Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 46

Moonlight Chase. Chick Magnet.

While some might’ve found the draft in the serenade of the black and silver choir too chilly for comfort, I found the temperature perfect. It had been a long time since I had the luxury of relishing a stroll, especially having the bonus of chasing a rabbit.

For the two hours we were on the move, he did a lap of Canhu Town, which worked out in my favour since I knew the town somewhat. Otherwise, I would’ve had trouble locating him.

The individual in black boomed as he launched off when the chase was initiated. When he was on my radar again, he had used some sort of method to blend in with the natural wind whilst leveraging it for momentum. Shaking off The Four Samuume Swordsmen, yet still having energy to speed up without tiring, was a testament to both speed and stamina. Having said that, sweating was unavoidable. Furthermore, as he accelerated his flow of true qi for speed, I could feel the temperature in the atmosphere heating up as a result of his body temperature rising.

Eventually, the individual stopped by a lake to catch his breath. He screened the vicinity with his eyes then chopped a big lotus leaf into the water. Given his strength, one would expect him to elevate the water if he chopped, yet the lotus leaf slipped into the water as though there was a frame that fit like a glove for it, water quietly rising. To accomplish such a task, one needed to strike the balance between their strength and energy output as a means of confining a section of water within their internal energy. Worth noting was how little time he needed to mould energy, proving his internal energy was potent.

Now I want to know who you are more than ever. How come I never heard of someone so incredible in the pugilistic world? I need to spend more time reading and sleeping.

The man dropped the water back down heavily, splashing himself wet. He heaved a long breath of relief and then checked his surroundings again with his true qi, prompting me to stop chewing too loudly.

The man dropped his guard once he was certain there was nobody around and stripped off his wet robe.

Sh-should I stop him from undressing further? It’d be weird if I dumped him stark naked outside after knocking him out, right?

In the brief window I spent contemplating, he had already finished removing all but his fitted undershirt designed for diving. I suspected he wore the extra layer inside because he planned to abscond via a water channel based on the undershirt.

My expectations were turned on their head. Instead of seeing bulging muscles under the shirt, I saw tantalising curves. Did I mention I did not see that coming? She entered the water before she started unbuttoning her undershirt, back facing me. It was hard to imagine her packing explosive power as she didn’t look muscular – relatively speaking. To the contrary, one would think she had refined every inch of her body to be supple and defined in specific places to emphasise her lines.

Her legs magnetised my eyes, reminding me of her long legs that bestowed her with height that men would make men feel inadequate. While she kicked her calf out of the water as a child would, the way she lifted her arms out of the water and lathered them with her other were as close to seduction as you could get.

For whatever reason, she spun around to the shore. If I had to guess, I’d say she wanted to make sure nobody was there. She probably never imagined the consequence of that decision to be displaying her ivory curves to me. She scooped up water and let it run down from her collar bones.

I finally regained awareness of what I was doing as I heard the water droplets return home, but that was only the beginning for her appearance brought out an instinctive exclamation.

“Yu Feiyuan?!”

Like an alarmed lion, Yu Feiyuan flicked her hair and manifested her aggression in her eyes: “Who’s there?”


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