Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 76

Hello, I’m Here to Have Some Tofu Pudding

Bang! Blistering, Emperor Yuansheng slammed the table, reproving, “We don’t know how strong the enemy is. How can she stick around when she knows Evil Spirits is involved? She just escaped from a trip to hell, yet she’s going into the tiger’s den again. Does she know how worried I am?!”

Still angry despite reeled off one criticism after another while already after I told him about Boss’ undercover plan, Emperor Yuansheng gave me the death stare, continuing, “Why did you assent? Yiren is still young and foolish, but you’re not!”

“Your Majesty, they say you only need to hold an official rank one spot higher to kill the official ranked directly below you… You need not worry, though, for I have used a disguise to join her. As long as I am with her, her safety is guaranteed to b”

Emperor Yuansheng sprung to his feet: “Be jeopardised!”

Uh… I’m not sure that’s not how the quote goes?

“Ming Feizhen!” Emperor Yuansheng wagged his finger pointed at me: “Why didn’t you report back immediately? We could’ve sent someone who can fight if she put up a resistance. You think she has time to bodyguard you while you’re undercover?! You trying to shave off my lifespan?!

Cursing without profanity isn’t really c-

“You piece of dog crap!”

I don’t exactly prefer profanity, having said that. Wait, what happened to trusting me?

“I shouldn’t have praised you for being bright. You really are mentally stunted.

You’re too pragmatic, you ungrateful-backstabbing-two-faced traitor!

Emperor Yuansheng unleashed a verbal lashing on me for fifteen minutes staight, so I had to write a letter of guarantee guaranteeing three things before I was allowed to leave. First, I had to ensure Boss Shen’s safety. Second, I had to acquire insider information on the target. Third, I had to use the valuable stuff provided in a bag to make two supplementary drinks for Boss Shen in the morning and at night to help her recuperate and protect her skin…

So, I’m a bodyguard, undercover agent, baby sitter and pay three hundred thousand to work? Toss this Emperor. I’ll be next to revolt after Orange Prince!

I happened to pass by Tang Ye’s room on the way out of the building, so it dawned on me that I hadn’t had time to speak to him recently due to me being occupied with searching for Boss Shen. I listened in close to hear the guy snoring.

This guy! You think you’re pitiful because you lost?! Stop using it as an excuse to sleep! I’ll kick your door down and wake you the h-, wait. His breathing is different to usual. This isn’t his usual breathing pattern. If I was to compare his breathing rhythm to Yi Wangyou right now, they’d be nearly identical. He hasn’t completely modified his breathing style yet. Nonetheless, it seems he’s made some drastic progr-, I should say he’s learning a new style. Even though there were conflicts between styles he’s learnt and this new one, there are similarities. Still, I’m astounded with his rate of progress.

They say it takes eight to ten years for someone without a knack for it to learn an internal style, while someone with an aptitude for them would master them in a year or two. Those with commendable comprehension skills in Buddhism would need a solid foundation to master internal styles, yet Tang Ye altered his style more than thirty percent within a matter of days; most impressive was that he could continue training while asleep.

He couldn’t have progressed so rapidly without a tutor. True Blood Yang Qi isn’t compatible with other styles, typically speaking. Who coached him? Judging from his deep sleep, he must be drained. How can he be that tired when nobody has seen him set foot outside his room? His qi and blood, on the other hand, are roiling as though he’s on the cusp of ascending to a new realm. I can’t figure out what’s going on even using Divine Realm.

“Big Brother Ming?” Su Xiao called.

Snapping out of my focus, I responded, “Xiao?”

Su Xiao didn’t appear too happy after I shared with him what happened while I was gone. Instead, he kept wearing a counterfeit smile and once commented, “I wonder whose eyes could be so bad.” Hell as if I knew who he was talking about.

“Someone’s looking for me.”

“Me? Zhong Ming?”

“No… Ming Feizhen.”

I cast my gaze over Su Xiao’s shoulder to see a pretty nun with a blinding smile waving at me. I wobbled a step back and exclaimed, “Who are you, fiend?!”

There’s no way Huofeng could beam so brightly!

The imposter sauntered closer to greet, “Long-time no see, Brother Ming.”

Sh-she’s pretty tall! Men, bring me a cinnabar, yellow paper and dog blood. This daoist is going to excorcise the nun!

Huofeng stuck her tongue out: “Why are you so scared, Brother Ming? It’s not like there’s a ghost or something.”

“Why am I scared? Whenever Huofeng addresses me, she tells me to go drown in a well, go to hell or something of the sort. The last time she called me ‘Brother’, she scammed me out of wine.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if even Yu Feiyuan came here. You expect me to believe you can smile so brightly and call me “Brother” in that friendly tone? I know you harbour ulterior motives!

“Hehehe, let’s leave bygones in the past, shall we? I must say, you, I don’t know. You’ll get used to it.”

She’s not angry even after I took a jab at her? Now I’m more scared.

“I knew you were a faithful man and not the type to feign ignorance after scoring. Everything I said in the past is a misunderstanding. Let’s put the past behind us, shall we?”

Faithful? Feign ignorance after scoring? Where am I supposed to start here?

“Of course, of course, we’ll put it behind us.”

“Great. Well, you look busy, so I won’t keep you. I’ll see you later for some dr-, discussions on the specifics.”


I turned to Su Xiao, only for him to give me a, “Hmph!” and stomp off.

When did I ever do anything to you? Just what in the world happened while I was gone? Why does Huofeng suddenly want to discuss… details? What details?! Either way, I need to prioritise avoiding Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s group at all costs and then confirm Dragon Phoenix Inn’s status from the shadows. I then need to sneak back to Boss in case I’m suspected.

To err on the safe side, I hid up and wore on the old-man mask.

Right, let’s go consult Mountain Monster first to find out what happened recently.

My ears scoured the place for Mountain Monster as I walked around. Before I got very far, I bumped into a maiden in golden and silver.

“You are already here, Elder.”

“M-Miss Yu?”

I’m screwed. I forgot I had an appointment to eat tofu pudding with her as this old man!


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