Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 33

A Gentleman Loses His Mind to the Goddess

Luo Yan did step out of line, but he had a justified reason. Luo Siming couldn’t actually execute or exile everyone from the smithing department and, therefore, had to drop the case. Nonetheless, the banquet had to be called off after the scuffle.

Yu Feiyuan and her juniors nursed the disciples of Luo Clan they hurt out of guilt for their assault and, consequently, stayed on Repository Island. Of course, it wasn’t something normal, not that anyone could convince Yu Feiyuan to leave it to them; the disciples of Luo Clan certainly didn’t have any qualms letting gorgeous maidens take care of them.

Luo Siming was unwilling to stay on the island. Unfortunately, he was a resident of the island. Though he wished to pay Kuang Lu and Young Master Ling a visit, Yu Feiyuan informed him they slept themselves with wine. In the end, he returned to Canhu Town with Ao Xue.

Though the place Luo Siming stayed in Canhu Town was called a villa, it was but a sojourn place for guests attending Refining Divine Convention to use. Typically, no young master of a big sect, let alone the son of a White Prince stay in such a modest dwelling.

Luo Siming paced back and forth in the backyard, in no mood to appreciate the draft and silver beauty in the velvet sky, for he felt there were so many things he had to deal with, yet nothing would work out as he desired. New Year’s Eve was supposed to be a joyous occasion with one’s family, yet he spent it duelling with his family and trying to fend off accusations. He seldom faced problems he couldn’t solve and finally realised he couldn’t solve it when it got to him.

As Luo Siming strolled around, he, to his surprise, suddenly found himself at Shen Yiren’s door.

I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t had time to visit her. Wh-why did I come here of all places? I-it’s inappropriate for a man to be in a woman’s room at this time of the night. I wonder if they’ve been taking care of her properly. She’ll be in trouble if they don’t take care of her properly… No, no, I mustn’t disrepute her. I can visit during the day.

Upon hearing quick Ao Xue and a sword servant’s hasty footsteps encroaching, Luo Siming worried he couldn’t explain himself. Thus, he burst into Shen Yiren’s room to hide and held his breath. In the end, the two merely walked past Shen Yiren’s room.

Thanks a lot, you two! I’ve just sullied both of us!

Looking over his shoulder, Luo Siming didn’t notice the wrinkles around his nose and forehead smooth out, suddenly feeling relieved Ao Xue only went past.

“Sleeping Maiden… Today… I…”

Luo Siming couldn’t explain why he had an urge to speak to Shen Yiren once he set his eyes on her. Anyway, once he began, words kept rolling off his tongue, one after another, recounting the events of the banquet that ended up a big mess. He then shared his history, starting from when he took up the role of patriarch to the present, never once taking his eyes off Shen Yiren.

“People look at where I am now and downplay, even ignoring, what it took for me to get here. They have no idea how much pressure I felt when I took up the mantle at the age of fourteen. I had to keep motivating myself to keep putting one foot in front of me over and over. I had to set the bar higher for myself than what others set for me. When I discovered my second uncle and cousin were monitoring my every move, searching for every opportunity to pull me down, I realised just how isolated I was.

“As a leader, I can’t show anyone how lonely and lost I often feel.  Perhaps I couldn’t tell you this if we met when you are awake. Perhaps speaking to you now allows me to feel secure about you not judging me. “

I… Did I not mention you these last few days solely because I’ve been busy, or have I been using work as an instrument to suppress my desire to think about you? Am I just afraid to admit… I have developed feelings for you?

Luo Siming’s eyes travelled to Shen Yiren’s full, moist lips and gulped. He recalled Reverend Zha saying, “…You need only find someone competent enough to feed her the pill via mouth to mouth and then direct it down her oesophagus using their true qi.”

“Did the heavens… bring her here to me… because the string of fate ties us together?”

Luo Siming blankly took out a pill from his mouth and, after a brief think, put it in his mouth. He moved his face in close to Shen Yiren’s, when he suddenly heard, “Hey! Hey! Luo Siming! Luo Siming! Fourth Brother! Get out here already!”

Luo Siming burst out of Shen Yiren’s room as if it caught fire and raced to the hall the cries came from.

“Br-Brother, what happened?” Luo Siming inquired of the chubby man.

“Do you really need to ask? My wife eloped!”


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