his being. There were two reasons he chose to recuperate at Dragon Phoenix Inn. Firstly, he was aware that people involved with the martial world operated it, while he didn’t want to hurt the innocent. He might not have fitted the mould of a normal man, but he wasn’t the violence incarnate. He had no qualms with Dragon Phoenix Inn’s owner taking umbrage with him for he was keen to take any opportunity to draw attention.

Bodhi’s goal was to leverage the weapon hunter’s notoriety to draw Luo Clan’s attention. That being said, he had to manage how much chaos he started, lest the imperial court or other orthodox sects get involved.

Bodhi prayed his match with Wutong Jin Yuxuan yesterday was enough for people to start initiating challenges with him. Otherwise, his options would continue to wither over time. By the same account, he would have to continue to push the extremes of violence if it came down to that.

Bodhi, picturing the four individuals outside his door based on their gait and heartbeats, banished his fatigue through willpower and opened his eyes to prepare for a potential clash: “Please come in.”

The second reason Bodhi chose to rest at Dragon Phoenix Inn was because his opponents for today knew the place well.

Chigan Sha, a man he had already crossed swords with once, entered with a young maiden, a middle-aged monk and an elder roughly sixty years old. Chigan Sha declared, “I am here along with the people I want as promised on the day you took my Mad Desert Blade Sect’s treasured weapon.”

The elder laughed in a high-pitched voice – a sound attack – then said, “Proclaiming yourself to be the weapon hunter and doing as you please in Canhu Town is directly disrespecting us elders. This old one leads the life of a recluse in the mountains and is not here for a fight. He is merely here to witness the might of the current generation, lest people call him ignorant.”

The elder was once active in Shanxi until he withdrew from the pugilistic world after he lost to someone, concentrating on honing himself ever since.  The audio attack he utilised was called Mountain Eagle’s Nine Cries, a technique that turned every word he enunciated into weapons. A strong opponent would have trouble breathing after listening to him, while a weak opponent would be floored and diagnosed with detrimental damage.

Bodhi hiked up the corner of his lips leisurely and replied, “Mountain Eagle, Elder Fan, this one has heard of your Mountain Elder Hundred Techniques Spear even though he resides far from the populated cities. It is an honour to meet you, hahaha.”

The monk calmly conveyed, “This one is Wuqing. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

In an even more courteous tone than when speaking to Elder Fan, Bodhi responded, “Divine Monk Wuqing, the honour is mine.”

Wuqing was expelled from Shaolin after he wrangled with his shifu. Shaolin hunted him as a wanted criminal for the murders he committed to no avail. True to the meaning of his name – heartless – Wuqing never stopped when he won fights and would smash his opponent to death with his iron cudgel while wearing an indifferent visage. Some people called him Heartless Fiend Monk. Divine Monk was a title Bodhi merely referenced as a show of respect.


The reason Bodhi encouraged Chigan Sha to bring allies was to catapult himself to prominence. Thus far, he already had two big names among the unorthodox sects.

“Hahaha, Divine Desert Broadsword Style, Wuqing Cudgel and Mountain Eagle’s Hundred Technique Spear. Fantastic. Let’s party.” Hearing the maiden cough, Bodhi inquired, “Miss… Please forgive this one for not recognising you. Might he be able to trouble you to introduce your esteemed self?” Bodhi assumed the teenage girl to be an adept since she accompanied the other three big names.

“Who are you calling ‘Miss’?!” The maiden stomped and drew a long sabre, braying, “I’m a guy!”

“R-really? Umm, may this one ask which revered sect you are a disciple of?”

Su Xiao blustered, “I’m a waiter at this inn! Since you four look like you’re going to fight, I’m here to watch over you!”

“A waiter?”


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