The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 76

Catching Cheaters


When I woke up the next day, Lucia was still around. Apparently, she was feeling lazy today – suggested from her still sleeping in my arms. I gently played with her radiant and smooth hair. She gently juddered at first but then allowed me to play with it at my own leisure afterwards.

Morning in the forest was always so beautiful and peaceful. The exotic alarm was the only alarm I’d like to wake up to. The forest’s refreshing scent in the morning rejuvenated my bleary mind. Needless to say, the nicest scent came from the pretty elf by my side.

The elves were the best part of the forest, pretty, fragrant, somewhat vicious but still enough to entrance one. I gave Lucia a kiss on her forehead and rolled over. Just as I planned to hug her and continue sleeping for a while, I noticed sounds at the door.

For whatever reason, I had vision so splendid that I could see the breeze escort a silver strand of hair in. Veirya, standing at the door, checked the surroundings outside for any elves. I finally saw my lover who I missed all this time. She was the one I worried about most and loved most. I had always wanted to hug Veirya and kiss her, yet I wasn’t pleasantly surprised. Instead, I was frightened! I had Lucia in my arms!

I quickly rolled over so that my back faced the door and tightly hugged Lucia, or perhaps I should say, shoved Lucia into my arms. Thanks to her being petite and soft, she could curl up into a ball before Veirya turned her attention inside.

Veirya swiftly sneaked in and then carefully shut the door. She then pulled open my blanket, scaring the living daylights out of me. Nevertheless, she wasn’t there to catch me in an affair. Next thing I knew, I felt a warm sensation on my back.

What… does one call that situation? I have my main wife, or rather, my fiancée, behind me on my bed. In my arms was my elven mistress who gave me a happy ending last night? Wait. Not mistress. Ex-elven wife? So my current woman hugged me from behind while I hugged my ex?

“What in the world?! If Angelina was here, would I have a mother-in-law on my hips, too? Would Leah be the spectator? What do I do?! What do I do?! I could make all bankrupts in an imperial capital go bankrupt and reverse my situation with empty hands, yet can’t resolve my family issues… What do I do…? What in the world do I do…? Shall I pretend to be asleep? What does Veirya want?” I inwardly analysed.

Veirya’s hands crept along my waist, unaware of what I was doing. If her hand kept going toward the front, she’d touch Lucia! I couldn’t stop her, either. Otherwise… how would I explain myself? Suddenly, Veirya stopped on my hip, where my wound was, and gently stroked my wound. She then carefully pulled her hair back, seemingly afraid that she’d open my wound again. She gently touched the side of my face from behind. However, touching my face seemed to lead her to attain enlightenment to some new world. She carefully caressed my face, and then she earnestly propped her body up and caressed my face…

“What does she want?!” I inwardly cried.

My closed eyes shivered; however, I didn’t dare to open them. Veirya, on the other hand, enjoyed herself. I could say with certainty that she was Veirya, not Angelina, since she’d be the only one to do something so stupid and not discover Lucia, either. Angelina wouldn’t bother with foreplay. She’d go straight to home base.

My nervousness continued to intensify. Veirya’s touched my face, then my shoulder and even into my clothes. She leaned into my neck and breathed in my scent…

“What does she want?! What is this supposed to be? Is she planning to gnaw my neck off? I don’t think I can keep this act up any longer… I think I need to wake up…” I told myself.

Nonetheless, Veirya neither bit me nor discovered Lucia. She was probably focused on looking at my neck. I could barely resist her kissing and licking my neck. That was Veirya’s first time doing something so sensual. Teeth banging isn’t considered sensual, is it? Veirya gently hugged my neck and tugged my head in a quite a violent manner. Then, she banged her head on mine before finally stopping.

I prayed to myself, “Don’t! It’s comfy and blissful, but you can’t do this right now! Lucia will die in my arms if you do this now!! Also, what would the elves do if they can’t find Lucia? I know that you miss me. I miss you, too. Can we wait until I’m done with my ex-wife first, though?”

Suddenly, someone pushed the door open again. Whoever it was came up to the bed and tugged Veirya.

“Geez, I knew you were here. You were going to see each other today anyway, yet you still couldn’t stop yourself and sneaked over to share a bed with him. If you want to share a bed with him so badly, I’ll educate you at night. What’s the point of this? Get up, get up, or else, Ascillia will wake the elves up.”

“I want. To sleep with him,”

“Yeah, so I do, but it’s not time to be sleeping.”

Veirya stood up, albeit reluctantly. Angelina saved the day. I had no idea if she realised or not… but as long as she didn’t tell Veirya, all was well…

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