The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 75


Lucilia licked her lips: “Sorry, my mind wandered off just now, so I didn’t pay attention to what you said. Please repeat it again.”

“With regards to the human merchants we captured, you should be aware that they are Lord Travor’s enemies. Furthermore, they have also admitted that they came to the North to seek vengeance on him. Before this, they were the ones responsible for Lord Travor’s bankruptcy tap. Hence, they are Lord Travor’s enemy, which makes them the enemy of elves. As we have captured them, there is no reason to spare them,” repeated the elf, brows locked together

While the Elven Queen no longer wielded all of the authoritative power any longer, she still had the prerogative to pass down orders and opine her opinion. The elves still had divided opinions on different matters; however, they were always united when humans were the subject, and that was to bare their sharpest fangs.

“… I will need to ask Travor for his input on that. If it was just one or two of them, I’d keep them for experimentation purposes. It’s not so simple when there are so many of them, however. There’s no doubt that they’re from the imperial capital and Queen Sisi’s subordinates. If we thoughtlessly kill them, I’m sure she won’t let us off the hook. The status quo between us and humanity should change. We won’t stand to benefit in any shape or form, otherwise.”

The elves took a brief moment to exchange silent glances with each other. They didn’t express their viewpoint on Lucilia’s answer. Nonetheless, it was clear that they weren’t particularly happy with her decision.

“Queen Lucilia, is your suggestion motivated by Lord Travor’s sake? Are you having misgivings about humanity’s feelings due to Lord Travor being human?”

“Mm… that has nothing to do with this, does it? As the Elven Queen, it is only natural that I prioritise elves. There is no question there! I have offered my entire life to elves. Does that still not suffice?”

Lucilia felt somewhat irate for she could accept them questioning anything but her devotion and loyalty to the elven race. Those who had any semblance of a conscience would know how much her clan had done for the elven race. Not only did they conduct medical experiments but also led the elves to victory in many battles. To add, Lucilia was one of the heroes who slew the Demon King. Questioning her loyalty to the elven race was going overboard.

“Your Majesty, that is not what we meant. I merely wanted to clarify your stance. We hope you do not mind… You and Lord Travor did it last night, correct?”

“What you are saying?! That’s so rude!” exclaimed Lucilia, covering her mouth.

The elves regarded each other and then conveyed, “Your Majesty, we can understand that you love Lord Travor; we do not intend to comment on that. With that said, you are our Elven Queen. Meanwhile, Lord Travor is a human. You cannot be considerate of him due to his identity. Else, you would be considerate of humans. You should think from your own perspective, and do what is meaningful for elves. Since they are Sisi’s vassals, we should kill them to deal a blow to humanity, not spare them, because you are worried about Lord Travor.”

“I don’t recall ever saying to spare them.”

The elves took one step forward and continued sternly, “Of course, we are not telling you to give up on your love. It is just that we need to have Lord Travor think for our sake, not you thinking for humanity’s sake. We can keep Lord Travor here in the elven lands. If you kill them, Lord Travor will be forced to stay here. Obviously, that includes Lord Veirya.”

“What are you talking about?!” vociferated Lucia, as she furiously jumped to her feet, “Veirya is my friend. We once fought side by side, yet you want me to kill her? And… and… she is Travor’s…”

Lucia suddenly froze. She realised how laughable her situation was, inwardly querying, “Because I love Travor, I don’t want to make him sad. In turn, I can’t kill Veirya, for the man I love loves her. How ironic. I can’t kill the woman he loves, as I love him. What exactly is my stance? What am I to Travor? I might be nothing. I’m not a mistress but not a lover, either. What am I? I did it with him last night. That doesn’t mean he’s mine, though. He was my Travor for one night. Did I heal him so that he could lead a blissful and happy life with Veirya?”

“… I’ll consider it,” stated Lucilia, then departing.

If the elves killed Queen Sisi’s best weapons, namely the merchants she relied on, she and humanity’s empire would suffer an unbelievably heavy blow. The war between the two races hadn’t ended. The elves couldn’t fight beyond the forest but had to ensure that humans couldn’t attack their forest again, nonetheless. If they kept dealing blow after blow to Queen Sisi, she’d naturally take the initiative to ask for peace.

The previous Lucilia would definitely have done so with complete disregard for humanity’s stance. Perhaps it was better to say that the more humanity suffered, the happier the elves found themselves.

The Elven Queen should prioritise elves. The elves didn’t object to Lucilia’s love. In saying that, the asserted Travor should become an elf, not the Elven Queen who becomes a human. That was the elves’ bottom line. Fortunately, Luclia still had hope. She said she’d consider it, which meant that there was hope.

At night, Lucilia returned to the room.

“Not bad. I was worried you’d go running around, which was why I went out of my way to station lots of people here. Thankfully, you listened to me. Don’t worry. Your wound should be healed in two to three more days, by which… you can then leave.”

“Can I get up tomorrow, then?” I asked with a smile. “I feel much better now. I’m almost good as new now. I think I can stand now. How about I try?”

“Don’t get overexcited.”

Lucia appeared to be in a manner of states. She walked up to my side and gently lifted my shirt. Her gesture and kneeling posture reminded me of last night. I didn’t know where she learnt to use her mouth from. Also, I never expected Lucilia, the Elven Queen, to be so open minded and bold. I was too embarrassed to mention last night, and she didn’t mention it.

Lucilia undid my bandages and gently touched my wound. Then, she grabbed some new medicine, which was pounded plants of some sort that was turned into an ointment. She gently applied it to my wound and then carefully bandaged it again. An elf then brought in a basin of hot water. Lucilia took it from her and had the elf leave. Lucilia threw a towel into the basin and whipped her hair.

“All right, let me wipe your body, Travor.”


“It’s fine.”

“I’m not against you wiping my body. It feels really nice to have you wipe me down, and I’m very grateful… but… you can’t wipe just one place… Normally, people would put on an act. Why did you go straight for it…?” I thought to myself.

Lucia didn’t wipe my body for my sake; she wiped me for her own ends.

“Hehe, Travor, you react to me, too, huh? I’m pleased to see that. Let’s do it again. This time, you have to watch me.”

Without wasting a second, Lucia brushed hair aside and swiftly lowered her head…



Veirya opened her eye and looked at the wall with curiosity: “There’s moaning. Over there. I think.”

“Moans?” Angelina asked. Curious, she pressed her ear onto the wall and sighed: “I thought it was Lucilia moaning, but it’s him, amazingly. He must be in a bit of pain while getting his bandages changed.”

“Why would Lucilia moan?”

“Need a demonstration?”

“Can I have one?”

Angelina’s eyes lit up, licking her teeth as if she was thirsty. Grinning mischievously, she answered “Of course I can. Let me and Lin Dongqing demonstrate for you…”

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