The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 07 Ch. 47


“What a cute kitty.”

The noble lady giggled as she touched Ross’ head. She placed a coin on his head that he took off. He bowed to the noble lady and then sneakily stuffed the coin in his pocket before leaving to see to the next guest.

Thanks to his teacher, Queen Sisi didn’t make Ross dress as a girl for her own entertainment. He also took on the role of being a guide and welcome guests to the imperial palace. The imperial palace wasn’t restricted to just a front and rear palace. When noble ladies waited for their husbands, they would occasionally hold banquets at the adjacent palaces. Over time, it became a place where lots of noble ladies spent their leisure time. Sisi didn’t mind; actually, she was extremely tolerant and generous in her handling of the imperial palace.

Everything at those two smaller places was provided for free in spite of them providing the absolute best things in the entire empire. They were enjoying the same quality as the Queen. With that said, the users of the places began to create a hierarchal system there in no time. Though everyone enjoyed the things offered for free, aside from families of high-ranking officials, everyone else who was there was treated condescendingly.

Thanks to his keen senses, cute and frail appearance, Ross quickly earned fans out of the noble ladies. Some even requested he wait on them for tea. He managed to earn some money in exchange allowing them to touch his head and face. Consider it a tip. Sisi would sometimes come over for afternoon tea. Nonetheless, she never had Ross wait on her.

Ross had a plan. He needed to go find Leah. He didn’t know what exactly happened or what Queen Sisi said to his master, but there was one thing he knew, and that nobody was at fault this time. Veirya made the decision herself. She used herself to save his master but never wished for his master to leave her. Veirya was happiest when she was with his master. There was never a reason to betray family.

Ross couldn’t contact his master, but Leah unquestionably could.

Ross reasoned, “Leah is Master’s daughter. He will listen to Leah if not me. Leah can calm him down. Regardless of what happened, my master is still the most brilliant man in the world. If he can get himself together again, he’ll definitely be able to come up with a plan! This wasn’t my master’s fault! It was nobody’s fault!

“I should have enough money now.  A few silver coins should be enough for me to ride a horse carriage to that place. I must see Miss Leah. Master can’t continue this way. This is not what Lord Veirya protected Master for. This isn’t fair! I must get out of the imperial palace!”

Ross checked left and right. He walked up to the headwaiter, removed his name tag at his neck and asked, “Sir, my work hours are up. Can I have a small break?”

“Go on. Come back soon, though. The baroness wants you to wait on her during her afternoon tea.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ross knew where he had to head to leave the imperial palace. The guards recognised him but didn’t bother with him. A number of horse carriages were orderly parked at the entrance. Almost all of them belonged to families, obviously. Ross descended the stairs hastily. A carriage for hire happened to stop at the entrance. He jogged over but accidentally bumped into someone.

“Watch where you’re damn going!” fumed the man he bumped into.

“Sorry! Sorry! I am sincerely sorry!” apologised Ross, after quickly helping the man up and bowed.

“Hmph!” He tugged his clothes, and then nudged Ross on the shoulder. Surprised, he questioned, “Aren’t you… Lin Dongqing’s pupil? What… what… what are you doing here?’

“Mr. Edward?!” Ross reacted as if he met family.

“What are you doing here? Are you trying to get out?”

“Yes, I need to go see Miss Leah…”

Edward’s visage changed as soon as he heard Leah’s name. He didn’t know where Leah was at the moment. She wasn’t in the North, so Lin Dongqing must’ve brought him to the imperial capital. However, Leah wasn’t in the imperial palace. Queen Sisi had no reason to lie about that. Plus, it was evident that Sisi wasn’t fond of Leah. If Leah entered the palace, Sisi would try all means to get rid of her.

Edward wanted to take Leah out for a stroll and confess. If he couldn’t find her, though, then there was nothing he could do. He figured he’d take advantage of Ross.

Edward caressed Ross’ cat ears and smiled: “You’re looking for Leah? Good timing. Let me come along. I haven’t been able to meet with Lord Lin, so I don’t know how he’s doing. This is a disaster. Lord Lin is my friend, at the end of the day. Let me go see Leah with you. Take my carriage.”

“All right,” replied Ross, thinking, “If only I knew Edward was looking for them sooner. It might be a good thing to see Leah with Edward. He might be able to help me.”

Edward led Ross to his carriage. Ross climbed inside. Edward stood outside and took in a big breath. He fixed his hair and coat. Then, he asked his coach, “How do I look?”

“Splendid, Mr. Edward. Are you going on a date?’

“I guess you could say that, hehehe.”

Edward then climbed into the carriage. Ross carefully shifted over, afraid that Edward would hate him. Nevertheless, Edward didn’t mind.

“Should I buy some gifts for Miss Leah? If I don’t have anything, it feels as though I’m not too polite…”


“What should I buy? Do you know what Miss Leah likes?”

Ross stopped to think earnestly: “What exactly is Miss Leah’s favourite? Food? Clothes? Flowers? Something said?”

But think as he may, Ross only found one answer. Leah liked her papa. There was no way Edward would have her.

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